A word (OK a few) about vulgar slander - important heads-up about jaws closing in

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PostA word (OK a few) about vulgar slander - important heads-up about jaws closing in
by Green Gecko » Mon May 28, 2018 2:08 pm


With our very relaxed rules and increased expectation to self moderate with very well known characters and a smaller community these days, I've noticed a propensity for use of strong insults like banana split and x horrible person/human/POS, equating people to filth etc.

Yes this is about a few easy targets.

Nobody gets special treatment in either direction; just because someone has a character one perceives as easy to rat on or abrasive in some way doesn't mean it's cool to fire gooseberry fool at them cos you're angry and stuff. It may look like there are mixed standards going on - that is really because dishing out tit for tat tends to only escalate the situation and create bitterness and we should be able to filter outselves. This community is well over 10 years old and people should know how to be a good person in our "clubhouse" so to speak. It should not be necessary to dish out police state style randomly in response to somebody losing their gooseberry fool because of some unknowable reason and then upheave the rules etc unnecessarily, or have long protracted debates about how Mr A wasn't punished as effectively as Mrs B with reference to article A from 2009.

What I am asking for is more due consideration and self moderation before members post insults and in some cases pretty lazy and condescending retorts to some stuff we (collectively) don't agree with, that gives things a snide atmosphere that isn't pleasant to read or participate in.

If that doesn't improve organically with this announcement there will need to be more unilateral action meaning thread bans, forum bans and whatever is needed to make things a bit more cool.

Please make things fun and easy to enjoy for each other. I don't facilitate this platform to get myself wet over whacking people with large sticks, fish, phalluses or whatever. Although that does sound kind of fun.

Many thanks,


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