Algorave tunes (music with code)

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PostAlgorave tunes (music with code)
by Fizheuer Zieheuer » Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:59 pm

So I recently discovered Algorave and tidal and have been getting back into writing music for the first time in 7 years as a direct result...

It's a slow process as there's a lot of learning involved (programming in Haskell is wicked sweet, but results aren't always predictable or pleasant) but I've already recorded a couple of performances and feel like I'm getting more comfortable with the software. Thought I'd start putting my music here for those into music and/or programming.

Monday Night (17:14) - pretty slow moving (it doesn't really get going until ~10 minutes in!) but after a month I am still pretty happy with it. Sort of generative dance music in the vein of Leftfield... maybe.

Fwónk (8:40) - coded & recorded last night for the first Fwonk Cauldron Challenge (which you can find out more about and even join in with here if you feel so inclined - they welcome more submissions.) It's really fresh so I'm still warming to it myself; it might be a little repetitive... but it's pretty busy and more aggressive, kind of IDM-y, so maybe more up your street if Monday Night is too slow. I'm pretty happy with the drums at least, so onward and upward eh.

There's artwork as well, kinda:


Listens, likes, follows and shares greatly appreciated of course (artist page here) - but I would just as much welcome some critical feedback as I'm still finding my feet with this stuff :D

More about algorave on Vice. It might look like gooseberry fool if you wanna party hard, but I hate to dance and find it a pretty interesting little world...

Fizheuer Zieheuer
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PostRe: Algorave tunes (music with code)
by Fizheuer Zieheuer » Fri May 02, 2014 4:26 pm

Not that anyone gives one gooseberry fool but I recorded some more things since I posted this thread.


And now we have soundcloud embed as well. strawberry floating brilliant!

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