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PostBest emulation machine?
by skarmachild » Thu Jul 02, 2015 9:43 pm

Okay so far ive really been using my Wii as my retro emulated machine - this £15 piece of kit coupled with a decent memory it can run nearly anything from NES>PS1/N64. But thats where it stops really, PS1 & N64 emulation on the Wii can be a bit dodgy, and isn't really being developed on much anymore.

I'm looking to replace it, and one of these bad boys seems to do the trick - ... SQY139E7G6

I was actually gunna buy it on for £10 more but this seems to be exactly the same as this - ... ZWfRflVikp , just a bit cheaper! Though the one said its MK809 iiib compared to Amazons MK809 iii, the specs seem to be identical???

Also that means I'll probably need to pick up an airmouse/keyboard as well, just for navigating. I have 2 Wiimotes that I can wireless use hopefully with the Android machine, as ive got bluetooth wii remotes working - obviousely my Gamecube controllers wont work anymore which is a shame, and the Android stick can't run Wii/GC/WiiWare games which is a shame, maybe one day.

Just wanted to get folks opinion of if this is the best option for me, its less than £30, has better compatbility (and even fully running PSP remulator!) and of course does everything an Android does! Can I get better for this money?? Also, if anyone does use that stick above (or is good at spec-reading), do you think the specs of the above stick are enough to run PSP games at full speed? YouTube seems to suggest PS1 & N64 games will be perf with this ((: :wub:

edit: Under TV, not including laptop hooked upto HDTV btw mirroring emulators.

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