Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Conditions

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PostRe: Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Conditions
by smurphy » Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:00 pm

jawafour wrote:There has been a pressure to "get things right" and "have fun!" for an extended time and that can be quite stressful for some people.

100% this. My year from school have this reunion every Christmas eve in my hometown, and it was only the other year I realised I didn't have to go. It was a revelation. Everyone I like I keep in touch with anyway, and being in that sort of situation with people I didn't really like just made me feel horrible. Same with New Year. I always felt like you have to do something amazing or you've failed, but I just totally gave up on it (to the point I didn't even realise it was the 31st this year) and the whole Christmas period has become the most peaceful and relaxing time of year for me.

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