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by SandyCoin » Sat Jul 22, 2017 11:35 pm

smurphy wrote:How are they very different? Both semi-autobiographical shows about working/dating/growing-up/living in New York, both flit between being a comedy and not a comedy at all, both have experimental elements to them. Louie is on another planet in terms of quality, mind you. Not that I'm not a fan of Master of None. Saying you don't see the comparison is a bit odd.

The comedy is very different. Louie is usually laugh out loud funny whilst MoN is simply amusing with the odd lol moment. Louie is also very surreal comedy which I don't think is present at all in MoN. Also the comedy is more cringe and awkward in Louie, in the classic Louie ck style, again I don't really see any of that in MoN.

Only similarities for me is that it's set in NYC and they both can be serious and more comedic. Same can be said for Friends and any number of comedies.

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