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PostRe: Last Game You Finished and Your Rating
by Tafdolphin » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:07 pm

Torment, Tides of Numanera 9.5/10

Unequivocally the best written game I've played in years, as well as being as close to a tabletop RPG I've experienced in ages, if not ever.

The plot is a magisterial reflection of self-identity and worth, encompassing meta-narratives of self and sacrifice while keeping you both interested and intrigued. All the characters, from the lowly shopkeepers to your companions are incredibly well written, and the conversations and side-stories it throws up are never not engrossing. By the end I was in awe, and not a little jealous, of how complete and fascinating the writing was. The combat is good, if standard, but its the choice to avoid it almost entirely that's the most interesting. My only criticisms would be that you're never really taxed on skill checks, by the end I was acing everything the game threw at me, and that the ending feels rather rushed. Apart from that though, it's as close to my ideal game as anything since The Witcher or the original Torment.
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