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PostRe: Sega Mega Drive mini
by Green Gecko » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:27 pm

:lol: I thought I corrected that from "hedgehog the sonic".

It's not just the midi music "style" either it's the hardware synthesis in those chips was actually very good for the time and they had unique sounds not unlike real workstation synthesisers that were essential to the authenticity and atmosphere in games. Modern sound is all mostly sample based if not live recordings. When you hear that music on og hardware it is being created in realtime and "played" by the console not just played back as wav as anything else can do. They sound awesome hooked up through a good system. It is literally the same as plugging headphones into and playing a keyboard with the same sound chip as that was how digital sound was limited originally as there was no storage for PCM audio. And in that way you have very high quality sound, just "old" style sounds.

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