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PostSpecialist bloggers wanted by The Games Tribe
by nick@thegamestribe » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:23 pm

Hi there GRcade folk,

Nick from The Games Tribe here. The who-the-what-now? Well, we're a new games media company that's been set up by a couple of ex (whisper it) Future Publishing types. It's early days yet but our mission is to become the focal point independent games journalism on the internet. Our core site, http://www.thegamestribe.com, is essentially an aggregator site that has news and reviews feeds from our partner sites (of which there are currently around 40), plus a Best Of The Rest section where we hand pick the, er, best of the rest of the stuff going on in the online games media.

Part of our plan is to launch a series of specialist blogs. Yesterday we launched two RPG sites, http://www.raidingparty.net, which covers the action RPG genre, and [url]jrpgtribe.com[/url], which focuses on, er, JRPGs. We have another four sites launching next week across a number of different genres and platforms.

We're looking for writers to head up our next wave of launches, and I'm posting here to see if anyone might be interested. The genres/platforms we're after are:

Fighting games
Racing games
Strategy games
XBLA games (download titles are the focus)
PSN games (again, download titles are the focus here)

If you're interested and would like to know more, you can either mail me at nick@thegamestribe.com or I can answer queries below. You can also get some more info about us at http://www.thegamestribe.com/about/


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