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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Ad7 » Sun Apr 01, 2018 9:01 am

Splendour was excellent. The rule sheet was a bit confusing at first as it explains the rules, but not how to start playing (qwirkle gave an example game which was really helpful). Once we'd got the hang of it the games rocketed by. I won both :toot:

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Tragic Magic » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:34 pm

My wife finally agreed to play a game of Twilight Struggle with me today and I'm glad to say that she seemed to enjoy it. Just gonna wait and see if she suggests playing it a second time now. :)

It was cool playing it in real life.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Hexx » Thu Apr 12, 2018 1:00 pm

Arkham LCG: Path to Carcosa Scenario 2, The Last King.

Really really liked this. Definitely won't be the same if we play again - but watching the mechanics evolve (while staying close to the "gather clues under time pressure" basics) was interesting. We had no idea how to complete the act - and in the end gathered info and ran/limped away

(Mechanics spoilers follow)

We really weren't sure what to focus on - clues, clearing people to flip them etc.

By the time the Agenda advanced to starting transforming Witnesses we were starting to get a handle on it.

In the end though we only managed questioned one person. Then the Encounter deck and transformed guests overran us - hunters in such small location became brutal pretty quickly...and we had to leg it out the door. 15/23 clues picked up though.

The first scenario I've completed by all investigators resigning...I've no idea if we got a good or bad ending...which is perfect Arkham really.

We did get the Pallid Man defeated twice - so progress there :)

In our option "Go back in, Barracade or KILL THEM ALL" we chose to burn the building down with them all in.

Thematically PoC is much more "what the strawberry float is going on" that Dunwich's more basic "Stop the end of the world"...and it's great!

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Hexx » Sun Apr 15, 2018 7:19 pm

Imperial Assault - Mission #3 (Fly Solo) and Sidemission (Vipers Nest)

Another fun session of this - but remarkably unforgiving. We won both missions - but Fly Solo felt very very lucky. And we didn't have our builds, and some lucky dice rolls, saved us. No idea how anyone else could do - Gideon and Diala are feeling more and more mandatory. It was very fun though - with no idea of victory/loss conditions at the start left us as a condundrum as to how to play.

Scenario spoilers

Fly Solo felt very Imperial weighted. From the start we were under pressure as surrounded. Our Wookie nearly died in the opening salvo (Trandoshans man). We got very lucky after activating Han that of the 4 enemies that could attack him, only 2 dealt damage due to great defense rolls (4 damage out of 12 HP though!). Han legged it. Then next round we used Gideon to Double Command Han onwards (and healed him to full from lucky supply drop), he dodged a barrage of stormtroopers (7 damage out of 12 HP) and then used his moves out. (We had Force throw on Standby if the Imp blockaded him in).

Without the heal and the 4 moves it felt like the Imperial could easily focus Han down far too easily. His White Dice just isn't that good. Still we won!

The second side missions was fairly basic in terms of mechanics - but memorable because we STOMPED Impy. Our Wookie SMASHED everything - being fed re-rolls and focused from Diala, and extra attacks from Gideon. Combined with Cleve/Brutal Clever he just stomped everything. There were turns when the Imp player had nothing on the board. We got all crates and won...

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