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by Curls » Sun Apr 15, 2018 1:57 pm

poshrule_uk wrote:
Curls wrote:
poshrule_uk wrote:For anyone who uses current accounts to get maximum interest on savings Club Lloyd's and Bank of Scotland have announced they are cutting interest down from 2% to 1.5% from 1st July. ... ntAccounts

Well that's a bitch. It's amazing how TSB, Tesco and nationwide can offer such good rates whilst the others around them make cuts.

Tesco 3% is guaranteed until April next year and Nationwide 5% is only for a year which I have already used.

The glory day's of current accounts paying high interest is coming to an end.

I think regular saver's may be the next best bet.

Aye, i've used my nationwide up too. I may get the paid for account for all the insurance and phone insurance alone will save me money, I break a phone every 6 months :fp:

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