The New Fitness & Martial Arts Thread

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PostRe: The New Fitness & Martial Arts Thread
by Brerlappin » Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:01 pm

Knoyleo wrote:It's here! (ignore the typo)

Nice! Now upload a video of you doing some terrible shadowboxing to keep with this pages theme :lol:

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PostRe: The New Fitness & Martial Arts Thread
by deathofcows » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:30 pm

Hime wrote:
deathofcows wrote:Decided that I'd lose my recent weight gain (about 79kg when recently was around 74-75) and aim to beat my best 5K Parkrun time of 20:27. Decided I'd do whatever I needed to get close to 70kg in an attempt to get a sub-20 run time.

Then I got sub-20 anyway last Saturday! 19:47 whoop! Eating and fatness for the win whoop! :toot:

I'll aim for 19 :D

Well done mate. 70Kg seems really light but I guess that must help with distance running.

Maybe a bit ambitious tbh... (And skinnier than my 5'10 frame will happily accept!)

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PostRe: The New Fitness & Martial Arts Thread
by souljahsstory » Thu Jul 12, 2018 5:37 am

Hime wrote:I don't know enough about it too say for sure but I'd imagine a vegan diet wouldn't help weight lifting if you're looking to build muscle.

Not really. There's protein to be found in all sorts of plant based food. And there's guys out there who swear by it. The hardest part is managing the macro split in a calorie deficit. I think it's easier when you're in a surplus. I have found that vegan protein powder plays less havoc on my bowels and feel alot less heavy and bloated taking it for example.

Rocsteady wrote:Fair enough, come to think of it I think in tiredness I’d messed up the conversion to stones, still a hell of a lot of weight to lose that fast. Good work.

Why do you keep getting injured? Weight lifting injuries should be very rare.

I'm putting it down to old age and injuries. Over the years i've torn my right knee, whilst that was strawberry floated the left leg was taking all the weight and i tore the ligaments in my left ankle on some ice once along with other stuff. Recently i've torn, pulled something in my left bicep/forearm area which was seriously frustrating.

Saint of Killers wrote:
I was watching some Athleane X stuff and something along these lines came up. While the core of the video isn't about injury prevention he does mention it as part of one of the routines. Check it out below.

Thank you i'll check it out!

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PostRe: The New Fitness & Martial Arts Thread
by Rocsteady » Thu Jul 12, 2018 11:55 pm

I tried to cut down on meat for a while, heavy sport and bodybuilding's a ducking nightmare with minimal meat. Yeah some people swear by it but they’re few and far between, and generally dedicate their life to exercise. To reach the pinnacle of what you’re capable of is incredibly difficult without meat ime.


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