Xbox/Win10 Game Preview Chat - Claybook out now & Deep Rock Galactic out 28th Feb

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PostRe: Xbox/Win10 Game Preview Chat - Pit People from The Behemoth out now for XB1/Steam
by Monkey Man » Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:58 pm

The Culling out now.

£19.99 4.31GB, Free 1 hour trial. ... wsignin1.0

Welcome to The Culling! 16 contestants will duke it out in cleverly crafted arenas. It’s a winner-takes-all showdown for glory and the entertainment of our home audience!

It’s a show, it’s a game, it’s a game show about violence!

There can only be one winner, and just like your parents always said, that’s you!

Get dirty, play dirty, and get up close and personal as you trap, shoot, explode and take on your enemies face to face in combat that’s more personal than your mama jokes.

Select your Airdrop and plan your attack before your boots even hit the ground. When the time is right, open up your arsenal and unload a world of hurt upon your opponents. Defense, offense, nonsense, the choice is yours!

Don’t like the way the tables have tilted? Tilt them right back in your favor. From toxic gas to falling bridges and traps, there are plenty of creative ways to use your surroundings to your advantage.

Dice em, slice em, pick em and prod em. From the mighty pitchfork to the lowly rifle — we got it all. In The Culling, melee is king, and a few non-FDA-approved stimulants to enhance your combat effectiveness never hurt. Run faster, get stronger and become thicker...skinned to even the odds.

We’re all special little butterflies and contestants are no different. Tailor your combat experience by mixing and matching Perks in the main menu to become the best you that you can be!

There may only be one winner, but in The Culling, nobody goes home a loser! Gain levels and unlock new customization options, including weapon skins, clothing, and taunts to show other contestants who’s boss.

Winning is the goal, but how you do so is up to you. Contestants can play alone or with a friend as they take on multiple arenas and modes in search of a place on the podium.

Got a plan? Want to test a strategy? Check out the tutorial and the practice range where you can hone your skills and embrace the homicidal lunatic your family always suspected you might be!

The show’s producers have custom-tailored each of the arenas for maximum bloodshed and entertainment value. Outfitted with the latest motion sensitive cameras, hosts CHAS and CHASTITY keep contestants up to date with the latest gruesome events.

Arenas are also outfitted with a “perfectly safe”green poison gas that creeps in to keep the action flowing, just like the adrenaline in your veins!

The island that started it all, featuring lush trees, tranquil water, warm sunshine, and abandoned buildings. Enjoy all of the above as you hunt down your foes, using the tropical terrain to your advantage.

Complete with unique match events such as Shake & Bake and Drop Your Bridges, this may be the gold standard of arenas.

Have you ever wanted to simulate a prison break? If so, you’re in luck. Under the shadow of night, you’ll find out why they’re called inmates in this intimate new battleground. Loot wards, lock down cells and make prisoners pay for their sins as you become the head honcho on the block.

And where would a game show be without the games? Match Events keep contestants on their toes and are fun for the whole family. Shoot down free air drops in Loot Pinata, asphyxiate the competition with The Chokening or try your hand at an explosive game of Three Crate Monty!

These are just a few of the exciting events that The Culling has in store for you, Contestant!

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PostRe: Xbox/Win10 Game Preview Chat - The Culling out now for XB1
by Monkey Man » Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:02 pm

_/\_YUNGSTAR_/\_ wrote:

Fable Fortune Coming to Xbox One on July 11

Welcome, Heroes! We interrupt your no-doubt busy schedule of flexing and quaffing ale to share the news that Fable Fortune will be hitting Xbox Game Preview on July 11.

Fable Fortune combines pioneering CCG systems with some of the Fable’s most cherished moments; featuring timeless heroes, despicable villains, armies of bemused (and conveniently expendable) peasants, and some good old fashioned, family-friendly necromancy.

Choose from one of six Heroes each sporting diverse powers and cards, and set forth to crush your opponents under a hobnailed boot in either classic PVP mode, or the unique and fully integrated Co-op mode. Discover how the iconic Alignment mechanic can be used to shift heroes towards a good or evil path during play; transforming their powers, altering their card effects, and turning the tide of battle in one chicken-kicking* hand.

Interested Adventurers can gain access to Fable Fortune at launch by picking up the Founder’s Pack. Containing a ton of in-game items including 20 packs of cards to open, the exclusive Chicken Vengeant Trophy Card and the very rare (you might even say ‘Fabled’) Giant Egg card.

Fable Fortune will be free to play later in 2017, but the Founder’s Pack is available to those wanting to join us early on! Purchasing the Founder’s Pack is the best way fans can support this development whilst also gaining some amazing rewards, the undying gratitude of the developers, and a cheeky 20% discount the week of launch thanks to Xbox Live Deals with Gold.

Check out for more information on Fable Fortune, including handy gameplay guides, Guildmaster’s Tips and more! You can also follow Fable Fortune on Facebook and Twitter.

*Neither Flaming Fowl Studios or Mediatonic endorse the act of chicken-kicking outside of safely prescribed and licensed establishments, please consult your local tavern for details. ... w-july-11/

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PostRe: Xbox/Win10 Game Preview Chat - The Culling out now for XB1
by Ho-Ho-Ho-tek » Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:16 am

The Culling is EPIC btw, haven't stopped playing it since they fixed servers on Sunday.

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PostRe: Xbox/Win10 Game Preview Chat - The Culling out now for XB1
by Monkey Man » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:40 pm

Claybook (Game Preview) Is Now Available For Xbox One

Content: Claybook (Game Preview)
Check price and availability in your Xbox LIVE region

Game Description: This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game.

Claybook is a unique world made entirely of clay. Everything acts like it’s made of real clay. Every inch of the environment can be shaped and molded. Everything has matter inside it, not just an outer shell. Clay can be liquid or solid, it can be deformed and destroyed. In the game, you step into the shoes of brave kids who bring the Claybook to life. Each chapter of the book challenges you with unique obstacles and puzzles.

Full details on the latest status of the game, how you can give feedback and report issues can be found at

Try it FREE

Purchase Claybook (Game Preview) for Xbox One from the Xbox Games Store

Product Info:
Developer: Second Order
Publisher: Second Order
Website: Claybook
Twitter: @2ndordergames ... -xbox-one/

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PostRe: Xbox/Win10 Game Preview Chat - The Culling out now for XB1
by Monkey Man » Fri Feb 16, 2018 1:44 pm

Console Launch Exclusive Deep Rock Galactic Arrives on Xbox One and Windows 10 This Month (28th)

Deep Rock Galactic is the bearded brainchild of a team of video games industry veterans who hail from leading studios such as, IO Interactive, Ubisoft, Havok, Deadline Games and Press Play. In 2016, we suddenly found ourselves with the opportunity to start our own game company, and thus Ghost Ship Games was born. As a studio, our goal is to create co-op first experiences in weird and wonderful settings that unite players and will keep them engaged for years to come.

Deep Rock Galactic is our first title and encapsulates the game we’ve always dreamt of making – a co-op first space mining FPS, with dwarves! To make our lives even more difficult, we decided to go with procedurally generated, fully destructible caves to make every mission a gleefully chaotic surprise. We’ve had a blast developing the game so far, and can’t wait to hear more from the Xbox community when we launch on Xbox Game Preview later this month.

More here - ... indows-10/


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