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Post'Arrrrr You A Werewolf?' - Wolves Attack - 11pm
by DML » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:22 am


Thanks to Cal for the logo!

'In the search of an ultimate treasure, a wily pirate crew comes across a legendary island. The island is said to contain many secrets and unimaginable treasures, but also a horrible curse and a dark secret. Can you survive and get off the island before ye walk the plank or succumb to the terrible plague that unsettles this land?'


Welcome to 'Arrrrr You A Werewolf!'

How does it work?

The game is at heart a simple role-play game which is simple to learn, and very hard to master. Its a game where the uninformed majority are pitched into battle against the INFORMED minority. The game takes place in two phases - a 'day phase' and a night phase'.

Most players in the game will be 'pirates', normal humans. They must try and sniff out the 'Werewolves' - players who have been infected aboard the ship. The humans win if all the Werewolves are eliminated and killed. The wolves win if they can get the numbers down so low that there is an equal or lesser number of humans than 'The Pack' and overwhelm them.

Every day players will be slowly killed off, votes shall be carried out - lies, deception, betrayal, teamwork.....and its all here in this thread!

1. Each player will once the game begins receive a PRIVATE PM that states whether you are a Human or a Werewolf. There are other 'special roles' a couple of which may be kept secret for now, but fundamentally you are on either the side of the good guys and the uninformed majority (The Humans) or the bad guys and the informed minority (The Werewolves) The Werewolves will know who all the other wolves are, but the Humans will have no idea for definite who is innocent and who is a bloodthirsty wolf.

The roles are as follows -

Human - A normal human, the most common in the game. Has no special powers, but has the power of humanity and democracy on his side.

Seer - A psychic human, who once a night can 'seer' individuals to see what their identity is. This works in almost all cases. The Seers are the most powerful weapon against the pack

Other Roles - ???


Werewolf - The aim of the game for the wolves is simply to kill enough Humans to be able to overwhelm the ship. Can communicate with other wolves in secret freely, and kills every 'night'.

Alpha Wolf - the biggest and baddest of all the wolves, and leader of 'The Pack' - the Alpha Wolf is undetectable by seers and is the biggest scalp for the Villagers. He by default leads the wolf team and is one bad 'motherf*cker.

1a. The game starts with a night phase, where the wolves choose their first victim to kill. After this, the first day phase begins. This cycle continues throughout the game - day to night, night to day. Humans kill in day, wolves at night.

1b. All decisions based on who is what are totally RANDOM, and are not selected deliberately, and as such this should not influence your decision on who you think 'DML would select'.

2. Once you have died, you cannot win. There is no victory in death for a human. However, if you are a wolf and you die, you can win if the Pack win at the end. Once dead and out of the game, you may no longer communicate with players in the game and cannot post in the thread. Telling secrets to other dead players is also massively frowned upon, especially werewolves as this can ruin the game. There must also

3. Sharing of your PM, via MSN, Xbox Live, via PM, or any other way is absolutely BANNED. No-one can see your private message stating your identity by you. Faking of PMs to post in the thread or otherwise is also outright banned.

4. Every day, a Mayor must be selected. That Mayor must be selected by a general concensus in the thread. The Mayor will make the main decision of the day, and will be immune to Wolf kills that night. Once elected, the Mayor will select two prisoners to send to the 'Prison Below Deck' and the public then vote via PM to myself who they think should be 'lynched'. The player with the most votes 'walks the plank' and is killed - and out of the game.

4a. Every player gets one vote. This pirate ship works by democracy.

5. Every night, the werewolves can kill. On the first night, they shall kill just one player, but after that its THREE kills a night. If a werewolf is killed, its down to two kills a night, and if three are killed, its down to just ONE kill a night. If the Alpha Wolf dies, the Wolves will not kill due a 'night of mourning' and will from then on be able to only kill one player every night.

6. Some days will see different events happen, that may affect voting procedures, or how players are killed. Also there may be extra decisions to be made during the day on 'the desert island'.

7. Players can be killed and thrown out of the game for cheating, being inactive or bending the rules of the game unfairly - or for spamming. Players who are dead and mess with the game may result in players from their own teams being killed. You have been warned.

8. I withhold the right as judge to change the game/rules/elimiantions as I see fit, but always know that I make my decision based on what best for the game, and always consider that I know more about the game from my standpoint then you may know yourself. For that reason, the judges decision is final!

If I think of any more rules they shall be added here! If players want any rules clarified, or any added here so they are clear - I shall also do that!

DML wrote:He is the first to die on the island. By the look of his contorted face - he will not be the last.

Shortly, I will stick a list of all the players in the opening post, as well as a spoiler tab that will contain all the events thus far - which will be updated.

From tomorrow and every day from now on - a strict schedule must be stuck to. This is moderated by ALL OF YOU.

Every Day - a Captain must be selected to choose two pirates to send to Prison that day. The Captain should listen to what everyone has to say, and 'should' make a decision based on the majority, more so than his own instinct.

The Captain MUST be chosen by 3pm at the latest.

By 7pm - the Captain must choose TWO pirates to send to prison for the lynch vote.

After 7pm until 9pm - pirates (bar the prisoners) are allocated ONE vote each on who they wish to LYNCH. This vote must be sent to me by private message and is SECRET,

After 9pm - I will announce the 'lynchee' who will be killed immediately and reveal what they were. The other prisoner will be set free.

After this is the night phase where Werewolves hunt, and Seers can 'seer'. I request this is done AS SOON AFTER THE ANNOUNCEMENT ON THE LYNCH AS POSSIBLE for my own sanity. After the werewolf kills, the latest 'Day Phase' begins immediately.


This time around, the Humans have a SECOND WAY TO POSSIBLY WIN.

On this island lies the treasure known as 'The Wolfsbane' - which in legend is told to rid the world of the curse that is claimed has taken hold of this evil isle. The treasure is hidden somewhere on the island. If the 'Wolfsbane' is found - which may or may not exist, the Humans will almost definitely WIN.

The Captain when selected his lynchees must also select a 'co-ordinate' for the dig that NIGHT. These co-ordinates go from A1 - A5, B1 -B5, C1 - C5, D1 - D5 and E1 - E5. Some things may be buried that may help or hinder your progress - whether you find any of them however is a different matter. It will help everyone if someone draws up a map and keeps it updated!



DML wrote:Also - one more thing.

I am going to add this to the rules, so everyone knows as it is my numero one hate in AYAW?

There are NO death posts of any kind. No *dies*, no information, no nothing. I also request all players upon death respect the game and do not contact players still in the game about the game. I can't police this, but if everyone does abide by that rule, then we'll have a better game, and I might run AYAW? again.

Also - and this really is my major bugbear, and a new rule to stop this. There are to be NO PRIVATE MESSAGE 'ANNOUNCEMENTS' TO BE RELEASED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC PURPOSELY UPON YOUR DEATH. I warn all of you that I will go postal on the Humans in the worst way (suddenly Jay Mysterio won't have succumbed to the harshest DML Twist) if this particular rule is broken - YOU HAVE ALL BEEN WARNED.


StayDead - HUMAN
Wiggles - HUMAN
The Master
Aneurin :3
Baron Zemo - HUMAN
Oblomov Boblomov
SpaceJebus - SEER
Ars Moriendi - HUMAN
Irene Demova - HUMAN
Cheeky Devlin - HUMAN
Deadpool - HUMAN
The Alchemist Penguin
Henke - HUMAN
Hulohot - HUMAN
Ario - HUMAN
Denster - HUMAN
Aaronayl1 - MERCHANT
G-Ratasaurus Rex - HUMAN
Frank - HUMAN
Pedz - HUMAN
satriales - HUMAN
teh bork
Memento Mori - HUMAN
A J Styles
Nova - HUMAN
Herbi - HUMAN
mcjihge2 - HUMAN
Zartan - HUMAN
Red Devil
Poncho - HUMAN
Fatal Exception - HUMAN
Clarkman - HUMAN
Mini E - HUMAN
Dark Dragon 64
Jango - HUMAN
Hank Scorpio - SEER
Diabolito - HUMAN
Call And Answer
DangChris XD
Argonaut - HUMAN
Roonmastor - SEER
Look Over There
DBlock - HUMAN
Psychicsykes - HUMAN
Melatonin - HUMAN


Day Zero

Cheeky Devlin was found dead in the cave.

Day One

Psychicsykes was made the very first Captain.
He elected to stick Ecno and Fatal Exception into the brig.
Fatal Exception was lynched via plank walking - he was a HUMAN.
The dig provided no results.
JV, Mini E and Jango were all killed at night - all were HUMANS.
Very late at night - DBlock was found dead - definitely shot. He was a HUMAN also.

Day Two

Skippy was sworn in as Captain of the Arcadia.
Shafto and Herbi were put into prison.
Songwriter was made immune for two days due to a IRL health scare - we all wish him well.
Herbi was lynched. He was a HUMAN.
No results came from the dig.
Ars Moriendi, Diabolito and Hulohot all met a grizzly end on the beach.

Day Three

Oblomov Boblomov was made Captain for a day.
Ario and Frank were quickly sent to the brig.
The dig of C1 - yet again - no results.
Ario was chosen to be lynched. He was a HUMAN.
Aaronayl1, Pedz and Zartan were found horribly killed. Aaron was a MERCHANT, and the others were normal HUMANS.

Day Four -

StayDead died in unknown circumstances. He was HUMAN.
Argonaut was made El Capitan.
He stuck Melatonin and Roonmastor in the slammer.
Songwriter's immunity ended.
The dig found a blue serpent chest.
Denster was shot. He was a HUMAN.
Roonmastor - A SEER was lynched.
Found dead were Wiggles, Irene Demova and Hank Scorpio. Wiggles and Irene Humans - Hank the second SEER.
G-Rat was mysteriously shot. He was a HUMAN.

Day Five -

Anaylsis discovered StayDead WAS poisoned by the merchant Aaronayl1.
Memento Mori was shot dead by an unknown in the cavern. He was HUMAN.
PCCD was elected Captain during the mayhem.
He threw former Captains Psychicsykes and Argonaut into the brink.
The dig found nothing of use.
Former Captain Argonaut was lynched - a HUMAN.
Deadpool, Frank and Rog were offed. They were all HUMAN.

Day Six -

The game changed for one day to a Lottery Vote.
Nova, Drumstick, Smurphy, Red and Clarkman were put into the clink.
Nova and Red were lynched they were both HUMAN.
Benj and bigcheez2k3 were killed on the Arcadia. They were HUMAN.
Psychicsykes was shot dead. He was a HUMAN.

Day Seven -

Smurphy was made Captain.
He locked Baron Zemo and Superking in prison.
The crew found a skeleton with a letter from a 'Samuel Truck' - a former survivor who seemingly commited suicide.
Baron Zemo was lynched - he was a HUMAN.
SpaceJebus, Skippy and Ecno were all killed. The last SEER, a VIGILANTE and a FAKE WEREWOLF!

Day Eight -

pxyl-8 was made Captain.
He stuck yesterday's Captain Smurphy and Poncho in the prison.
The pirates found a crossbow and a note detailing possible locations of treasure.
Henke was shot. He was a HUMAN.
Poncho was lynched. Another HUMAN.
Satriales, Mcjihge2 and Clarkman were killed by the enemy. They were all innocent HUMANS.

Day Nine -

Smurphy took his second stint as Captain.
He decided on Melatonin and Gorrable for the clink.
The dig found no results.
Melatonin was lynched. He was a HUMAN.

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by Qikz » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:24 am


The Watching Artist wrote:I feel so inept next to Stay Dead...
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PostRe: 'Arrrrr You A Werewolf?' - Sign Up Now!
by Dolph Wiggler » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:24 am

First 8-)

EDIT: Staydead :x

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by bigcheez2k3 » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:27 am


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by JK » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:28 am

In like a cat in a bin.

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by Count Nood » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:30 am

Sign up Nood, Nood pirate.

(I'm in)

The Eeveelution club!!! \o/
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by Parksey » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:35 am

In there like swimwear.

I will be probably be a regular villager, like always, and then hopelessly stabbed in the back by my trusted confidantes, like always.

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by Baron Zemo » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:37 am


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by rinks » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:39 am

Parksey wrote:In there like swimwear.

I will be probably be a regular villager, like always, and then hopelessly stabbed in the back by my trusted confidantes, like always.

Hey, at least I'm not playing. That must be some consolation.

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ahmagad so in.

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by Irene Demova » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:46 am


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by Cheeky Devlin » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:48 am

Always missed out on these in the past so in.

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by Ecno » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:51 am

On it like sonic.


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by Qikz » Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:59 am

Wiggles wrote:First 8-)

EDIT: Staydead :x

:lol: :lol:

The Watching Artist wrote:I feel so inept next to Stay Dead...
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I'm in, but time limited due to uni deadlines falling in mid-November.

But yeah, in like Chandler Bing.

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by The Alchemist Penguin » Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:06 am

Deadpool wrote:I'm in, but time limited due to uni deadlines falling in mid-November.

But yeah, in like Chandler Bing.

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