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Make toast to the great British spring/summer with this exclusively designed and handcrafted larger (as in the drink larger) etched pint glass!

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Product Description

Make toast to the great British spring/summer with this exclusively designed and crafted larger (as in the drink larger) pint glass! *

2 styles!

Choose from two styles of glass to suit your impeccable taste: conical (conique) style or tulip style.

Detailing and crafting process

Features intricate details such as 1mm thick strokes, classic serif lettering and the pac/invader icon upon a scroll and shield shield motif.

Each glass takes approx one hour to make by hand, involving a number of processes. The original drawing converted to vector artwork is die-cut into a self-adhesive vinyl mask that is carefully transferred to the glass with an application layer, it is then burnished ensuring there are minimal flaws and acid etched for 15 minutes, producing a beautiful, pearlescent figure through which light bounces. This makes for a subtle “stealth” design with a high quality finish that will never wear away as it is permanently etched into the surface of the glass, unlike heat transferred decals or paint.

Enjoy many bants over your larger failing to explain this to with your friends, family and coworkers!

Each glass will be shipped with a “Certificate of Authenticity” and edition number!
  • Permanently etched glass
  • Tempered glass – up to 5x more shatter resistant than untreated glass
  • Shock and heat resistant
  • 100% dishwasher safe
  • Lead free
  • Height: approx 160mm, Radius: approx 85mm

* Pint not included. Pictured beverage may in fact be cider.

A tribute to veteran member Qiks, AKA StayDead

The drink larger was coined by veteran GRcade member Qikz as observed here. May your spirit be eternally captured in this fine glassware.

Please note this is a hand made item made to order using extremely intricate masking and acid etching techniques. Each glass is totally unique having been lovingly crafted by hand, and so may exhibit minor imperfections or varitions to the product image that we feel are a feature of hand-made goods. Exact shape of glass depends on stock available that may vary from order to order.

Additional Information

Glass Style

Tulip, Conical (Ball)


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