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  • The Committee of Action is an apparatus of struggle.
  • There is no sense in guessing beforehand precisely what strata of the toilers will be attracted to the creation of Committees of Action: the lines of demarcation in the struggling masses will be established during the struggle itself.
  • Real mass elections of the Committees of Action would automatically eject the bourgeois middlemen from the ranks of the People’s Front and thus blow to smithereens the criminal policy dictated by Moscow.
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PostAction Request Thread
by Karl_ » Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:00 pm

The Committee in large part is about connecting people with projects and giving them the means to carry out those projects.

If you need a Secretary, a Mod, or an Admin to do something for you to advance a Committee idea - or if you need to request access-permissions to do something yourself - please post here.

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