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Re: The Midnight Thread: Glass Houses

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:14 am
by Green Gecko
I am your professional toy designer #2365189

Dear friend,

Good day!

We are a professional plush toys factory.

If you need the toys which with your logo to send to your client or your friend or your team, welcome to contact me, I think our plush toys will bring you the happy & lucky.

3.Pillow /emoji pillows / whatsapp pillow /fruit pillow /3D pillows

Look forward a further extension with you.

fruit pillows and 3D pillows you say, I'll get in touch right away.

Srs just putting off ordering some tees for completion this week (on time I will add), and maybe buying some new 3D carving software for my CNC for cyber monday cos, if you're going to spend money on stuff (£6.80 a month) during this ridiculous commercial "event" we've contrived for horrid reasons, spend it on things that possibly maybe make you more money /smallbizlyf

I just remembered, my gf told me I can have a beer if I place that order. Yay incentivising.

So that's an exciting vertical slice of my midnight adventures. Thanks for reading. I'm going for a piss