Are You Infected? Day 5 - GAME OVER - pages 58 and 59

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day 5 - GAME OVER - pages 58 and 59
by Hypes » Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:51 pm

Gutted my posts didn't get in at 1.59pm that day. Reckon if I hadn't spammed the button it probably would have :( Would have been nice to actually do something in a game for once as well.
Unfortunately Kezzer had the same idea and the super friends group was formed.

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day 5 - GAME OVER - pages 58 and 59
by Albear » Thu Jul 27, 2017 8:58 pm

Moggy wrote:
Karl wrote:
Moggy wrote:Karl wanting out of the game and deciding to kill Albear who he thought was innocent, only to find Albear was infected, forcing Karl to stay in the game :lol:

So I should probably explain this... :lol:

At that point, Albear wasn't a confirmed infected or anything. Just a hunch. I was being very cautious with my power up 'til then (after seeing what happened to Denster :dread: ). But a load of extra work cropped up unexpectedly, so I figured I'd have a go and either achieve something useful (alleviating my guilt over going inactive) or die (so I could go inactive without it mattering).

Basically I wasn't really sure about it & the only reason I had the balls to have a go is that my boss gave me extra work. :slol:

Karl wrote:Hi Moggy,

I had a bit of a change of plans this afternoon and I now actually have to exit the game as quickly as possible -- I won't be able to follow along with it from tomorrow onwards.

So I'm going to take a punt on Albear, because why not? :wub: :toot:

I doubt he's really infected / the alpha but at least it'll be funny.



That's hilarious :lol:

Well played everyone. The amount of bullshitting that was going on at times was both impressive and funny!

That was my first infected game and is very different from a AYAW.

Well run Moggy, thanks!

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day 5 - GAME OVER - pages 58 and 59
by Moggy » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:32 pm

I'm so glad everyone seemed to enjoy it, thanks for the thanks.

The "L" thing was a slight red herring as it referred not only to Albear but also Oblomov and Tomous (his job title). It was also a clue for the infected in an odd way as none of the "good" roles had an L in their usernames or job titles, with the exception of Karl! It wasn't possible to get a letter that none of them had - blame Karl.

I didn't want to make it too obvious that the Alpha was Oblo though, so once Albear died, I added the underlining to his name. :lol:

All roles were picked randomly with the exception of Cheeky Devlin - he made such a good case in the last AYI game that I felt I had to reward him with the role of his dreams. ;)

I loved it when Denny came out of the randomiser as a vigi. At last I thought! Here's Denny's chance to get revenge for all the times he's been vigi killed. And then he fired off prematurely in his excitement. :lol:

One of the goals of AYI is to stop the protection circles and the inbuilt knowledge of how the game is run that we all have. Hence roles flipping, no votes for Mayor and no PM at the start for normal players. People seemed to hate some of that, but I think it worked in keeping people on their toes.

A group of "in the know" protection circle types did emerge, but were successfully shown up to have actually known very little. ;)

Before I set up the game properly, one of my early ideas was to make myself the Alpha and see if anybody twigged, I wasn't that cruel in the end, but elements of it survived in HAL8000. I did laugh when somebody today suggested that Moggy was the Alpha! Part of me then wished I had done it, it could have been more famous a con than the no wolves game. :slol:

I had a blast running this, but I am glad that I don't have to look at a spreadsheet tomorrow. :lol:


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