Are You Infected? Day Fourteen - Emperor BID0

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day Fourteen - Emperor BID0
by Moggy » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:04 pm

BID0 the leader of the remaining humans grabs ERRKAL and publically accuses him of being infected. He marches him towards the airlock and attempts to thrown him out.

As he opens the airlock, PSYCHICSYKES grabs BID0 and pushes him aside shouting “NO HE IS INNOCENT”.

BID0 pulls out a crowbar and bashes PSYCHICSYKES in the head. PSYCHICSYKES collapses to the floor and appears to be having a fit, before a white sticky substance starts leaking from him.


PSYCHICSYKES IS DEAD – he was an android, he could survive being thrown outside and was immune to infection but his programming meant that he had to ensure an Alpha infected was taken back to Earth and placed in captivity. He failed.

BID0 grabs ERRKAL and forces him out of the airlock.

ERRKAL dies a painful death. He was THE BETA. He was near the original Alpha when the infectious vial broke and received a smaller dose. He was not powerful enough to be Alpha on his own, but had enough power to take over as Alpha once the original Alpha died.

As Errkal dies, the following players all drop dead:

The Alchemist Penguin

They were all infected.

As the humans are in the midst of celebration, a message comes through on the screens.



Satriales quickly gathers the group and moves them towards the ship that they arrived in. He announces himself as THE ASTRONAUT, the humans could have won without him but would have been trapped on Mars making victory bittersweet. And as they refused MechaPutin’s offer the day before they would have all died in a nuclear blast….

Satriales, fires up the rockets and flies the group off of the surface of Mars. The nukes hit the base and obliterate any trace that it ever existed. MechaPutin was also not the genius he thought he was, the nuclear blast was powerful enough that it also wiped out his base and him along with it…

Congratulations to the survivors – you are all winners

There is no glory in death however, if you died you are a loser.

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day Fourteen - Emperor BID0
by Moggy » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:04 pm

The roles were (as if you all didn’t already know ;) ).

Apologies for formatting but I can’t be arsed to sort it any better. ;)

Parksey Alien (could survive execution, killed by infection, would have won if taken to Earth)
Ironhide Alpha
Psychicsykes Android (could survive execution, immune to infection, would have won if after an Alpha victory he could guess name of Alpha)
Satriales Astronaut (no powers but was required to get humans off of Mars)
Errkal Beta (infected from start, would activate an become Alpha if original Alpha died)
Met Human (had Blue Keycard)
Dan. Conspiracy theorist (after posting conspiracy theory he became a vote rigger)
Nun Cyberdemon (would be immune as long as he posted "ROAR" in capitals in every post)
BIDO Douglas Quaid (if attacked by Alpha would become a 2 kill vigi) - later became Hauser (immune, super scanner and vote rigger)
That’s not a growth Human
Cheeky Devlin Human
Chris Human
Kanbei Human
jawafour Human
Rightey Human (later turned into a Super Marine, as per Space Marine's but with more powerful scanner)
Kezzer Human
Cribs Human
LewisD Human
Super Dragon 64 Human
Joer Human
Oblomov Boblomov Human
Sparkyrobinson Human
Minty14 Human
Roonmastor Human
Karl Human
Clarkman Human
Pedz Human
Shadow Human
Pancake Human
DayumChris xD Human
Rocsteady Human
Cuttooth Human
PaperMacheMario Human
Yaoihslanded Human
Tomous Human
1cmanny1 Human
TAP Human
Hank Scorpio Human
Dangerblade Human (later became a Spartan, a 2 kill vigi)
Rhubarb Human
Jiggles Human
Mcjihge2 Human
PuppetBoy Human
Hyperion Human
JChalmers Human
abcd Human
Euan707 Human
Albear Immune
Falsey Immune
Corazon de Leon Immune
Riksilver Immune
Zartan Immune
Diabolito Immune
Preezy Mad scientist (had a cure but was too insane to be capable of sharing it, had to post a maths problem once a day to keep immunity)
Drumstick Human (had Red Keycard)
DML Scientist (could have worked on a cure if all keycards and the blood vial passed to him)
FatDaz Second Vial holder
Irene Demova Space Marine
Mini E Space Marine
Curls Spy (had blood vial)
Delusibeta Third vial
Zellery Three breasted woman (no role, just a funny name)
Denster Vigilante - 2 kills
Edd Vigilante - 2 kills
Qikz Vigilante- 2 kills
Furiosum Human (had Yellow Keycard)

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day Fourteen - Emperor BID0
by Moggy » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:05 pm

And finally some explanations on the slight muck up with the player list and why I didn’t think it was gamebreaking.

I was stupid and after I randomly assigned roles I ordered my spreadsheet into an alphabetical by role order. This made it easier for me to see who was a vigi, who was a seer etc. Of course I then copied and pasted that into the OP without even thinking. :fp: I was thinking about pretending that was deliberate and was designed just to mess around with people, but I don’t think I am a good enough liar to get away with that. ;)

However, this game was always going to result in the special roles being revealed and with them being picked off by the infected. This was part of the idea behind the game, the fact that trust circles could form but that they would eventually be broken and the infected would soon know who they all were. This (unfortunately!) happened a lot earlier than I thought it was going to and had the crappy result of Ironhide being exposed which was the main problem when the player list was revealed. Of course the other problem was that the alphabetical list also exposed Errkal, who was right there near the top.

I decided that the best way to handle things was to tell the truth, while also bullshitting you all. As Ironhide died, I announced that there was a new Alpha and made clear that this new Alpha was a random pick. He was a random pick, it’s just the random pick was chosen at the start of the game, not when Ironhide died. ;)

So that’s what happened, I did bad but there wasn’t any real need (imo!) to restart the game or randomise the roles again. Indeed that would have been worse as everyone would have known the exact roles that were there, what was in the vials etc etc. And I wasn’t going to risk not ever exposing MechaPutin to the world. ;)

I hope everyone enjoyed it (despite the strawberry float ups!) and that nobody feels like I was making things up as I went along once Ironhide died.

I enjoyed running the game but it is a hell of a lot more work than I ever expected! And I cut some of the work down with things like making the leaders choose who to lynch rather than a PM vote etc. Fun, but time consuming!

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day Fourteen - Emperor BID0
by That's not a growth » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:05 pm

Holy gooseberry fool!

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day Fourteen - Emperor BID0
by That's not a growth » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:10 pm

Well I certainly enjoyed myself.

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day Fourteen - Emperor BID0
by Cheeky Devlin » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:13 pm


I never got a chance to be one with the Prophet. strawberry float you humans. strawberry float YOU. :evil:

Seriously though, well played Bido. Well played all.

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PostRe: Are You Infected? Day Fourteen - Emperor BID0
by Karl_ » Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:13 pm

A big congratulations to BID0 who was very much the keystone of the human victory.

This thread will shortly be archived; please continue the discussion in the already bustling AYI?: The Death Discussion Thread.

Thanks again to Moggy for running this, and for everyone else for playing! :D

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