BRcade - Battle Royale Forum Game *Day 17* [VICTORY]

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PostRe: BRcade - Battle Royale Forum Game *Day 17* [VICTORY]
by Vermilion » Thu Aug 09, 2018 3:00 pm

I started at the sonm ruins with a single objective, don't be the first to get killed.

After that it was a case of making it up as i went along, which mostly involved dodging people and putting a bullet in anyone i considered a threat, didn't work out too badly either.

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PostRe: BRcade - Battle Royale Forum Game *Day 17* [VICTORY]
by Roonmastor » Thu Aug 09, 2018 11:03 pm

Rax wrote:
OrangeRakoon wrote:Only requiring one PM per day from each player is a good rule that levels the playing field for less active forumites and those in different timezones. I would not change this. I would however consider splitting the day into two distinct phases - "action" and "movement". While ideally from a strategy perspective a player would be able to choose what to do in the movement phase based on the outcome of the action phase, this would double the playtime through requiring two days per full turn. Instead I would suggest players sending in both their action and movement (if any) at the same time, requiring a certain amount of prediction but keeping the pace of the game up.

The boardgame Colt Express uses a system like this, there is a turn order and everyone has a certain number of actions each turn but they are played face down and then theyre all resolved at the end of the turn. So I know who will do something before and after me but I dont know what they did so I need to plan my actions around that. If your action would do nothing, eg I punch when noone is beside me, then tough gooseberry fool, thats a wasted action. You could do something similar here, give people a couple of different possible actions, (loot, punch, move, shoot, get into cover, leave cover, climb on something, get down etc etc) they can then choose 3 or something and theyre all put into order and resolved at the end of the turn. So you might want to loot but by the time you do that action someone else already has and you come up empty, or you shoot the person in the square but they have moved away. But it can also work the other way, your original target might move but then someone else has moved into your space in the mean time so you shoot them instead, its a nice mox of strategy and random and hopefully Ive explained it well.

Colt Express' system works well.

Any predictive move system is great for planned chaos rather than randomness. The more moves you have to plan ahead, the funnier it is. It would require some form of order knowledge to help players plan but beyond the first action all choices are risky.

Maybe weapons come with an initiative rating to determine move order?

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PostRe: BRcade - Battle Royale Forum Game *Day 17* [VICTORY]
by PaperMacheMario » Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:01 am

Drumstick wrote:The move didn't go as planned when, The Traitor, PPM, decided to move to a different square.

:x I actually just forgot to send my move for the day and as a result got left behind on the square.

I’d kinda resigned to not winning the game by then, so just thought I’d have some fun and piss off Mini E before I died :lol: I only picked up 1 item in the whole game and could have done with spending more time formulating plans, so I’ve only myself to blame.

Really enjoyed following the game regardless and will definitely put more effort into future games. Thanks for running it, OR.

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