Buying a house (and renting)

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PostRe: Buying a house (and renting)
by Tomous » Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:15 pm

Well, I don’t know how but we’ve exchanged! :cool:

We actually gave the go ahead and had confirmation of the exchange while on a night bus in South India :slol:

We negotiated a £7k reduction in the end, as well as exchange and completion dates we were comfortable with.

We’re very happy with the outcome although I must say the vendors started acting very emotionally and irrationally towards the end. They seemed to think we had been messing them around when in reality, we’d been holding our ground and going through the process exactly as our solicitor recommended. I think they thought that as first time buyers we’d be easy to bully and manipulate into doing things when and how they wanted.

Their annoyance at us seems to stem from us not meeting the deadlines they were imposing on the process even though we are under no obligation to cut corners just because they want us to. Also, I genuinely believe their estate agent is one of the thickest people I’ve ever dealt with.

Either way, just need to sort out the stuff for completion, pick up the keys in 2 weeks, and we can put the whole process behind us and start moving forward with our new house :D

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PostRe: Buying a house (and renting)
by Moggy » Wed Oct 16, 2019 3:57 pm

The property management company have emailed me today with an offer to reduce the amount I “owe” by 20% if I pay them before 4 November.

Honestly if they had gone with 50% I would have just damn well paid them, but 20% is taking the piss when I know I am in the right.

They are also unable to calculate 20%, the outstanding “debt” versus their new discounted total is more like 8.53%. :fp:

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