Capcom's Release Schedule leaked following hack?

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PostRe: Capcom's Release Schedule leaked following hack?
by VlaSoul » Fri Nov 20, 2020 11:57 am

Mafro wrote:
VlaSoul wrote:
Mafro wrote:
VlaSoul wrote:Surely fake
A follow up to MH World in 2023 seems too far away for the general release cycle of monster hunter
It might not be MH6 but there'll be a new console MH by 21 or 22

There's a new console Monster Hunter coming in March 2021.

MH Rise 2021
MH Rise expansion 2022
MHW2 2023

That leaves the console market hanging for two years tho

When I say console here I refer more to how the development of Monster Hunter is structured.

Previously they had both World and Generations around the same time; so one game from the A team and one from the B team. Rise is what the B team has been working on, which leaves the A team free. If they don't iterate on World's design significantly then I don't think it will be that long until we hear of a new console MH.
You could well be right tho idk

World and Generations were two years apart. Rise started development after Generations Ultimate so I don't se any reason why World 2 can't have the same development time.

Again you might be right but considering the nature of Iceborne's post launch support I wouldn't be surprised if development had started earlier than this year.

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