Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Conditions

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PostRe: Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Conditions
by aayl1 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:25 pm

Poser wrote:Is there a drug that helps you to concentrate a bit?

I've developed a massive inability to concentrate on stuff. It's almost certainly linked to (diagnosed) anxiety, but I will literally, uncontrollably and repeatedly, open web browsers instead of doing work that I'm supposed to be doing. I even find I get stuck in a loop of opening the thing, 'having a word with myself' closing it, waiting a second, then doing it again. Earlier today I navigated to to look at my private email several times in a row, despite it being entirely junk mail.

I lost my job last year and was very lucky to get something lined up just before the pandemic started.

I've got a large proposal that needs finishing by tomorrow at 2pm and I've spent more time on Twitter today than I have working on it.

I really need to strawberry floating focus. Anybody got any tips/advice?

Adderal is prescribed for ADHD and aids concentration.

I have found meditation to be particularly helpful for training your concentration muscles and increasing focus naturally. If you're interested I'd be happy to PM you some meditation materials.

Edit: is this the slowest double post ever? I opened my phone and the submission form was open so I figured I didn't post, then added the PM offer so I won't delete this.

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PostRe: Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Conditions
by Green Gecko » Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:43 pm

I've definitely done the "spontaneously open tab with Ctrl+T and start typing random website when I should be doing work, repeatedly, watching my life unfold in front of me as I totally lose control of my impulses" many, many times. I use SelfControl for OSX to block basically every website that isn't work related. Including GRcade! I think there's a windows port but I'm not sure its any good. I used all kinds of website blockers including on routers or parental control software etc, I would just override them. This is the only one that works for me because I've successful managed NOT to find out how it works and allow the tool to work for me.

I also impulsively check my spam folder when I have no new email, for no reason whatsoever. Unfortunately our brains develop these reflexes which are usually triggered by too much notifications (resulting in ghost notification effect even when there aren't any notifications) and also FOMO (fear of missing out). I find it's particularly bad when I'm isolated and can't get help with something in particular because really I'm the only person who can do it, or fathom what needs doing, nevermind doing it!

I'd probably try some ADHD medication if it's available before performance enhancing (legal) drugs out there. Meditation should probably help.

Sometimes its important just to turn strawberry floating everything off and work on paper sometimes. It's not that hard to get it on computer again... especially if you consider how much time you might save not browsing distracting websites which can add up to hours!!

I also reward myself with beer and few squares of chocolate or things like that, if I manage to get into a flow for at least 1-2hrs of focused work. Might be less than that, it's still an achievement on those days where my mind is jumping all over the strawberry floating place.

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