Domain Name Migration - Advanced Downtime Notice

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PostDomain Name Migration - Advanced Downtime Notice
by Green Gecko » Mon May 02, 2022 12:26 pm

Hello everyone,

Owing to the spectacular attempt of our domain name registrar to charge £72 per year just to support a basic feature in DNS configurations I will be moving us from what was a UK independent company bought by GoDaddy a while ago to a UK registrar that isn't on the path of total bellendary. This does mean moving the domain names from one registrar to another, which introduces a little systemic delay as well as DNS propagation - again (sorry).

I will try to plan this around an evening (probably not on the weekend, that's generally worse). I do actually sleep at 10pm so it will probably be around 10-12am.

I'm giving myself (and Tsohost who I will name as a pile of bollocks) a courtesy day to respond to whatever regurgitated sales rubbish they can about "standards!" and "security!" and "features!" and things! we never needed or asked for, and will then pick a day I can do the stuff.

I will update with the times.

I apologise for the inconvenience, seeing as this part technically changed already, but I won't tolerate this bullshit and GoDaddy are banana splits.

Nerd version: Paragon Internet Group Limited t/a Tsohost (a subsidiary of GoDaddy, Inc) "upgraded" us from a clustered linux hosting solution in the UK (ours since 2015) to a Cpanel distribution hosted somewhere in Europe. The only reason this hosting ever existed was as a workaround for their "minimalistic" DNS control panel. Cpanel works by hosting multiple domains as "add-on domains" to a primary domain, and for the primary domain they want to charge us £72 to "host" these multiple other domain configurations (that aren't even websites, so literally hosting nothing at all), ultimately so that we can put wildcard (*) records in our DNS configuration. This is strawberry floating stupid and any domain provider in 2022 should be able to let us put whatever we want in our DNS settings without forcing us to pay annually for hosting we don't even need, because we have our own dedicated server for a strawberry floating reason and nobody, ever, would have want or need for this, never mind pay for it. Just update the mummy strawberry floating DNS control panel, man, a feature I requested 7 years ago.

All the best,


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