Fortnite Battle Royale - Chapter 2 out now!! New map & a lot more.

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PostFortnite Battle Royale - Chapter 2 out now!! New map & a lot more.
by Monkey Man » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:38 am


Fortnite Battle Royale is the FREE 100-player PvP mode in Fortnite. One giant map. A battle bus. Fortnite building skills and destructible environments combined with intense PvP combat. The last one standing wins. Available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mobile & Mac.

This thread will mostly concentrate on Battle Royale, Fortnite: Save The World -

Developer: Epic Games and People Can Fly
Publisher: Epic Games
Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mobile, Switch & Mac
Release Date: July 25, 2017 (Save The World) & September 26, 2017 (Battle Royale)
Genre: Third Person Shooter multiplayer
Price: F2P (Battle Royale) & £34.99 (Save The World). Save The World is planned to go F2P in 2018.

Latest News

Thread is no longer being updated except for Special events.

Drop in to a New World
Choose your landing spota ndexplore an all-new island featuring 13 new locations.

New Water Gameplay
Swimming, Fishing, Motorboats, and more!

Support Your Squad
Heal your squad with the Bandage Bazooka, carry your fallen team mates to safety, and celebrate with new group emotes like highfives!

Hideouts and Explosives
Hide in Haystacks and Dumpsters to get the drop on your opponent or go in blazing by blowing up gas tanks and explosive barrels.

Upgraded Combat
Get back to basics and battle enemies with a stream lined weapon arsenal. Upgrade weapons using resources at the Upgrade Bench.

More Fun, Less Grind
Level through an all new Battle Pass featuring a brand new XP system and Medals you earn in match.

- Patch v10.00 - ... d/evoinwh/

- Patch v9.00 - ... dated=true

- Patch v8.00 -

Season 8 starts 28th February 2019.

- Patch v7.00 - ... otes/v7-00

Season 7 starts 6th December.

- Patch v6.20 - ... otes/v6-20

- Patch v6.10 - ... otes/v6-10

- Patch v6,02 - ... otes/v6-02

- Patch v6.01 - ... otes/v6-01

- Patch v6.00 - ... otes/v6-00

- Patch v5.41 - ... otes/v5-41

- Content Patch v5.40 - ... ent-update

- Patch v5.40 - ... otes/v5-40

- v5.30 Content Update - ... ent-update

- Patch v5.30 - ... otes/v5-30

- v5,21 Patch Notes - ... otes/v5-21

- v5,20 Patch Notes - ... lang=en-US

- S5W4 challenges -

- v5.10 Content Update - ... ent-update

- v5.10 patch notes - ... otes/v5-10

- v5.0 Content Update - ... ent-update

Season 5 starts. v5.0 Patch Notes - ... notes/v5-0

Season 4 has ended -

Season 4 Week 10 Challenges - ... /s4w10.jpg

v4.5 Content Update - ... ent-update

Week 9 challenges - ... 6/s4w9.jpg

- v4.5 Patch Notes (Playground mode/Dual Pistols/Fireworks Launcher) - ... notes/v4-5

- Week 8 Challenges - ... 6/s4w8.jpg ... 2f1671b2d0

- V4.4 CONTENT UPDATE - ... ent-update

- Week 7 Challenges - ... 6/s4w7.jpg ... 5760cde4ea

Small update out as well

We just released Patch v4.4.1, you may have to restart to receive the update.

What can you expect? Shopping Carts have been re-enabled and replays from the Pro-Am can now be found inside Battle Royale clients. ... atch_v441/

The Blockbuster skin revealed - ... -revealed/

- v4.4 Patch Notes - ... notes/v4-4

- v4.3 Content Update - ... ent-update

- Week 5 Challenges for Season 4 - ... nges-1.jpg

To complete the Dance with others to raise the Disco Ball near Loot Lake, players have to visit the factories next to loot lake. Once there, players must work together in order to dance on all four tiles in the corners of the factory. The disco ball animation then will appear. ... 40x640.jpg

- Patch notes v4.3 - ... notes/v4-3

- State of development v5 - ... lopment-v5

- Week 4 Challenges for Season 4 - ... 5/s4w4.jpg

- V4.2 Content Update! -


Introducing a new item that’ll send you sky high: Jetpacks. Jetpacks are part of a brand new item type that coming to Battle Royale called Backpacks. Not to be confused with Back Bling, Backpacks are strictly gameplay items and cannot be purchased as cosmetics. Backpacks will fill an inventory slot, just like a weapon or consumable and have a variety of uses. For more info, check out the notes below.

Take the battle sky high. The first of a new item type, Backpacks.


Limited Time Mode: Solid Gold v2
All Legendary weapons, all the time. Now including the Heavy Shotgun and Legendary Burst Assault Rifle!



Jetpack added.
Legendary Rarity.
Found in Treasure Chests.
The Jetpack is the first of a new item type: Backpacks.
Backpacks take an inventory slot (like weapons & consumables) and can be moved to different positions.
Only one Backpack can be carried at a time.
If you pick up a different Backpack, it will be automatically swapped with the one currently equipped.
When a Backpack is fully consumed, it will be automatically destroyed.
While a Backpack is equipped, your Back Bling cosmetics will be hidden.
Back Bling will be reapplied when the Backpack is no longer equipped.
The Jetpack is engaged by jumping while in mid-air, providing additional mobility.
While flying, there is a limited duration it can be used before it must charge again.
Recharge begins when the Jetpack is not in use.
You can not enter Targeting Mode while in the air.
On controller, using the Targeting Mode input will trigger the Jetpack.


Limited Time Mode: Solid Gold v2
All weapon drops are legendary!
Floor Drops: High chance of Hand Cannon & Suppressed Pistols. Low chance of Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle.
Chests: High chance of Assault Rifle, Minigun & Sniper Rifle. Low chance of Heavy Shotgun & Rocket/Grenade Launchers. No Pistols.
Supply Drops: High chance of Rocket/Grenade Launchers, Medium chance of Sniper Rifles. Low chance of Heavy Shotgun & Assault Rifles. No Pistols.
50% extra stone and metal resources gained from farming.
Stone Floor Drops increased to 60 per pickup.
Metal Floor Drops increased to 90 per pickup.
Increased drop rates of: Chug Jugs, Slurp Juice, Shields, all Special Grenades, Launch Pads and Campfires.
Decreased drop rates of: Grenades, Spike Traps and Bandages.

Limited Time Mode: Close Encounters
Coming soon.

Close quarters combat with Shotguns & Jetpacks!
The only guns in this mode are the various types of Shotguns.
Jetpacks & Heavy Shotguns can be found in Chests & Supply Drops.
Other Shotgun types are spawned as Floor Loot.
The storm moves in more quickly than normal mid to late game.
Typical match length is about 15 minutes.
Stats are enabled for this mode. ... tentupdate

Week 3 challenges - ... b7a890a2e2

- Patch v4.2 notes -


Patch v4.2 introduces a new foraged item… Apples! Find this nutritious treat around trees scattered throughout the map. When you’re done snacking, hunt for the new Epic and Legendary rarity Burst Assault Rifle. It can be found in Floor Loot, Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines. Do you prefer it over our other Epic and Legendary assault rifles? Let us know on social!

Epic and Legendary Burst Assault Rifle
The Burst Assault Rifle you’ve been asking for… it’s Epic… it’s Legendary.



Standard gamepad configuration has been renamed from ‘Standard’ to ‘Old School’.
Slightly increased the texture streaming pool on Xbox One to help prevent blurry textures from occurring.
Changed the button mapping for PS4 controllers on Mac to use the Touchpad instead of the Share button to open chat.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would be hidden on the loading screen for Windows + Mac players.
Fixed several causes of rubberbanding when toggling sprint and weapon targeting, which were caused by bugs within those abilities.
Fixed text labels being inconsistent on all controller layout screens.
Fixed the time spent in match text not updating properly for party members.



Added Epic and Legendary Burst Assault Rifles.
Can be found in Floor Loot, Treasure Chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines.
Does 32 / 33 damage (Epic / Legendary).
Uses Medium Ammo.
Uses the same damage fall-off ranges as other Assault Rifles.

Added a new foraged item: Apples
Consuming an Apple will grant 5 health (up to 100).
Can uncommonly be found around certain trees throughout the map.

Impulse Grenade drop rate has been increased by 5%.

Suppressed Submachine Gun
Damage increased by 3.
Common is now 20 (was 17).
Uncommon is now 21 (was 18).
Rare is now 22 (was 19).
Increased Accuracy reset speed by 25%.
This will decrease the penalty during continuous fire.
Increased Damage fall-off range.
Fall-off begins at 28 meters (was 24 meters).
Damage reduced to 85% at 47.5 meters (was 80% at 35 meters).
Damage reduced to 75% at 70 meters (was 65% at 50 meters).
Damage reduced to 65% at 250 meters.

Damage Trap
Decreased Damage from 125 to 75.
Reset Time decreased from 6 seconds to 5 seconds.

Remote Explosives
They will now damage all structures within range, whether or not they are visible from the explosion center.
Damage radius and throw distance have been increased.
Delay between sequential explosions has been reduced from 0.25 seconds to 0.175 seconds.
Delay before detonating a charge or throwing another one has been reduced from 0.75 seconds to 0.15 seconds.

Removed the delay between swapping to a grenade and the ability to aim it.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where Remote Explosives could destroy the meteor in Dusty Divot.
Assault Rifles no longer appear to eject multiple bullet casings per shot.
Fixed an issue preventing players from using the Launch Pad when multiple players activated it at the same time.


Added ‘Auto-Pickup’ option for pickups on PC and consoles.
This will automatically pick up Weapons and Consumables when walking over them (as long as inventory slots are still empty). They will be placed in the next available inventory slot.
This option can be enabled in the Settings menu.

50v50 V2 Adjustments
DBNO damage per tick lowered from 10 to 5.
Chest spawn rate increased from 50-70% to 75-90%.
Final circle is shortened from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.
This last circle exists for 60 seconds before gradually closing in over an additional 60 seconds.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where Turbo Building would stop if you pressed another button before releasing the other.
Fixed an issue allowing players to bypass weapon equip times after canceling a consumable use animation.
Players can no longer crouch through the vents of the research facility in Dusty Divot.
Fixed an issue causing door prediction to get stuck and make it so a player could never open doors.
Fixed an issue that caused an incorrect displaying of selected cosmetic items in the lobby.
Patched up a hole in the terrain near Lucky Landing.
Fixed an issue that made chests appear to be unopened when they have already been looted.
Fixed an issue allowing player to sprint at full speed in a section of the Loot Lake water.


Improved overall server performance.
The server tick rate has been increased from 20 to 30 updates per second.
This allows for more responsive movement and shooting, and reduces effective ping times for all players.
Network bandwidth has increased slightly.
Improved material loading by 2x, which should help buildings and characters stream in faster and reduce hitching.
Fixed large hitches that occurred when certain cosmetic items were encountered for the first time in a match.
Improved framerate when using Hop Rocks by optimizing its particle effect.
Fixed remote players appearing to jump far too high when their connection went bad or there was a server hitch.


To help differentiate between above/below footstep sounds, we’ve added an additional layer to steps that are above you based on the surface type.
Wood has creaks, Stone has crunches + gravel noises, and Metal has rattles.
Lowered the volume of the weak points that appear when harvesting.
Boosted the volume of Grenade Launcher explosions to more closely match volume of other explosions.
Improved how wind fades out prior to landing when using a glider.

Bug Fixes
Fixed an issue that would cause audio to cut out on elimination.
Fixed an issue that would cause a spectated player’s footsteps/jumps/lands to sound like they were to the left/right if they were moving, especially when looking through a scope.


Emoting in the lobby can now be triggered by clicking the right analog stick.
Added an emote button to the bottom of the screen while in the lobby.
Nvidia Shadowplay Highlights now defaults to off (PC only).

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented map input from working while spectating.
Fixed an issue where teammate map indicators wouldn’t display during a match.
Fixed an issue that prevented the consume timer from displaying while consuming a Hop Rock.
Fixed an issue that caused the trap placement UI to display while looking at surfaces that do not allow trap placement.
Fixed an issue where the minimap arrow wouldn’t display properly while spectating a player.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that allowed Sprays to affect objects that moved (player-worn bush, soccer balls, etc.).
Fixed an issue that caused Battlehound’s pants to clip through his tunic when running.


Bug Fixes
Fixed issue where Eliminations wouldn't show up in the Replay browser.


HUD customization added.
This is version 1.0, we'll continue to build this out.
Added an optimization that limits the number of Sprays rendered at once. ... notes/v4-2

- Leaked Week 3 challenges - ... -34-36.png ... qijhw.jpeg ... 88861973=1

- Season 4 Week 2 Challenges - ... 6feca98a54

- Hidden Week 2 Battle Tier - ... 2_spoiler/

- Patch Notes v4.1 -


Wield true power in V4.1... Starting Tuesday, May 8th, you will be able to become Thanos in the Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup. Experience Fortnite x Avengers like never before in this limited time event!

Limited-Time Mashup: Infinity Gauntlet
Wield the Gauntlet, Become Thanos, Claim Victory!



Take down Thanos, equip the Gauntlet and claim Victory!

Mashup Details

Early in the match, a meteor will land in the storm safe zone, delivering the Infinity Gauntlet.
Any player who uses the Infinity Gauntlet will transform into Thanos.
If Thanos is eliminated, the Gauntlet will fall to the ground, free for the taking. If it sits unused for too long, it will disappear until another meteor appears.
Last player standing will be the victor!

Thanos Details

Ability 1 - A mighty punch that knocks enemies back and destroys structures.
Ability 2 - Thanos flies towards the ground, hitting an area for knockback and damage.
Ability 3 - Harness the energy of the Power stone to fire a blast that deals damage over time.
Ability 4 - A super-jump that can vault Thanos over all but the largest obstructions.
Thanos has both shields and health. When he eliminates another player, his shields regenerate. His health never regenerates.
Thanos doesn't take fall damage.
Thanos does not build, use weapons or things like launch pads. He has no need for such petty human devices.

Storm + Map

Maximum match length is roughly 15 minutes.
The match will start with the storm circle already closing in over the island.
The storm does more damage than normal, ticking for 5% health during the first circle and 10% for the rest of the game.


Only Rare, Epic & Legendary weapons will be spawned.
Increased chances of treasure chests spawning from 50-70% to 80-90%.
Increased chances of ammo boxes spawning from 65-80% to 85-95%.
Floor Loot spawns nearly 100% of the time.
Launchpad spawn likelihood greatly increased.
Harvesting resources doubled.
Resources found in loot increased from 30 to 60.
Chug Jug, Port-A-Fort, Boogie Bomb, Slurp Juice, Bush, and Remote Explosives drop rate increased.
Regular Grenade, Shield & Bandage drop rate lowered.


Increased the likelihood of the final circle ending near the outer areas of the map by 25%.
Improve the variety of ending scenarios to outside the central region of the map.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that allowed Sprays to camouflage Remote Explosives, Clingers, and Damage Traps.
Fixed building preview not being rotatable when overlapping an existing building while using a controller.
Fixed soccer game effects not playing when scoring.
Fixed a couple of issues that caused the player camera to position itself under the water in Loot Lake.
Fixed the collision on the tire stacks so players will bounce when walking into them again.
Fixed a hole in Dusty Divot that players could get stuck in.
Fixed an area where players were able to hide under the terrain and damage players from below.
Fixed an issue that caused Turbo Building to not work properly if the player was holding down the build button before switching to build mode.
Fixed a chest at the prison that would be empty upon opening it.


You can now join the party of players that are already in a match.
Party members in-match will appear holographic in the lobby and will give you time and player count updates.
Season 4 topics added to the in-game Battle Pass FAQ.

Bug Fixes

Removed the loading screen that was displayed when transitioning from the starting island to the Battle Bus.
Fixed the minimap briefly showing the wrong location after being eliminated.
Fixed an issue that caused some icons on the UI to misalign after switching in and out of build mode.


Lowered the volume of Hop Rocks.
Lowered the volume of the Valor Glider.

Bug Fixes

Re-added the sound of the Supply Drop’s balloon popping when opened or when shot down.
Fixed an issue where the 'Allow Background Audio' setting wouldn’t save.


Bug Fixes

Jump Pad health bars will now update properly when damaged.
Fixed an issue that made it difficult to pick up items that were dropped behind the tires in a Port-A-Fort.
The Port-A-Fort can no longer destroy the meteor in Dusty Divot.


Emotes now perform better on different characters (hands will connect, legs won't be over-extended, etc.).

Bug Fixes

Updated the Banner image for Battle Pass tier 69 to now be correct image.
Fixed an issue that caused the Royale Flags Back Bling to stretch when previewing it in the Locker.
Fixed an issue causing character’s helmets to sometimes float above their heads.
Fixed distant characters not animating properly if they had never been rendered before.
Fixed characters popping between levels of detail when more than one character was around the same distance away.


Improved overall frame rate when many characters are visible by optimizing movement and update rates.
Delayed triggering the “Game Over” HUD, which caused a hitch on death.
Optimized Spray Paint contrails.
Optimized content in frontend lobby map.
Added more logging to get more info on hard-to-reproduce hitches.

Bug Fixes

Fixed hitching caused by audio log spam.
Reduced backend system logging that may have impacted performance.
Improved async loading time during level streaming by fixing an issue where shrubbery was trying to load but had no mesh.


Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented Replays from saving.


Temporarily disabled new autorun functionality due to some unintentional actions occurring when using it.

Bug Fixes

Optimized memory on mobile to address out-of-memory crashes. ... notes/v4-1 ... 9864396800

- Leaked Week 2 challenges - ... -40-46.png

Hidden Week 1 Battle Tier - ... s_spoiler/

- Season 4 Week 1 Challenges - ... 6e3b81f661

- Season 4 launched on 1st May, Battle Pass costs 950 vbucks.

- 4.0 Patch Notes - ... notes/v4-0

Highlights -

Dusty Depot mostly destroyed by a meteor, other areas hit.
Gravity-defying Hop Rocks found around craters.
Risky Reels, new area introduced.
Crossbow vaulted.
Sprays introduced.
Upgrade-able Skins.
Carbide Skin challenges introduced - ... -48-15.png
Omega Skin challenges introduced - ... -48-26.png


Season 4 is starting off with a BANG. Shards of a massive comet have crashed into the map altering the landscape. Discover gravity-defying Hop Rocks and find new ways to play. Jump in and witness the aftermath of the impact while you level up your Battle Pass and earn all new loot.

The Season 4 Battle Pass is here sporting 100 tiers of awesome new rewards, including new cosmetic items, emotes and Sprays.

Start a movie marathon in Save the World’s latest questline, Blockbuster! Part 1 starts with Five quests and one Landmark Mission. Ray has gone missing and no one knows where she is. With the help of Spitfire and Lok, investigate the comet and gear up to recruit a team of superheroes. Find Ray and bring her back home!


Shards of the comet have crashed! Many locations have been transformed by its impact. Discover all new points of interest, or find your favorite landing spot changed.

The comet has left a scar on the island... Visit the crater and you’ll find glowing rocks all around.

Consume them and lift off with low gravity!



Input settings are now filtered based on game mode.
They’ve also been grouped by category (Combat, Building, Editing, etc.) to make it easier to search through them.
Added icons for the tabs at the top of the Settings screen.
Added “Ignore Gamepad Input” option to the Accessibility settings tab.
This setting can be helpful to players who use external programs to remap their controller input and need the game to ignore the controller input.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a crash when using radial menus.
Improved texture streaming behavior when using a scope.
Fixed some objects being rendered using low resolution textures.
Fixed weapon ammo count display in the HUD sometimes being incorrect.

Wanting to track the top community issues? Head over to our Fortnite | Community Issues Trello board here.
Tracking for the Self Refund issue can be found here.


Structures on the starting island can now be destroyed. Not the Battle Bus, though.
Headshots are now prioritized when other body parts are in the way.

Incoming headshots (from above or straight on) will no longer be blocked by your character's other body parts.
For example, a shot that hits your target's hand will be able to penetrate through and hit their head if your aim was on point. You'll be credited headshot damage instead of normal damage.
Headshots from below that are blocked by a body part (legs, torso, hands, shoulders, arms) will do normal damage, except for impacts very close to your character’s head.
This change affects all weapons, except for the Rocket Launcher and Grenade Launcher.
Slightly reduced the hitbox size of player hands.
Damage numbers are now visible when spectating a player.
Knocking a player off the island will award elimination credit like normal fall damage.
Fall distance is now shown in the elimination feed when a player is forced to fall by an opponent.
On the starting island, you can now see other players (and player-created structures) about three times further away than before.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that would cause player built structures to appear intact for a few seconds after eliminating an enemy and destroying the structure at the same time.
This caused players to “phase through” the structure.
Fixed cases where pickups moved erratically when sliding down slopes.
Fixed an issue where destroying a building from under an enemy wouldn’t award kill credit.
Fixed an issue where swinging the pickaxe could cause movement stuttering.
Fixed an issue where some pre-placed wooden archways could not be destroyed by player built structures.
Fixed an issue that made the Battle Bus appear to quickly fly off the map after jumping from it.
Fixed an issue that would pause a downed players health bar if their reviver disconnected while reviving them.


You can now mark cosmetic items as favorites in the Locker.
‘Random’ option added to each cosmetic equipment slot in the Locker.
This will randomly choose between items you’ve marked as favorites each match (or from all owned items if nothing is marked as a favorite).
You are no longer limited to just the 6 slots on your emote wheel for Sprays and Emotes and can now use any of the ones you own in a match!
The Locker slots act as a page of presets, but you can cycle through to any emotes marked as a favorite and then all emotes, sorted by type (PS4: L1/R1; XB1: LB/RB; PC: Mouse Wheel; Mobile: Buttons added next to radial menu).
Added new “Locker Emote Slot” button bindings, which allow you to immediately trigger any of your 6 Emote or Spray presets.
While Auto Run is active, an icon is now displayed.
Improved the look and feel of the Game options tab.
Slightly decreased the size of the arrow over players heads when they are close to you.
The fourth and fifth weapon slots will now default to keys 5 and 6 instead of Z and X when using the “Reset to Defaults” option.
The 4:3 aspect ratio is now supported.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where the compass showed ‘360’ when it should have been ‘359’.
Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on the Inventory screen when opening and closing it very quickly multiple times in a row.
Fixed an issue where the "Show Net Stats" HUD option would be reset to off after restarting the game.
Fixed an issue that caused consumable timers to not display when using a consumable immediately after canceling one.
Fixed a spelling error in the description for Tomatohead.
The Squad Comms wheel can now be closed with circle on PS4 controllers, and B on Xbox controllers.
Weapon slot keybinding options are no longer called “Ability Slots” in the input menu.


The Crossbow has been vaulted.
Rocket Launcher aim reticle is now a fixed size regardless of player movement.
Hit markers are now displayed when looking through a scope.
Increased pickaxe damage against Supply Llamas, now dealing 50 damage per hit.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where a weapon could have no ammo when dropping it immediately after picking it up.
Improved pickaxe swing responsiveness when switching from a weapon to the pickaxe and immediately holding the swing button.
Fixed an issue that prevented Hunting Rifles from auto reloading if it was fired immediately after a reload.
Fixed an issue that allowed grenades to be thrown in rapid succession while sprinting.
Fixed an issue where aiming a grenade throw and then switching to build mode wouldn’t cancel the throw.
Fixed an issue with the Builder Pro configuration that caused the players weapon to fire while trying to build in some cases.
Clingers will now properly cling to falling Supply Drops.


Added an in-game player list to Replays.
Leaving a Replay will now take you back to the Replay browser.
Renaming Replays is now limited to 32 characters.
Increased the size of name column in Replay browser.
Bug Fixes
Fixed the alignment of the eliminations column in Replay browser.
Fixed an issue where Replay Browser list couldn't be navigated with gamepad after cancelling renaming a replay.


Hunting Rifle mesh and animations have been updated.
Shotguns, Revolver, Hand Cannon, and Rocket Launcher have had their equip animations improved - they should now match the equip time.
Their equip timing remains the same.
The dust cloud that appears on player landings now shows for all players.
Storm wind now affects trees within the storm.

Bug Fixes

Fixed the Supply Llama not playing destruction effects when killed by projectiles.
Fixed an issue that caused Back Bling to display improperly after using a Launch Pad.
Players can now emote while rocket riding.


Adjusted timing on the equip sounds for all Shotguns. The cocking sound will now occur right before the weapon is able to fire.
Improved volume difference between soft and hard landing sounds.
Players falling from 1 or more stories will land with a louder audio cue.
Added unique impact sounds when hitting shrubs, bushes and cornstalks.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that caused footstep audio to play when players were mid-air after jumping.
Fixed an issue where the Minigun equip sound would persist after quickly switching away from it.
The map marker sound no longer plays when removing a marker.


Improved smoothness of other players movement on the starting island by increasing network update rates.
Made significant performance improvements when many players are on-screen by reducing the impact of character parts.
Optimized hitches that occur when garbage collecting objects.
Fixed hitches that could happen in games where lots of building occurred.
Optimized Level-of-Detail (LOD) for buildings in Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory.
Optimized Input/Output (IO) performance on Consoles to reduce hitches and load times.


Quickbar now supports drag and drop for dropping and moving inventory items.
Holding the movement stick in a direction for 3-seconds now enables an option to turn on auto run.
Adding ‘Repair Building’ button.
Added 'Cycle Weapon' button.
Made improvements to prevent finger creep.
Slightly decreased aim assist strength at further distances to allow for easier fine tuning when aiming.
Grenade indicators are now displayed when grenades are equipped.
Made improvements to low-end mobile performance by dynamically scaling background draw distances with player height.
Reduced object draw distance for medium/lower-end iOS devices.
Bug Fixes
Fixed the view pop caused by the swiping inertia when lifting your finger off the screen.
Fixed bugs that were causing some erroneous misfires and input errors.

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PostRe: Fortnite
by Qikz » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:38 am

tomvekmas wrote:[gametrailers]15915[/gametrailers]

Winning Eleven? Think you misnamed your thread bro.

The Watching Artist wrote:I feel so inept next to Qikz...
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PostRe: Fortnite
by SchminkyPinky » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:38 am

Peter Crouch in Unreal Engine 3.5.

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PostRe: Fortnite
by tomvek » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:40 am

One of the Gametrailers numbers got deleted there.

The game looks like a tower defense game or something similar. XBLA or retail?

Image [img]
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PostRe: Fortnite
by SchminkyPinky » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:42 am

Well graphically it looked quite simplistic for an Unreal Engine game so I'm guessing XBLA/PSN for now but that could just be the art style they went for. It's different for Epic though and I'm interested.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Jax » Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:02 am

That was weird. I clicked on the trailer thinking "That's a pretty dumb name, spelling it wrong and all that, but hey, it worked for Left 4 Dead and that was a great game".

Then this trailer was very reminiscient of Left 4 Dead.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Neo Cortex » Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:13 am

An Epic game that isn't about space marines? Wonders never cease! That said it looks pretty stylish for sure.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Shadow » Sun Dec 11, 2011 9:41 am

Minecraft meets TF2?


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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by cooldawn » Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:31 pm

I like the look. Waiting for more details.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Pacman » Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:58 pm

Oh I get it! Fort. Night. Haha! Looks good, need more details.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Crimson » Sun Dec 11, 2011 1:59 pm

Good to see Epic doing something different, interested to learn more.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by tomvek » Sun Dec 11, 2011 2:07 pm

cooldawn wrote:I like the look. Waiting for more details.

Same, it's hard to know exactly what type of game it is at the moment but it does look interesting.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Agent47 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:10 pm

cooldawn wrote:I like the look. Waiting for more details.

The Crimbo Clown wrote:Good to see Epic doing something different, interested to learn more.

And this.

I'm not one for tower defence games though, so it will have to be something pretty special to make me buy it. Epic have a decent pedigree, so fingers shall remain crossed. - A place to read a little flash fiction. - My own personal review space. - A showcase of short stories I have written.
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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Codename 47 » Sun Dec 11, 2011 8:15 pm

cooldawn wrote:I like the look. Waiting for more details.

Same here. I do think this is being written off way too quick especially when we don't really have any concrete gameplay details yet. For all we know there may be a lot more to the game to what the trailer suggests. I do like the look of it though, good to see Epic go in a completely different direction and try something new.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by That's not a growth » Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:55 pm

Very interested.

If it's a game where you build a base each day to take on a nightly horde that would be pretty sweet.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Dante » Sun Dec 11, 2011 11:57 pm

I was sold on it as soon as the idea of a TDG was brought up

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by tomvek » Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:21 pm

A bit more info about the game:

Epic Games has admitted that Mojang's indie virtual world Minecraft in part inspired Fortnite, the game the company unveiled at the Spike VGA on Saturday.

Little was revealed at the award ceremony. The game has two phases - exploring and fort-building during the day, and fending off an advancing horde of undead by night - with Epic's design director Cliff Bleszinski saying the studio had "decided to switch things up a bit and do something different and fun." In a series of tweets since the announcement, lead designer Lee Perry has revealed a few more details.

Perry admits that "Minecraft was an inspiration for sure," but stresses that Fortnite is no straight lift from Mojang's game. "I see lots of questions asking if Fortnite is freeform construction," he writes. "It is. It's not scripted or just boarding up existing structures.

"Minecraft lets you build anything, we are focusing on constructing buildings specifically."

Perry won't be drawn on target platforms or release plans, and is vague when asked who is heading up development of the game. "Fortnite has been a crazy organic old-school war room of passionate devs," he writes. "It's like an indie group set up shop in the corner of the building." ... d-fortnite

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by SchminkyPinky » Tue Dec 13, 2011 5:26 pm

I'm interested and based on that last sentence it sounds like it's definitely going to be a downloadable game.

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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Monkey Man » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:56 pm

Seems to be PC only & F2P:-


Fortnite features the cooperative third-person shooter core Epic Games is known for, but rather than throwing you into scripted events and corridors, the game challenges you to explore the environment for resources and build fortresses while fending off waves of attackers at the same time. With an RPG-like progression system, Diablo-like looting, multiple campaigns of varying lengths, procedurally generated worlds, and the promise of player vs. player battles, Epic is offering plenty of replayability that it hopes will provide the game with a long lifecycle. ... 82410.aspx


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PostRe: Fortnite (Epic's new I.P.)
by Dig Dug » Tue Apr 08, 2014 5:57 pm

Well looks like that's another game I'll never ever bother playing then.

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