WE'RE BACK!!! The GRcade Twitchcast - Tonight 9:00 PM!

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PostRe: WE'RE BACK!!! The GRcade Twitchcast - Tonight 10:30 PM!
by Pedz » Sun Mar 01, 2020 7:02 pm

Hey all. The Twitchcast is planned to go live tonight at 9 PM. It's a little on the impromptu side so I've not really looked at news. There'll be another person with me.

I was just wondering:

a) Would anyone else like to take part tonight?
b) Is there anything specific you'd like to talk about?
c) if you aren't taking part is there anything you would like to listen to us talk about?

Give me a PM if you want to take part as I can add you to the PM group for the Twitchcast.


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