GRpredicts - Microsoft@E3 2015

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PostRe: GRpredicts - Microsoft@E3 2015
by Rog » Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:47 pm

They need to keep everything clear and show some real proof of their DX12 claims. If they can show that it will help them reach 1080p then they'll sell a tonne of consoles that week.

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PostRe: GRpredicts - Microsoft@E3 2015
by Monkey Man » Mon Apr 20, 2015 12:52 am

Phils been busy on twitter tonight -

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PostRe: GRpredicts - Microsoft@E3 2015
by Codename 47 » Sun Jun 14, 2015 11:47 am

- Halo 5 campaign demonstration to kick off show. Possibly bits from a Chief and Locke mission to show the difference in mission styles between the two. Locke's being more tactical and Chief's missions being more classic Halo

- Afterwards 343 announce more Halo 5 multiplayer modes including the return of Firefight and large scale multiplayer mode. They also announce Halo Reach will be coming to the MCC as well as MCC coming out on PC

- Fallout 4 Trailer and at the end they announce DLC will come out first on Xbox One

- Rise of Tomb Raider gameplay demo

- ID@Xbox showreel for upcoming games

- Microsoft announce more publishing deals with smaller devs

- One or two other trailers for third party games, afterwards Spencer announces the rest of the games shown are all exclusive to the Xbox One/Windows.

- Forza 6 shown off. Finally adds a lot of features fans have been hoping for including revamped career mode

- A big Minecraft expansion announced, launching first on Windows and Xbox

- Age of Empires announced for Windows 10 and XB1

- Killer Instinct Season 3 announced

- Alan Wake remaster announced, with a big teaser that hints Alan Wake 2 will be coming in the future

-Twisted Pixel show off their new IP which ends up being more of a 'AAA' game compared to their previous work

- Rare show off Battletoads and a new IP adventure game. They also announce ports of some of their classic games will be coming to the Xbox One game store

- Fable Legends trailer and tease for new Lionhead IP

- Gears of War 1 Remaster ends up being all three mainline games. Also a Gears 4 teaser

- To end the show they show a teaser trailer for a game that ends up being a new Perfect Dark (wishful thinking i know :shifty: )

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