Denster presents: The 4K HDR HDTV Thread

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PostRe: Denster presents: The 4K HDR HDTV Thread
by Peter Crisp » Tue Jun 11, 2019 5:20 pm

BTB wrote:So I moved house over the weekend and my TV managed to get a scratch on it. I moved it in the box it came in, but I think in one of the bags for remote/plug I put the small screws needed for the legs in. :fp:

Good news is that the scratch isn't deep and when the TV is on you can barely notice it, however it is quite visible when the TV is off (or a very dark scene), it is also right in the middle which is annoying. What is the best way to deal with this? Leave it as is as it isn't actually impacting the image on screen? My main concern is I try to fix it and end up making it worse... Seen some products online but quite hesitant of them all (sprays, wipes, erasers etc) and the reviews.

Any tips? Even if just the best type of cloth to wipe the screen with etc.

Just use a new microfibre cloth with a tiny bit of clean water on it at most.
Don't use any products as they will smear and then you may as well chuck the TV in the bin as smears never disappear.

jiggles wrote:Nobody with a VR headset is going to be using it regularly this time next year, let alone in 4 years time.

Posted 16th March 2016. Let's see.
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PostRe: Denster presents: The 4K HDR HDTV Thread
by Oblomov Boblomov » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:20 pm

Jenuall wrote:Cool. Shame about the lack of Panasonic reviews - my last two sets have been from them and have been excellent.

Having a quick look over the market I think my main challenge is going to be finding a set that isn't strawberry floating massive. I want a nice 4K TV that is around 40", but everything on the market seems to be aimed at 55"+

I'm aiming to pick one up in a Black Friday deal. However, I am looking for a larger option at 65". Surely the benefit of 4k quickly disappears (I'm thinking viewing distance) if it's only 40"?


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