How do you listen to music?

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PostRe: How do you listen to music?
by dmin » Thu Dec 17, 2020 12:26 am

*<]:^D wrote:at the risk of boring everyone, i listen to mostly whole albums at home, either solely or while doing something low effort on the computer. playlists at work, while exercising, or doing chores. i used to listen a lot more intently, but i have less free time which i prefer to spend doing other things like playing games or watching something. in fact my biggest motivator for listening to an actual album is to play Pro Evo 6 while listening. i find whatever parts of my brain play that can do it on autopilot and i can jam along to the songs and focus on both.

Pretty much this for me too. Spotify when playing pro evo or low effort work when at work. MP3 rips when travelling in the car. Full albums only; apart from listening to radio - Mark Riley on Radio 6. Keeps me current and down with the kids!

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PostRe: How do you listen to music?
by Lime » Fri Feb 12, 2021 11:40 am

I have a bit of a grandad question here.

I have a smart speaker set up so I can access Spotify - it uses Alexa so I can ask for particular songs or artists. This kind-of works, but unless you're really specific you often get some terrible cover version of what should be an obvious choice of artist of a well known song.

Anyway, I have playlists set up in Spotify, but what do I say to Alexa to get her to play these? No matter what I say, regardless of volume or how angry, frustrated and infuriated I get with Alexa, she will insist either not knowing what I am talking about, or make her own decision about what I really meant.

Does anyone know the exact sentence I should use?

Say I had a playlist called 'Lime's kitchen mix' for example, what should I ask her for?

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PostRe: How do you listen to music?
by Holpil » Fri Feb 12, 2021 11:54 am

Lime wrote:Does anyone know the exact sentence I should use?

I gave up on using voice for Spotify with Alexa, and practically at all. The only thing she really understands is 'STOP', 'PLAY BBC RADIO 6' or 'WEATHER'.

On the Spotify app I just start the playlist, click 'screen/speaker' icon and choose 'Echo Show'.

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