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PostInternet Service Providers
by Mr Luke » Sun Aug 10, 2014 5:48 pm

I move into a new apartment in a a couple of weeks and one of my priorities will be getting an Internet connection sorted.

I've started to think about which ISP to go with and was wondering whether anybody has any advice. Browsing the websites of Sky, Virgin and BT makes it all very confusing because they each have different offers available. It all gets complicated when they start advertising 'discounted first 6 months', 'TV packages', 'line rental', 'activation fee', 'retail vouchers' etc. I'll have a look at them in more detail and see what offers best value over the next 12 months.

I suppose the reason for this thread is to ask whether there are any companies I should really avoid? Or any that can be recommended?

A few points to consider:

- My folks have always had Virgin Media and I've always been happy with their customer service and connections.
- As long as I can do online gaming and watch Netflix satisfactorily, I'm not really bothered about speed.
- I would prefer unlimited usage.
- I'm not that bothered about a TV package but I'll be moving without any sort of digi box so it could be a bonus. Likewise, the addition of BT Sports for a small fee could also be a bonus (Sky Sports is too expensive to consider getting anyway)
- I'm not at all bothered about a landline phone.
- I'm unsure what my disposable income will be yet so a little cautious about cost.

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PostRe: Internet Service Providers
by Dual » Mon Aug 11, 2014 12:10 pm

Have a look at plusnet. Their fibre optic unlimited deal is very affordable.

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