Joer's Ja... Ju... Jot.... Drawings. Joer's Drawings.

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PostJoer's Ja... Ju... Jot.... Drawings. Joer's Drawings.
by Joer » Mon Oct 10, 2011 11:40 pm

I've started drawing again (first time since Art in school at GCSE level) and figured i'd put it all here to keep track. I plan to shade them all in with PhotoShop once I get my computer and a decent tablet.

Only actually drawn two things tonight, a quick elephant as practise, and i've just started a sketch of Yorda + Ico which still needs a lot of work.


Ico + Yorda:
Yorda's chest needs to be sorted out still, as there's two at the moment where I made her too fat the first time (the downside of having no pencils I suppose). And obviously she needs a face and loads of other little bits, but for a first attempt i'm relatively happy at the outlines I suppose.

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