Maintaining the GRcade App

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  • The Committee of Action is an apparatus of struggle.
  • There is no sense in guessing beforehand precisely what strata of the toilers will be attracted to the creation of Committees of Action: the lines of demarcation in the struggling masses will be established during the struggle itself.
  • Real mass elections of the Committees of Action would automatically eject the bourgeois middlemen from the ranks of the People’s Front and thus blow to smithereens the criminal policy dictated by Moscow.
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PostMaintaining the GRcade App
by Karl_ » Wed May 29, 2019 11:34 pm

Errkal, after many moons maintaining the GRcade App, no longer wishes to develop it.

Errkal wrote:.

(Thanks for your hard work on it up to this point, Errkal -- much appreciated.)

Is anyone able to take the reigns? He posted a link to the download for the source code.

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PostRe: Maintaining the GRcade App
by Errkal » Thu May 30, 2019 8:10 pm

I also have it all held in a source repo so I can add anyone to that too maintaining source control and that it may also make it easier if you have issues as I can see source to help how my code is strawberry floating you up.

Although honestly it may be easier to restart it than try and bring that code up as it is stuck on a lower api version and retro fitting new stuff will probably be a ball ache when it’s not that complicated an app.

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