Making a Dark Souls randomiser

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PostRe: Making a Dark Souls randomiser
by Karl_ » Fri Jan 29, 2021 4:06 pm

aayl1 wrote:Do you have any idea what eventual randomiser route you want to go down? E.g. You mentioned the LttP randomiser feeling quite polished but that's essentially just an item randomiser - is that your plan for this?

I think I would like there to be both an item randomiser and a boss/enemy randomiser component. I think the core ideas that make a randomised playthrough fun are probably 1. getting out-of-sequence drops and 2. not knowing exactly what's behind a fog gate. I feel like an important thing is to find a balance where it remains "predictable" enough that you still feel like you're learning things about the game that will be useful in your next run.

Still mulling that over though!

Mafro wrote:Can you put more mimics into the game?

I thought about this! :lol:

I think the answer is "yes" in the sense of, it seems theoretically possible to delete chest objects and replace with them mimic enemy instances with the same coordinates. It sounds kind of hard, but then I guess this all seems kind of hard to me right now, so maybe it's worth playing with!

If you transform random enemies into mimics then they try to sneak up on you, which is very funny:

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PostRe: Making a Dark Souls randomiser
by The Watching Artist » Fri Jan 29, 2021 4:12 pm



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