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PostRe: Monthly Twitch Highlights.
by Pedz » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:02 pm

Hi all, I haven't done the highlights thing for a while and I've decided to try a slightly different approach. The videos are longer than the highlights, but there's a little more to them, with me talking about a few games I've played over the previous month (this is June and I plan to do one every month.)

Any feedback would be great. I know if sounds a bit gooseberry fool, as I sound like I have no idea what I'm saying half the time, but I did have a script as to read off, but deviated a fair whack, as when I did the Claybook video way back, it sounded like I was just reading something, and people noticed it, so this was me trying o sound more natural, and instead sounding like I had no idea what I was saying :lol:

As I referenced Claybook you can, if you want, watch the video to compare.


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