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by Karl_ » Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:55 pm

This topic is a list of our "sister" sites. Visit our affiliates and show them some love!

  • Super ONM
    The Super ONM staff wrote:Super ONM is a UK based online forum and gaming community, and the unofficial spiritual successor to the Official Nintendo Magazine UK forums.

    Since opening our doors in October 2014, following the closure of the ONM forums, SONM has grown and expanded as a community in every direction. The forums are alive with active discussion covering all aspects of videogames and beyond, with frequent events, games, tournaments, community projects and more. Our front page features content submitted by the community, offering members an opportunity to directly contribute to the site as well as providing them and their created content with exposure across the web - a concept to be further expanded through the SONM Network. From mafia forum games to art galleries and wrestling prediction threads, there is always something happening on Super ONM!

    Super ONM is a site created by our community, for our community, and we hope to maintain and grow our position as a valued location for Nintendo and gaming fans within both the UK and beyond. Visit us at sonm.uk.

  • GNamer
    About GNamer wrote:In a similar fashion to GRcade (and SONM), GNamer arose from the ashes of the UK famous Nintendo Gamer. In its last days it was a website managed solely by Chris Scullion; before that, it was an unofficial Nintendo magazine (dare we say the unofficial magazine?), known variously as NGamer, NGC, N64, and Super Play.

    It was know for its quirky humour, interminable (yet funny) footnotes, odd scores (Doki Doki Majo Shinpan famously got "NO / 100"), and "words everywhere", among others. The penultimate editor was one Matthew Castle, also of Official Nintendo Magazine fame.

    As for the forum, it's very much a product of the magazine(s). Compared to the thriving Metropolis of GRcade, GNamer is more of a quiet village, but the community is incredibly dedicated and tightly knit.

    GNamer boasts a selection of emoticons, including Pac-Man, Captain Falcon, and a guy beating a dead horse. The forum tagline changes every day, based on user suggestions, usually involving horrible puns. There is also an irregular GNamer podcast in which the GNamer regulars talk all sorts of endearing nonsense, so check it out!

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