Paradox Launch New Dating Site: Actually an ARG for [REDACTED]

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PostParadox Launch New Dating Site: Actually an ARG for [REDACTED]
by Tafdolphin » Mon Feb 11, 2019 10:56 am

Looks like blood's back on the menu boys!

Paradox, purveyors of titanic strategy titles for all ages, has recently debuted a dating site. Dalliances by various people have revealed that rather than being for people looking to hook up it's for beings looking to hook up... a bloodbag or two. It's a vampire dating site.

Did you know Paradox currently owns Vampire: The Masquerade?

Common perception is this is the build up to a new Vampire game, coming a mere 15 years after the excellent Bloodlines. It also contains a video with music that, as mentioned in the RPS article that contains it, screams vampire (not literally). ... pire-game/

Get. strawberry floating. Hype.

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