Please support GRcade - thank you EVERYONE - Week total: £523.50!!

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PostPlease support GRcade - thank you EVERYONE - Week total: £523.50!!
by Green Gecko » Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:45 am

Running Total: £250 out of £250 (past) / £273.50 toward £250 (future)

Total donations: £523.50 :shock:

Update: We've done it! I'm absolutely floored by the support we've received in just 6 days. We've gone from a deficit of over £200 to a surprlus of £23.50 towards the next 6 months of server rent (or 7 months) in just over 130 hours!

I really mean it when I say I'm consistently surprised and humbled the generosity on display in this little community and how we are capable of helping each other out when things get tough. In return, I will remain committed to keeping things in good forum for years to come.

Thank you everyone :wub:

(And please, if we weren't able to make a financial contribution this time, please don't feel bad about it. THe most important thing to keep things going is to visit us, have a browse, an chime in with your thoughts from time to time. After all, it wouldn't be much of a destination if there was nobody's thoughts to read, no dramas, and nobody interesting to nosy in on or pick brains with.)

If you still want to make a donation, however big or small, you can either wait until the new portal is up (the best thing would be little and often, even if it's less than a pound a month), or feel free to use the details below. As has always been the case, any surplus we build up just nets us extra security for the long term, so everyone can rest easy knowing GRcade will be there for another day.

Again, my sincerest thanks to all of those who have donated, past and present, and still participate. It means a lot to me. :toot:

Update 5: Some delays on the webdev for the new subscriptions/donation portal due to technical goop, and some confirmations of standing orders to help with the future, so that's a good whack off the "future" stretch target! Very nearly in the clear for 6 months from today, and we are looking to get that cost down with a new server build, so it should go more toward 9-12 months if things go to plan. :msgreen:

UPDATE 4: Had a few more contributions in, you lot are amaze. Plus some standing orders. I'm considering this a stretch goal now for future costs, and they will be up end of next month and the whole thing goes rolling on. Please give what you can! I'm off to do some web dev now for subscriptions page. Cheers everyone :wub:

UPDATE 3: The deficit has been cleared!! I am no longer making myself broke by self funding, hooray. :toot: I will be working on recurring donations system (little and often is much more ideal for everyone) Thursday. If you want to wait until that's ready, no worries at all; we're covered for another 30 days from today. You guys are awesome :wub:

UPDATE 2: some more donations came in today and almost cleared my personal deficit to GRcade, thank you so much. Now we can start looking to the future and I will be building our first donations page TOMORROW so watch this space if you'd rather do something "little and often" moving forward. This means a lot to me, thanks guys :wub:

UPDATE: We've had a few donations so far, thank you so much dudes! Please remember to send a "friends/family" payment via PayPal as it's taking off 50p-£1 for a lot of these. I think PayPal now defaults to the "products/services" option and that's catching people out. Obviously I want as much of this to go to covering the server rather than PayPal's operations! Thanks again :wub:

Hello everyone,

I sincerely hope everyone reading this considers GRcade as much a home for themselves online as I have for the past decade. Unfortunately running a active discussion forum, even a small but busy one like this on dedicated hardware for awesome performance and without invasive advertising (we have just one for guests and it doesn't pull in very much - for details see below) costs money.

So it's that time again to do a whip-a-round and ask if you can please donate anything, even if it's just £1 to help cover our costs only, remain independent and relatively ad-free and able to host the forum on a decent technical platform, masterminded by our technical linux faeries Karl and Winckle. If everyone who uses this forum each day contributed just £1 it would cover our costs for at least 30 days, maybe 60 days. As some of you probably figure, GRcade outperforms the vast majority of similar forums in terms of latency and page load speed etc, despite a big technical challenge we still have (although this may have to change) - access to over a decade of content via instant search, and generally the site performs about as fast (sometimes better!) than your favourite social media sites, while being a little bit different. Forums are a bit of legacy medium to discuss your favourite hobbies and hot topics these days, and we believe they still have a place for long-form content, deep discussion and eloquent debate (OK, maybe not all the time...)

Anyway, I'm not one to skirt around the business side of things these days. Although GRcade isn't a business, and is, always has been, and always will be run on a non-profit basis, depending almost entirely on voluntary donations and people taking time out of their day to post and contribute, we do need to make sure nobody is personally out of pocket. Various people have over the years been a steward for GRcade's financial burden and point of contact etc., sometimes this means dealing with other website representatives and sometimes even the government, or the police(!) but mostly it means taking care of the cost side of things and making sure it doesn't just fall into disrepair like what does happen to so many little Internet communities like ours. In recent years we've stepped up to offer a place for other communities to join in like SONM and GNamer. I'm sure this will keep happening as actually I had a dream about it ;) (Karl went haywire again and started hoovering up other forums with HUGE totally inappropriate logos added to the front page). I have been doing this GRcade treasury/rep/caretaking thing for several years now stepping in after the likes of Mafro, Garth & Steve.

This time around, I'm asking to clear a deficit I have paid (despite living on a really low income) of £220.95. To some people this will sound like a lot (it is for me), to others not so much - however that amount stands out to you, I would really appreciate making it a bit, well, smaller.

This includes monthly dedicated server rental since September 2018, and a few domain names. It doesn't include any of the costs associated with registering with Company's House and maintaining accounts there, as in the end this legal structure wasn't used in an effort to potentially remove anyone from personal liability brought about by stuff happening with GRcade (such as legal issues or bankruptcy), and give us a more formal structure.

This does take into account our revenue from ads, which was only £60.81 by the last payment back in November of last year (it takes, on average, about 6-8 months for Google to pay us anything, due to payment thresholds). Google keep trying to move us onto more invasive advertising (and have recently killed off text-only ads) but I refuse to do it, because adverts strawberry floating suck. We could run more ads here and there, but it's still unlikely to completely eliminate our upfront costs due to the low click-thru rate we can expect from our industry sector.

At the moment I am personally out of pocket for this amount and so would kindly ask the community to help out if you can.

In addition to that, 6 months of server rental (although we are looking at cost reduction here without impacting performance) and two upcoming domain renewals comes to £249.52 (so our annual running costs are about £500 per year at present). It's only sensible for us to try to cover the future as well, so that nobody is anxious about whether it will be possible to fund GRcade moving forward. As it stands... GRcade is not financially viable and things must change.

Given how close these amounts are, I'm making it simpler and asking for a target of £500 to cover our past, present and future costs for the time being.

To be crystal clear, that's £250 for existing costs (already paid up), and £250 to cover the next 6 months. As we are (and probably will) reduce monthly server overheads in the not-too-distant future (as we have done in the past - our server used to cost £113 per month!!), we'd be looking at this amount covering a longer period, to make everyone's contribution go as far as possible.

For full details and a breakdown of the ins and outs of GRcade's funding back to Jan 2015 (so the past 4 years I've been doing this), please see here:

How do donate

Via PayPal

Please watch this space for news on how to set up a recurring donation with us via debit/credit card, PayPal or even direct debit. In the meantime, the following methods are gratefully received:

PayPal: Please go here or "send money" with the PayPal website or app to the e-mail:

Code: Select all

Please send this as a GIFT (non-commercial, "friends and family") payment as there is no need for Buyer Protection. If you don't do that then PayPal withhold about 4% of your donation for no reason, essentially getting free money. There's no way of recovering this amount. This amount is normally held by PayPal to facilitate their Buyer/Seller protection schemes and to make a profit off of commercial/business use of PayPal. This doesn't apply because it's a donation, so please make sure you check this option.

Please Add a note that the money is for GRcade (obviously I receive other payments and need to know what it is!), and please include your initials or full name if you prefer, so I can make sure things are square for things like money laundering queries often raised by services like PayPal. We don't need to know your GRcade username unless you want to say hi, as we don't publicly acknowledge donations for ethical reasons.

(This will show up as "BJUM", these are my initials and brand used for self-employment purposes as all my taxable income is reported to HMRC for tax liability. Some of you may know I run a small design and making business, so my PayPal is generally set up for that. This is the only reason it doesn't say GRcade! We did try setting up PayPal solely for GRcade before, but PayPal closed it down because they didn't "get" it and were freaked out by random payments coming from seemingly unrelated people to a random string of characters ;).)

Via your bank (or online banking)

You can pay via your bank, or even set up a standing order should you wish, with these details:

Bank: Nationwide

Sort Code:

Code: Select all


Acc. No.:

Code: Select all


Please copy and paste this information exactly as we would hate for your money to go to the wrong place! Also please send me a PM or e-mail to let me know you've made a bank payment as - again - I get payments for different things and I won't actually know you've made a payment until the amount has cleared (which usually takes less than 2 hours but can take up to a few days). PayPal will notify me so that won't be necessarily, unless you want to put in another personal note or something. :)

Thanks for reading and - again, please don't worry if you're unable to make a financial contribution. Just keep posting and sharing awesome content, as without you checking in to our weird little domain and posting stuff, this site wouldn't exist or remain special to anyone. I really mean that.

Many many thanks :wub:,

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