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PostRe: Last Game You Finished and Your Rating
by deathofcows » Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:52 pm

jawa2 wrote:
deathofcows wrote:The Last Guardian - 10/10... I thought the game was brilliant and even better than I'd hoped...

Also, I was moved at points and I didn't think I would be...

Couldn't agree more, doc.

Back in December 2016, here in GRcade I wrote:Today I finished The Last Guardian on PS4 Pro.

+ Terrific environments
+ Enthralling gameplay and exciting set pieces
+ Incredible relationship between "you" and Trico
- The odd poor texture
- The controls occasionally frustrate

Overall... [10]. One of the greatest videogames that I have played.

That's a much more concise way of putting it!

OrangeXMS wrote: I loved game and it's one of the best of the last decade, but I Ico and SOTC edge it for me. The way they all compliment each other and are vaguely connected enhances them all though, I like how much TLG feels like a combination of Ico with its partnered escape from a single ruined location and SOTC with Trico being this large beast that you clamber across (or I guess the setting is closer to Ico but that mechanical element feels very SOTC).

For me (WARNING: Potentially Controversial Opinion Incoming) SotC looks and sounds exciting but doesn't feel exciting because the Colossi are too slow to feel like a threat. So you can run around until you've worked out the puzzle, or wait happily on their back whilst your stamina replenishes like you're waiting for a bus. For me it feels a bit like fake drama, though beautiful and evocative fake drama. I just don't think the battles are as tense as the soundtrack and scale suggest they are - there's a mismatch.

And in truth the growing guilt and sense of melancholy that people felt as they cut through the Colossi was something that didn't land as much for me (maybe I should play it again now I'm older?!), though the general vibe and soundtrack is still one of my all-time faves.

Similarly I do like the bond with Yorda in Ico, it's touching and pleasingly understated. And having just checked out some footage, I do like the crispness and comparative precision of Ico's movement compared to the other two. And the shadow-kidnapping is probably more tense than anything in SotC.

But in TLG I didn't feel a mismatch, the exciting bits were exciting in the hands as well as on the screen (the button-pressing panic of being dragged away!), the variety of different scenes and mechanics - though they are never introduced as such - keep things surprising throughout (the bit with the water splash!), and the more tender bits were perfectly pitched. Two in particular had me right in the feels in a way I can't recall many other games hitting, and one was a brilliant subversion of game-logic that made me actually feel guilty (when you pull on the chain because it's a chain and therefore needs pulling, and only realize too late that this has committed Trico to a guillotine-like trap and you've no choice but to let go).

Anyway it's a beautiful sort-of trilogy, and there's probably an argument to be made for any order depending on tastes. But as a game for me I think TLG comes out on top, and hits all the notes it aims for.

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PostRe: Last Game You Finished and Your Rating
by deathofcows » Sun Jan 10, 2021 8:32 pm

Also! Astro's Playroom - 7/10 or maybe 6 if I'm feeling ungenerous.

I really liked this honestly! It's fun and joyous and looks and sounds fantastic. It's a great sight-seeing tour, and I'm very happy to have played through it and for free to boot.

My only qualms were:

1) I think it's a little too smooth and straightforward a tour. Astro's core movement consist of a straightforward jump and hover (which are good and responsive) but there's no real segments that involve particularly tricky or precise platforming. This means it's always pleasant, but never has moments of stakes or tension to make the platforming rewarding and exciting. I appreciate it's meant to be an accessible technical showcase, and there is some challenge in finding all the optional trinkets, but never really in the gameplay proper.

2) It's fun to play with the new controller gimmicks, but in truth I'd rather play as vanilla Astro than any of the transformations: sometimes they're a little annoying, even. I think the reason for this is that the PS5 pad is a traditional one as opposed to the Switch's separable joy-cons. This means that any motion control ends up being slightly clumsy whole arm/forearm movements, like you're playing Mario Kart Wii or something. Whereas on Switch you can part the joy-cons and so play arms akimbo, using only your wrist for flicks like you're playing badminton. In BotW and so on the aiming feels fantastic because of this. Whole pad movements and pointing suffers in comparison, I think.

3) The enemy design is a bit Dreamwork-y bland.

4) The Daft-Punk-style Jungle level song is so good the rest feels a bit weak and forgettable in comparison.

But then again I've loaded it up several times even after finishing it for a quick playaround so go figure - I might be being a bit harsh with the score.

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PostRe: Last Game You Finished and Your Rating
by Lotus » Mon Jan 11, 2021 12:12 pm

Alan Wake - 6/10

+ Looks great visually, the lighting and shadows in particular
+ Atmospheric
+ Plot is quite intriguing...

- ...but then it turns out to be a bit crap
- Tedious combat
- 'Boosting' the light from your torch, and having to re-load your torch with batteries like a gun, is just an awful idea
- Alan's a really dull character, and a master of stating the obvious
- Drawn out objectives that take far too long
- Goes on a bit too long - felt like it should've been 5 chapters rather than 6

I'm glad I persevered with this, but it's really nothing special. There were so many frustrations: unpresponsive controls, annoying enemies, too much combat, constantly losing your weapons and items and having to find them again (even within the same area/level), dodging and running being mapped to the same button meaning Alan would insist on trying to dodge when all you want to do is run away...the plot was the only thing keeping me going really, just because I was curious, but it got worse as it went on and turned into a big pile of 'meh' at the end. It's very average, and it's visuals were the only thing that stood out for me.

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PostRe: Last Game You Finished and Your Rating
by Imrahil » Sun Jan 17, 2021 11:54 am

Just Cause 3 (PC) - 5/10

Janky, disappointing follow-up to the far superior JC2. Although some of the core gameplay maintains the same fun vibe at times, almost every aspect of it is objectively worse. Apart from the wingsuit.

Anno 1800 (PC) - 10/10

The best city-builder I've ever played. It manages to avoid ever being aimless, since citizen's needs are constantly evolving & new product chains require forward planning. It's very goal-driven.

Plus it's simply really entertaining to play. Accessible, great graphics, great soundtrack. Lots of neat little extra features that you continually discover. I spent 60 hours on my first playthrough and I'm already itching to start all over again.

Slay the Spire (PC) - 6/10

Interesting little rogue-like card game. I tired of it pretty quickly in all honesty; perhaps a tad overrated for what it is.

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