The Board Game Thread

Fed up talking videogames? Why?

Do you play board games?

Hells yeah! I'm a board game geek!
I don't but would like to get into them...
You mean, like Snakes & Ladders? :shifty:
No way! They're for nerds!
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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Yoshimi » Fri Jun 22, 2018 11:17 am

Tafdolphin wrote:EDIT: Should I start up a tabletop RPG thread? This is the closest we've got to one, hence the above, but it's not exactly on topic.

That's a good idea. Would be interested to hear everyone's RPG experiences.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Tragic Magic » Thu Jun 28, 2018 7:31 pm

Just played Arkham Horror LCG - The House Always Wins (of The Dunwich Legacy campaign)

Oh my, that was amazing! Opened very differently to any of the other scenarios so far so it had me hooked right away. And what a cliff hanger!

I'm definitely going to have to pick up the Miskatonic Museum asap. I did go straight on to Amazon but delivery wasn't until Monday, which isn't fast enough for an impulse purchase.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Lagamorph » Fri Jun 29, 2018 1:40 pm


Lagamorph's Underwater Photography Thread
Zellery wrote:Good post Lagamorph.
Turboman wrote:Lagomorph..... Is ..... Right
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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Tragic Magic » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:23 pm

Every time someone posts about Monopoly an angel dies.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Hyperion » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:38 pm

It depresses me that I can go into a department store or similar here in Germany and see shelves of great games, but in the UK it's wall to wall Monopoly and gooseberry fool TV show adaptations

Ad7 wrote:stop moaning about it
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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Errkal » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:39 pm

Hyperion wrote:It depresses me that I can go into a department store or similar here in Germany and see shelves of great games, but in the UK it's wall to wall Monopoly and gooseberry fool TV show adaptations

You can get an Alton Towers monopoly now.


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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Lagamorph » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:41 pm

I went into the Boyes branch in Redcar the other day and was surprised to see Warhammer in there and for cheaper than it is at Games Workshop itself. Starter sets were £42.50 instead of £50, Citadel Paints were £2.50 instead of £2.75 and large paints were £4 instead of £4.55

Lagamorph's Underwater Photography Thread
Zellery wrote:Good post Lagamorph.
Turboman wrote:Lagomorph..... Is ..... Right
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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Hyperion » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:45 pm

Errkal wrote:
Hyperion wrote:It depresses me that I can go into a department store or similar here in Germany and see shelves of great games, but in the UK it's wall to wall Monopoly and gooseberry fool TV show adaptations

You can get an Alton Towers monopoly now.


You can get a
List of Variations
.com Edition
007 Collector's Edition (James Bond)
007 50th Anniversary Edition (James Bond)
1. FC Kaiserslautern Edition (German Football club)
1. F.C. Köln Edition
1. FSV Mainz 05 Edition (German Football club)
1,000,000 Edition
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't Gooi Edition (Dutch region)
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Hawaii Edition (1996)
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Here & Now Limited Edition (London, UK)
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High School Musical 3 Junior Edition
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Historic San Franciso Edition
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Hold 'Em-opoly (poker)
Hollywood Edition (1997)
Home Improvement Limited Edition
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Honda Canada HCM: 30 Years of Production Edition (5000 Made Employee Copies)
Horse Lover's Edition
Horses & Ponies Edition
Hospital Game, The
Housing Bust Edition (editorial cartoon)
Houston Edition
Howden Edition (UK Town)
HP Supply Chain Edition - 2005
Hull Edition (UK City - 2005)
Hungarian Edition
Ice Cream-opoly
Ice Cream Opoly (Junior Version)
Idaho Edition (Idaho/E. Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation fundraiser)
I Love Lucy Collector's Edition
I Love Lucy 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition
I Love Lucy "California Here We Come" Collector's Edition
I luv London (London, Ontario)
I.U.opoly (Indiana University)
Illiniopoly (University of Illinois)
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Inflatable Edition
International Euro Edition
Iowaopoly (University of Iowa)
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Ireland Collector's Edition
Irishopoly (University of Notre Dame)
Isère Edition (French region)
[[Isle of Anglesey Edition (UK Region)
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Isle of Wight Edition
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Israeli Judaica Edition
Italia Edition
Italian Edition
Jacks-opoly (Jack Russel Terrier)
Jersey-opoly (New Jersey, USA)
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John Wayne Collector's Edition
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Junior Edition
Junior Travel Edition
Jersey Edition (UK Region)
Jura Edition (French region)
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Justice League of America Edition
Justice League of America Alex Ross Custom Set (Unofficial)
Kansasopoly (University of Kansas)
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Kansas City In-a-Box
Kansas City-Opoly
Kent Edition (UK County)
Kew Edition
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Kiawahopoly (South Carolina resort)
Kinder Surprise Edition (chocolate company)
Kingdom Hearts Custom Set (custom)
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La Rochelle Edition (French city)
Lagos Edition (City of Lagos, Nigeria)
Landlord's Game, The (Original Prototype)
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Las Vegas, Venetian Palazzo Hotel & Casino Edition
Latvia Edition
LCFC Champions 2015/16 Edition (UK football club, Leicester City)
Le Havre Edition (French city)
Le Mans Edition (French city)
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Limousin Edition (French region)
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Lionel-Postwar Era Collector's Edition
Lionel Trains Collector's Edition
Little Debbie Snackopoly
Little Rock-opoly
Littlest Pet shop Edition
Live Edition
Liverpool: Champions of Europe Edition
Liverpool Edition (UK City)
Liverpool F.C. Edition (Football Club)
London 2012 Olympic Games Edition
Lone Star-opoly
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Los Angeles Dodgers Collector's Edition
Los Angeles Edition (1996)
Los Angeles in-a-Box (1997)
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Los Angeles Lakers Legends Edition
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Lord of the Rings Collector's Edition
Lozère Edition (French region)
LPR Edition (French firm)
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Luxury Edition
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M&M's Collector's Edition
M-Stateopoly (Mississippi State University)
Macau Edition
Maine Edition
Major League Baseball Collector's Edition
Make Your Own Opoly
Mallorca Edition
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Manchester City Edition (UK football club)
Manchester United F.C. Edition (UK football club)
Manitowoc Edition (1999)
Marseille Edition (French city)
Marvel The Avengers Edition
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Marvel Heroes Collector's Edition
Marvel Universe Edition
Mary Kay-opoly
Mary Rose Edition
Mass Effect Custom Set
Mayagüez 2010
Mayberry-opoly (The Andy Griffith Show)
MCI Classic Edition (Golf, 1997)
Medical Monopoly
Melbourne Edition
Mein erstes Monopoly
Mestreech Edition (Dutch City, Maastricht)
Metallica Collector's Edition
Metz Edition (French city)
Mexico Edition (Spanish Language)
Mexico Tourist Edition
MLB Edition
Miami and the Beaches Edition
Miami Dolphins Collector's Edition
Miami-opoly (Miami University)
Miamiopoly (US city - by WorldOpoly Inc.)
Michael Jackson Edition (Custom)
Michael Jackson Number Ones Junior Edition
Midden-Drenthe Edition (Dutch region)
Minnesota Vikings Collector's Edition (NFL)
Michael Jackson Junior Edition
Michiganopoly (University of Michigan)
Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Middlesbrough Edition (UK City)
Mississauga on Board
Monaco Edition
Monopoly (“Standard” US version)
Monopoly (UK) ("Standard" British version)
Monopoly Deluxe Edition
Monopoly Empire
Monopoly Junior
Monopoly: The Mega Edition
Monopoly Millionaire
Monopoly Revolution - (aka the 75th Anniversary Edition)
Monaco Edition
Montpellier Edition (French city)
Montreal Canadiens Edition
Montreal in a box
Montcuq Edition (French city)
Morbihan Edition (French region)
MotoGP Edition
Mountaineering Edition (National Geographic)
MTG Edition
Muhammad Ali Collector's Edition
Mulhouse Edition (French city)
München Edition
Münster Edition
Muppets Collector's Edition
Mustang 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Mustang Edition
My American Idol Edition
My Disney Villains Collector's Edition
My Fantasy Baseball Players Edition
My Fantasy Drivers Edition (NASCAR)
My Little Pony Edition (Friendship is Magic)
My Little Pony Junior Edition (Friendship is Magic)
My Marvel Heroes Collector's Edition
My MLB Edition
My National Parks Edition
My NBA Edition
My NFL Edition
My NHL Edition
N.C. Stateopoly (North Carolina State University)
Nancy Edition (French city)
Nantes Edition (French city)
Napa Valley Edition (Napa Valley, California)
Narnia Collector's Edition
NASCAR 50th Anniversary Limited Collector's Edition
NASCAR Collector's Edition
NASCAR NEXTEL Cup Series Collector's Edition
National Geographic Mountaineering Edition
National Parks Edition
NBA Edition
Nebraska (University of) Edition
Netflix Stranger Things Edition
Newcastle Gateshead Edition
New England Edition
New England Patriots Collector's Edition
New Orleans-opoly
New Orleans Saints Super Bowl XLIV Champions Collector's Edition
New York City Edition
New York Giants Superbowl XLII Champions Edition
New York in a Box
New York Jets Collector's Edition
New York Mets Collector's Edition
New York-opoly
New York Yankees 2009 World Series Champions Edition
New York Yankees Collector's Edition
New York Yankees Edition
New York Yankees: The Century's Team Edition
New Zealand Edition
Newportopoly (Newport, Rhode Island)
NFL Official Limited Collector's Edition
NFL Gridiron Limited Edition
NHL Bilingual Collector's Edition (English/French)
NHL Edition
NHL Original Six Edition
Niaga Islami Edition
Nice Edition (French city)
Nigeria Centenary Edition
Night Sky Edition
Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition
Nightmare Before Christmas Edition
Nijmegen Edition (Dutch City)
Nîmes Edition (French city)
Nintendo Collector's Edition
Nord Edition (French region)
Nord - Pas de Calais Edition (French region)
Northampton Edition (UK Town)
North Carolina Edition (under investigation)
North Carolinaopoly
N.Carolinaopoly (University of North Carolina)
North Shore-opoly
Northern Ireland Edition (UK Region)
Norwich Edition (UK City)
Nostalgic Edition
Nottingham Edition (UK City)
NS Vastgoed Edition (Dutch firm)
NRL Edition
NUFC Edition
Nummi Edition
Oakland Raiders Edition
Oakham School Edition
Oberfplatz Edition (Germany)
Office, The Collector's Edition
Ohio State University Edition (1997)
Oklahoma Centennial Edition
Old Navy Shop-opoly
Olly Murs
Olympic Games Edition
One Direction Edition
Only Fools and Horses Edition (BBC TV program)
Onyx Edition
Oog Edition (Hospital in Dutch city Rotterdam)
Option One Mortgage Corporation Limited Edition (2000)
Oregon Edition (1998)
Orlando Edition
Orléans Edition (French city)
O.S.U.opoly (Ohio State University) (Late for the Sky)
Österreich (Austria) Edition
Osnabrück Edition
Ostfriesland Edition (German area)
Ostsee Edition
Our State-opoly (North Carolina, by Our State magazine)
Over the Hill-Opoly
Packers Collector's Edition (Green Bay Packers NFL)
Padeborn Edition
Palos Verdes Edition
PAOK Edition (Greek Football club)
Paris Edition
Paris Saint-Germain Edition (French football club)
Pas de Calais Edition (French region)
Pau Edition (French city)
Pays Basque Edition (French region)
Peanuts Edition (comics)
Pearl Edition
Pedigree Dog Lover's Edition
Penn Stateopoly (Pennsylvania State University)
Périgord Edition (French region)
Perpignan Edition (French city)
Perth Edition
Peru Edition
Peugeot Edition
Philadelphia Eagles Edition
Philadelphia Edition (1996)
Phineas and Ferb Edition
Philippine Edition
Picardie Edition (French region)
Pijnacker Edition (Dutch City)
Ping Properties Edition (Dutch firm)
Pionnenparade Edition (The Netherlands)
Pirates of the Caribbean Collector's Edition
Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy Edition
Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides Collector's Edition
Pittopoly (University of Pittsburgh)
Pittsburgh Edition (1996)
Pittsburgh Penguins Collector's Edition
Pittsburgh Steelers Collector's Edition
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XL Champions Edition
Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLIII Champions Edition
Planes Junior Edition
Planet Earth Edition
Planetopoly (custom edition)
Plants vs. Zombies Edition
Plymouth Edition (UK Town)
Poitou Edition (French region)
Pokemon Collector's Edition
Pokemon Johto Edition
Pokemon Kanto Edition
Polish Edition
Politie Edition (Dutch Police)
Port of Rotterdam Edition (Dutch city)
Portland-opoly (Late for the Sky)
Portlandopoly (Junior Achievement Company)
Portlandopoly (CityOpoly)
Portsmouth Edition (UK City)
Post Office-opoly: The Holiday Stamp Edition
Post Office-opoly: The Love Stamp Edition
Post Office-opoly: Wonders of America Stamp Edition
Powerpuff Girls Edition
Power Rangers 20th Anniversary Edition (2013)
Premier Communities Edition
ProRail (Dutch firm)
Provence Edition (French region)
PSV Edition (Dutch football club)
Pug-opoly (dog breed)
Puerto Rico Edition
Purdueopoly (Purdue University)
Puteaux Edition (French city)
Puzz3D Edition
Queue (Communist Monopoly)
Quimper Edition (French city)
QVC Edition
Rasta-Mon-opoly (The Simpsons) (fictional)
Red Sox Collector’s Edition
Reading Edition (UK city)
Redditch 50th Anniversary Edition
Redskins Edition
Relayopoly (American Cancer Society Relay for Life)
Reims Edition (French city)
Rennes Edition
Retro Game Edition (Wal Mart Exclusive)
Retro Series Edition (Target Exclusive)
Revolution Edition - (aka the 75th Anniversary Edition)
Rhode Island Edition (1998)
Rhode Island (Ultimate) Edition (2014)
Rick and Morty Edition
Rijn IJssel Edition (Dutch firm)
RIM (Blackberry) 25th Anniversary Edition
Ringhotels Edition (German firm)
RipperOpoly (Jack the Ripper)
Roosendaal Edition (Dutch City)
Rosenheim Edition
Rot-Weiss Essen Edition (German Football club)
Rotterdam Edition (2001) (Dutch city)
Rotterdam Limited Edition (2001) (Dutch city)
Rotterdam Edition (2008) (Dutch city)
Rotterdam Edition (2015) (Dutch city)
Rotterdam, Port of Edition (Dutch city)
Rotterdam PWS Edition (Dutch firm)
Rouen Edition (French city)
RSC Anderlecht Edition (Belgian Football Club)
Rugby World Cup Edition
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Collector’s Edition
Russian Edition
Sachsen Edition
St. Barth Edition
Saint Étienne Edition (French city)
Salt Lake City On Board
Salt Lake City Scene
Salt Lake City - The Game of Monogamy
Salt Lakeopoly
San Antonio-opoly
San Diego Edition
San Diegoopoly - A CityOpoly Game
San Francisco Edition
San Francisco (Historic) Edition
San Francisco Giants Collector's Edition
San Francisco In a Box
San Francisco-opoly
San Franciscopoly - A CityOpoly Game
San Francisco Scene
Santa Barbaraopoly (Santa Barbara, CA)
Santa Barbopoly (Santa Barbara, CA)
Santa Fe-opoly
Schiphol Edition (Dutch airport)
Schleswig-Holstein Edition
Schnucksopoly (supermarket chain)
Schwartzwald Edition (Black Forest Edition)
Schweinfurt Edition
Schroders Edition
Scooby Doo! Collector's Edition
Scotland Edition
SeaWorld Wildlife Conservation Edition (2013)
Seattle Edition (1997)
Seattle Mariners Collector's Edition
Seine-Saint-Denis Edition (French region)
Seinfeld Collector's Edition
Sephora Edition
Sesame Street 35th Anniversary Edition
Sète Edition (French city)
Sexopoly (adult oriented)
SG Dynamo Dresden Edition (German Football club)
Sheboygan County Road America Edition (2001)
Sheffield Edition (UK city)
Sheffield Wednesday Edition (UK football club)
Shih Tzu-opoly
Shrek Collector's Edition
Shrek 2 Junior Edition
Signature Token Edition (AKA Signature Token Collection)
Simpsons Electronic Banking Edition
Simpsons Edition
Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Edition
Singapore Edition
Singapore Management University Edition
Singapore: Then & Now Edition
Six Flags-opoly
Skylanders Edition
Skyrim Edition
Slovene Edition
Smurfs Collector's Edition
Smurfs (film) Edition
Smurfs Junior Edition
Snap-on Opoly
Snowboarding Edition
Sonderausgabe Edition (“Special Edition” in German)
Sonic the Hedgehog Collector's Edition
Sonic Boom Edition
Sooneropoly (University of Oklahoma)
Southampton Edition (UK City)
South Park Collector's Edition
South Walton Edition
Space Edition
Space-Opoly (Late for the Sky)
Spaceopoly (Valen Brost Game Co.)
Spanish Language US Version
Spanish Square Edition (Blue) - Madrid
Spanish Square Edition (Red) - Barcelona
Speelstad Edition (The Netherlands)
Spelmanopoly (Spelman College)
Spider-Man Edition
Spider-Man 3 Edition
Spongebob Squarepants Edition
Sporting Portugal Edição Futebol (Portugese edition)
St. Louis Cardinals World Series Edition
St. Louis Edition
St. Louis-opoly
St. Louisopoly - A MetrOpoly Game
St. Louis Rams Champions Edition
St. Mawes Edition (UK)
Star Trek Continuum Edition
Star Trek Limited Edition (TOS: Original Series)
Star Trek Next Generation Edition
Star Trek Klingon Edition
Star Wars Classic Trilogy
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Edition
Star Wars Complete Saga Edition
Star Wars Saga Edition (The Netherlands)
Star Wars Episode I Collector's Edition
Star Wars Episode II Edition (The Netherlands)
Star Wars Limited Collector's Edition
Star Wars (Simpsons) Edition (fictional)
State of Utah Edition
Steampunk Monopoly (Custom work)
Steigenberger Hotels and Resorts Edition (German hotel company)
Steven Universe Edition
Stibbe Edition (Dutch firm)
Stock Exchange (also known as Trader)
Stocktonopoly (Stockton, Missouri)
Stranger Things Edition
Strasbourg Edition (French city)
Street Fighter Collector's Edition
Stuttgart Edition
Surfing Edition
Super Add-ons (Expansion has stand-alone mode)
Superman Returns Collector's Edition
Supernatural Join the Hunt Edition (TV show)
Suske en Wiske Edition (Belgian cartoon characters)
Swindon Edition (UK Town)
Sydney Edition
Sylt Edition
Sun-Maid Collector's Edition
Super Mario Bros Collector's Edition
Taiwan Here & Now Edition
Target Edition
TCMP-Opoly (The Medical Center of Plano)
Team Great Britain Special Edition (2012 Olympics)
Techopoly (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Edition
Terpopoly (University of Maryland)
Terschelling Edition (Dutch island)
Texas Edition (1999) (includes Texas-shaped box edition)
Texas Tech-opoly (Texas Tech University)
Texasopoly (University of Texas)
Texel Edition (Island in The Netherlands)
Texopoly (Texas, 1998)
The Australian Here and Now Electronic Edition
The Beatles Collector's Edition
The Chronicles of Narnia Collector's Edition
The Disney Edition
The Dog Artlist Collection Edition
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Edition
The Golden Girls Edition
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Edition
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug Edition
The Legend of Zelda Edition
The National Trust Edition
The Nightmare Before Christmas Collector's Edition
The Nightmare Before Christmas Edition
The Office Collector's Edition
The Simpsons Edition
The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror Edition
The Smurfs Collector's Edition
The Smurfs (film) Edition
The Smurfs Junior Edition
The Three Stooges Collector's Edition
The United Game Edition (Dutch firm)
The Walking Dead Edition
The Walking Dead Survival Edition
The Wizard of Oz Collector's Edition
The World Here & Now Edition
Thessaloniki Edition (Greek City)
Thunderbirds Edition
Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Retro Edition
Thüringen Edition
Times Square Edition (2001)
Tilburg Edition (Dutch City)
Timopoly (Tim Horton’s Coffee and Donuts, Canada)
Tireopoly 50th Year Edition
TMCP-opoly (The Medical Center of Plano)
Token Madness Edition
Tonbridge School Edition (UK school)
Tool-opoly (Snap-on Tools)
Toronto in a Box
Toronto Maple Leafs Edition
Toulon Edition (French City)
Toulouse Edition (French City)
Touraine Edition (French region)
Tours Edition (French City)
Toys "R" Us 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Toys "R" Us Times Square Edition (2001)
Transformers Collector’s Edition
Transport en Logistiek Nederland Edition (Dutch organization)
Travel Edition
Tropical Tycoon (Includes DVD)
Troyes Edition (French city)
Trump Entertainment Resorts Collector's Edition
Tunisia Edition (Arabic)
Tunisia Edition (French)
Twilight Junior Edition
Twin Cities Edition (Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, 1997)
U-Build Monopoly
UConnopoly (University of Connecticut)
UDubopoly (University of Washington)
U.K.opoly (University of Kentucky)
Ulm-Neu-Ulm Edition
Ultimate 007 James Bond Collector's Edition
Ultimate Banking
Ultimate Rhode Island Edition (2014)
Ultraman Edition
Unilever Edition (Dutch firm)
Union Pacific-opoly
Uniquely Singapore Edition
Unit4 Business Software Edition (Dutch firm)
Unite Students Edition (UK school)
United Game Edition (Dutch firm)
University of Nebraska Edition
University of Kansas Edition
University of Kent 50th Anniversary Edition
University of Leeds Edition
University of Leicester Edition
University of Manchester Edition
University of York Edition
UNSW Business School Edition (Australian school)
U.S.A. Greatest Cities Edition
UPS First Edition (2005)
U.S. Air Force Edition
U.S. Army Edition
U.S.C.opoly Edition (University of Southern California)
U.S. Coast Guard Edition
U.S.M.C. Edition
U.S. Navy Edition
U.S. Space Program Edition
Utah Edition
Utrecht Edition (2003 release) (Dutch City)
Utrecht Edition (2013 release) (Dutch City)
UVAopoly (University of Virginia)
V8 Supercars Charity Edition
Valenciennes Edition (French city)
Vallo Opoly (University of Montevallo)
Van Dam tot Dom (Dutch)
Van Der Valk Edition (Dutch firm)
Vancouver Island Opoly
Vendée Edition (French region)
Venetian Palazzo Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Edition
Vereniging van Nederlandse Verkeersvliegers Edition (The Netherlands)
Versailles Edition (French city)
Verschrikkelijke Ikke Edition (The Netherlands)
VfB Stuttgart Edition (German Football club)
Victoriaopoly (Victoria, British Columbia)
Victorian Charity Edition
View from The Shard, The
Vikings Collector's Edition (Minnesota Vikings NFL)
Villains Collector's Edition (Disney)
Vintage Book Edition
Vintage Wood Book Edition
Violetopoly (Pickerington Ohio)
Virginia State Parks Collector's Edition
VA Techopoly (Virginia Tech)
Virginia Techoploy (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
Virgin Money Edition
Visit South Walton Edition
Vlieland Edition (Dutch island)
VMK Themed
Volkswagen Collector's Edition
Volopoly (University of Tennessee)
Voorthuizen Edition (Dutch City)
W.R. Berkley Corporation 40th Anniversary Edition
W.V.U.-opoly (West Virginia University)
Waddingtons Deluxe Edition
Waffle-opoly (Waffle House Restaurants)
Wales-Cymru Edition
Walking Dead Edition
Walking Dead Survival Edition
Washington, DC Edition (1996)
Washington in-a-box (Washington, DC)
Washington-opoly (Washington, DC)
Watford Edition (UK football club)
Wazzuopoly (Washington State University)
Wereldeditie Edition (The Netherlands)
Wereldhave Edition (Dutch firm)
Wereldwonder Edition (The Netherlands)
West Bromwich Albion Edition (UK football club)
West Coast Eagles Charity Edition
West Ham United Edition (UK football club)
Westland Edition (Dutch region)
West Virginia State Parks & Forests Collector's Edition
Weymouth & Portland Edition (UK Town)
Whitetail Deer Edition
Wigan Edition (UK town)
Wild Animalopoly
Wild Turkeyopoly
Williams Racing Edition
Wisconsin-opoly (University of Wisconsin)
Wismar Edition
Wichita-opoly (Wichita, Kansas)
Wolfsburg Edition
Worcester Edition (UK city)
World Edition
World Cup Edition
World Cup France '98 Edition (1998)
World Dredging Edition (From IHC Merwede BV, Dutch firm)
World Football Stars Edition
World of Warcraft Edition
World War II Edition
WWE Edition
Wycombe Abbey Edition (UK school)
Wyland Underwater World Edition
X-Men Collector's Edition
XXXopoly (adult-oriented)
Yankee Candle-opoly 40th Anniversary Edition
Yellow Submarine (The Beatles) Edition
[Yellow Tail] opoly
Yo-Kai Watch Junior Edition (anime and videogame series)
York Edition (UK city)
Yorkshire Edition (UK Region)
YSopoly (Yellow Springs, Ohio)
Yu-Gi-Oh Edition
zAPPed Edition Collector's Edition
Zathe Edition (Dutch firm)
Zeeland Edition (Dutch province)
Zelda Edition
Zwolle Edition (Dutch City)

version as well

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Errkal » Fri Jun 29, 2018 2:46 pm


I don't really like monopoly, how the hell does it sell enough to warrant that many shitty versions.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by DML » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:40 pm

Monopoly would be my first pick for Room 101.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Tafdolphin » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:43 pm

When I worked at a University they offered to do us a custom Monopoly board, like they do with every uni. We turned them down after seeing the mockup. Should have kept it when I left, might be the only one ever made.

Also yes, Monopoly is strawberry floating terrible.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by FatDaz » Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:49 pm

So I’ve ordered champions of Midgard. Inspired by my recent play through of God of War. I really like
lords of water deep mechanics but it has little theming so I opted for champions instead. Norse mythology is rich for gaming. Blood rage is enjoyable too if anyone has tried it.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Tragic Magic » Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:51 pm

I really enjoy Champions of Midgard. It's a good bit of fun.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by FatDaz » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:14 pm

Tragic Magic wrote:I really enjoy Champions of Midgard. It's a good bit of fun.

I’m a sucker for dice rolling, what can I say!

Also played legendary encounters Alien, it’s a great game and I love the fact that if you get killed by facehugger you can turn against your team as an alien to properly screw with them!

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Hexx » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:23 pm

FatDaz wrote:
Tragic Magic wrote:I really enjoy Champions of Midgard. It's a good bit of fun.

I’m a sucker for dice rolling, what can I say!

Also played legendary encounters Alien, it’s a great game and I love the fact that if you get killed by facehugger you can turn against your team as an alien to properly screw with them!

Did you get a Deep Gash teeheehee

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Trelliz » Sat Jun 30, 2018 10:57 pm

Lagamorph wrote:Image


Tragic Magic wrote:I'm giving esteem a name of crafty Fu mining pinitz strawberry float me I live roasted ponuts

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Joer » Sun Jul 01, 2018 5:35 pm

I've got a couple of games that i'm not going to play anymore/at all with my game group.

Anyone interested in any of these? If so i'll try and price them up as i've not sold a game before so not sure on postage costs etc.

Twilight Struggle
Two Rooms and a Boom
Tao Long
Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Yoshimi » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:06 pm

Managed to pick up 'Return to the Night of the Zealot' for Arkham Horror LCG today at my FLGS. Really didn't expect to see it there as Asmodee apparently balls'ed up the distribution. I'd stopped buying the packs after the first cycle, but thought this was worth a one-off purchase as it expands/changes the core set scenarios.

I also spotted they had a copy of Gloomhaven for £112, and was sorely tempted to buy. Managed to hold off, and I'm kinda glad I did. Although opening that huge box of goodies sounds appealing the game looks super long to set up and I'd only be going through it solo.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Yoshimi » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:08 pm

Joer wrote:I've got a couple of games that i'm not going to play anymore/at all with my game group.

Anyone interested in any of these? If so i'll try and price them up as i've not sold a game before so not sure on postage costs etc.

Twilight Struggle
Two Rooms and a Boom
Tao Long
Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

I'd thoroughly recommend Monikers. One of the best party games around.

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PostRe: The Board Game Thread
by Joer » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:20 pm

The issue i've got with Monikers is that there seems to be so many cards you pull out with absolutely no idea who or what the person is that the card is referring too and it just puts people off. My group much prefers Times Up! as oppose to when we've played Monikers.

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