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by Moggy » Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:14 pm

Jenu-All I Want For Christmas wrote:
Partridge Iciclebubbles wrote:
Jenu-All I Want For Christmas wrote:
Partridge Iciclebubbles wrote:
Jenu-All I Want For Christmas wrote:
Partridge Iciclebubbles wrote:
I taught my kid to use his brain and taught the dangers of the road using graphic videos of road accidents.
It worked
Stop wrapping everything in cotton wool!

"I also put £5 a month into a savings account which he can use to pay for his therapy when he grows up to be an emotionally detached and seriously disturbed human being"

God Jenuall, stop wrapping kids in cotton wool, they need to see mutilated bodies in order to LEARN.

Sorry, sorry, I'm clearly too soft.

I'll immediately start the nightly regime of showing my kids graphic car accident videos, but they may already be too far gone to re-educate now.

Oh well, if they get killed in a car crash then it's obviously just natural selection in action!

Of course it is natural selection, how else do you think we evolved? :roll:

And car crash videos are not enough, take them to the morgue to see the actual corpses. They'll thank you for it when they are older!

True, car accidents have been shaping the course of evolution for centuries. In fact the latest theory is that it was a giant car crash that wiped out the dinosaurs back in the day!

I took my kids to the morgue but it was just filled with the corpses of deceased lollipop people who had failed to survive when their livelihood was ruthlessly taken from them. Sad!

Lollipop people? SNOWFLAKE PEOPLE more like. :x

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:36 pm

Warning against 'volcano tourism' risks.

Fake science news no proof of volcanos going off & causing harm but plenty of proof for universal global flood in Antiquity. You can find seashells atop the Adorondacks Mountains scientists have still naot been able to explain why

i see brains are lacking again today from the HYSers have you learnt nothing from bbc articles this is not about protecting YOU this is about the massive uptick in volcanic activity. if this was about safety why did the article not recommend you VIEW from the many volcano watch websites, they wont because you would see the massive uptick in V/activity and ask questions, wakey wakey sheep

Just leave people alone - let them do whatever they fancy in their leisure time.

I myself run a volcano sight-seeing business.

My company offers tickets to brexit voters, who get to visit the inside of the volcano, past the "vent", and in to the "magma chamber".

I have 17 million free tickets to give away!!!

24 HYS - Second referendum soon as predicted by me "...I myself run a volcano sight-seeing business.

My company offers tickets to brexit voters, who get to visit the inside of the volcano, past the 'vent', and in to the 'magma chamber'.

I have 17 million free tickets to give away!!!"

Mmm, mass murder of political opponents - who's tried that before?

You must be proud.

Loads of people die taking risky selfies. Probably good for the gene pool. Encourage this type of behaviour in the young, and do the overall population a favour.

Junkies are trash and they need disposing of in the same way, high-heat incineration. They're the biggest losers in the gene pool by a long way and our future society has no need for them... wipe them out, protect the nations kids.

If only the attitude towards stupid tourists could also be applied to the drug problem. I am not my brother's keeper. No third party victim no crime! Our knife crime problems and all other drug prohibition related crimes would cease at a stroke if all drugs were legalised. I cannot begin to list the benefits within the word space allowed on HYS.

Scary headline! Volcanoes will start coming here on holidays after Brexit?

They should only be allowed to go if they take their entire family.

It's the only way for man to evolve.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:44 pm

China lands on the Moon.

If its the dark side of the moon shouldn't the picture be black?

Hope it has good batteries, not sure why the model has useless solar the dark.

First, a brilliant scientific success. Unfortunately, BBC radio (11am) & TV (10pm) news reports use ‘dark side’ and ‘far side’ interchangeably (which they aren’t). The Moon’s phase tonight is 3%, so 97% of the far side is illuminated. But thanks to the BBC, people might think the spacecraft landed in the dark on the far side, then wonder how the solar panel powered rover is supposed to work!

Being one of those out and proud conspiracy theorists who believes man has never been to the moon, this rather confirms it.
Sixty years after the Big Lie, we now are able to send an unmanned robot to the moon. Technology having exponentially increased in the thousandths.
It would be much easier to send a 4k camera crew 'back to' the moon 60 years on, the fact is, we can't !

Good. The Chinese may be more open & honest than the US, and actually reveal the non-human artificial structures that exist on the far side of the moon.

@35 Remus

Wow, not only do you know about the “structures” but you know that the US has hidden their existence. Have you told any authorities these facts? Or shall we keep it a secret known only to us and a few HYS readers?

It's all in the public domain. Even an imbecile can discern the truth if they look into it with honesty and an open mind. Oh, wait....

@15. Posted by Dan

Imagine what we could be doing if we weren't throwing all our money and attention at bloody Br***t.


You mean throwing all our money at bloody Br***els.

What a fantastic opportunity Brexit will have with China and our space trade deals

86 days to go


China please take the BBC and snivelling remoaners with you.

Ohhhh!!! The Chinese are going to the Moon. Haven't the Americans been there half a century back? So what's new about this? Must surely make our socialists thrilled to see some of their very own parade on the Moon. Left, right, left right,... The BBC comrades can rejoice and wave some flags too.

The human race is really pathetic, when you think about it.

If everyone paid, say, 10% more tax, we could afford to colonise the moon, build massive space stations, colonise mars, explore the solar system, develop new interstellar travel.........

But no, we all furiously fight for our pennies so we can afford a Nintendo Switch

The sudden rise of so many investigatory missions,incliding likely manned ones is suspicious of impending doom for this us.Someone know something we dont?.There must be a reason,maybe there is an asteroid,Thule,headed our way.The prospect of launching 6Billion people into pace is 'unlikely'.Maybe we should have a 'peoples lottery'.China goes up first,will always need a local Chinese on Mars.

Is it there? Is it? All the photos from space have been doctored. We can't believe anything you say. We have supposedly walked on the moon but now the 'tech' to do so has been 'lost'. That's a croc and everyone should realise that but the many are blinded by your lies. Tell us the truth for once for goodness sake. Tell us what you are hiding, and why.

That's communo-capitalism for you kids. Growth consistantly above 7% every year but every year for decades does that. Elect Corbyn and you too can be exploring the moon, rather than the economic self harm of the Tories.

What a completely disgusting and criminal waste of time, money and resources.

Anyone involved with space programs should be incarcerated for a lengthy time!

It would be nice if the Chinese drove this spacecraft to the landing site in 1969.

We could see the American Flag waving in zero atmosphere, and the lunar rovers left behind and everything!

I wonder why they won't do this?!?


Just another simulation. No proof anything happened. Is the citizenry so foolish as not to question it?

Your all missing the obvious if its on the far side of the moon how is it communication with earth ?

There is no dark side of the moon really.

Matter of fact it's all dark

Obviously fake, not happening, it looks orange! is this a game of any color you like? It's just the Chinese trying to beat the US in a game of who is best,us and them. China are on the run because they are running out of money because of sanctions. The next time there is an eclipse it wont be dark will it? Anyway whats the point you cant live there, you cant breathe, you'd get brain damage.

I did laugh when that bit of moon rock turned out to be petrified

And this is a fact,.....NASA gave a University a bit of Moon Rock.....and they tested it - it was a piece of petrified wood !! lol

Come on NASA. You can do better than that!

NASA says it is "too painful" a process putting man on the moon again! LOL - Don Petit said this!

NASA = North American Space Actors!

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Preezy » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:54 pm

It's basically HYS: The Dblock Special

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Fri Jan 04, 2019 12:59 pm

Preezy wrote:It's basically HYS: The Dblock Special

There must be close to 1000 comments from people pretending they know what the Van Allen belt is interspersed with people who think that the dark side of the moon means there is no light there. :lol:

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:27 pm

Government shutdown 'embarrassing' to US tech industry

Democrats don't want to protect American citizens safety & jobs, they would rather have open borders so their large corporate buddies can exploit illegals for cheap labour & to allow these illegals to vote to keep them in office.

President Trump was elected to bring back employment, fix the economy & to BUILD THE WALL

& to DRAIN THE SWAMP of all Traitors

Trump 2020

The shutdown will end soon, as POTUS is about to use the military to build the wall.

Once that happens, the government shutdown will end and the Democrat party will look stupid.

Then it is FISA declassification time, popcorn at the ready

Democrats standing in the way of the winning party's major electoral pledge - hardly democratic - but it was we have come to expect from liberal elites.

Don’t blame this on Trump.

Obama even had to make executive orders, because the US political system was too busy point scoring at the expense of the American people.

Solution, empty the swamp as Trump suggested and refill with new elections.

I wonder.... Let's imagine, what 'IF' President Trump started to run 7 wars & doubled the debt

Would the american main stream media & a host of other 'impartial news outlets' around the globe warm to him ?

& Would the Federal Reserve (PRIVATE) Bank help SUPPORT him by keeping interest rates at near ZERO making it EASIER to BORROW

I mean, it worked for Obama !!!!

These are FACTS

I'm 100% UK born & bred

The truth is for many decades USA politics has been a cancer to our planet. The main politicians in sight are just bought puppets

Money power greed.

99% of Trump news stories are negative & thats why many folks BELIEVE he is bad. TRUTH is Trump is the first FREE non puppet President since JFK & that's why a lot of people are FRIGHTENED by him.

Orange man bad.
Jewish tech owners good.
Muslims good.
White people bad.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

This is how the global elite does business folks.. It pretends to be liberal and uses the BBC and any other of it's many media channels to shut down any voice it is afraid of, like the president who dared to protect the rust belt folk & slow down immigration .. the elite's source of neo slavery -- cheap labour.

Nancy Pelosi meanwhile is the butt of much BBC fawning.

Eyes up folks.

Soubry claiming Britain supports halting Brexit now

I remember when millions marched against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Trump also opposed them and as President wants to pull troops out of Middle East countries.

Except this policy is now given Orwellian names like “isolationist” because it’s upset the liberal imperialists.

Liberal globalism is dying, nationalism is here to stay. If you don’t like Trump wait till you see what follows.

We are not embarrassed by it as citizens . Just catching illegals in NOT enough because we cannot get rid of them. Coward congress will not pass immigration reform . We need a wall. #shutit down.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Ad7 » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:31 pm

The human race is really pathetic, when you think about it.

If everyone paid, say, 10% more tax, we could afford to colonise the moon, build massive space stations, colonise mars, explore the solar system, develop new interstellar travel.........

But no, we all furiously fight for our pennies so we can afford a Nintendo Switch


Hexx wrote:Ad7 is older and balder than I thought.
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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:45 pm

Paupers funerals cost councils.

These people should not be allowed funerals. They should just be disposed of either in bulky rubbish or non-recyclable. If paupers can't afford funerals then get the council round with their binbags to collect them. Stop spending our money on these funerals you capitalist councils. If you can't afford a funeral then you should put them in your black or brown bins and just get on with it.

Paupers' funerals cost UK councils nearly £5.4m in a year


Paupers' funerals cost Council Tax Payers nearly £5.4m in a year

There, I've fixed the headline for you.

Why are they not just shoved straight into the furnace - job done, send the bill for the fuel etc to the family (if there is one).

These people should have a decent send off.
Insulting calling them paupers!

We send over £13billion abroad to aid others so this figure is a drop in the ocean to give our people a decent burial

increased just like our population! Bill the country of origin of these people

Amazon will see this as an opportunity for their despatch department

solyent green, its the only way.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Preezy » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:48 pm

Sky burials for everyone!

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Thu Jan 10, 2019 3:52 pm

MPs want a Hunger Minister role introduced.

The fridge is empty but Tattoos, Sky, Latest Mobile, Crisps & Visits to JD Sports are plentiful! (Nice try with the Getty Image BBC!)

How about they make people prove they can support a family before they start one?

How about a 'Minster for Lazy People Who Can't Be Bothered to Make Food From Scratch.'

Stop giving £14 billion a year to foreign countries and feed and house our own poor, stop being so PC and feeding and housing people with no ties to the UK.

aka Minister for Liberal Hand Wringing

How about not letting migrants in and paying for them, how about not sending aid over seas and putting into our own people instead!. Lets make our country healthy before we even think of others!

Dont pay out benefits in cash. Pay them out in food vouchers.
If you cannot look after yourself and ask the state to step in, the state should be doing it's job.

Too easy to divert money given for welfare from food to other things and then claim poverty.

Too many people cannot budget. Especially when they have no idea of the value of money having never needed to work for it.

If people can't afford to buy food they are living beyond their means and not spending their money wisely - if you can't afford the mortgage or rent then move somewhere cheaper.

No, we need to look after our own. How much is spent on Foreign Aid? How much spent on Asylum Seekers?

Problem is all the liberals would prefer we play up to "global social responsibility" and still have crooked MPs to moan at, instead of simply taking those budgets and spending it on our own people who need it.

We need to cover all the bases here

A minister for hunger
A minister for obesity
A minister for snowflakes
A minister for none of it's my fault

Finally this opens up.

There's not one reason why you cannot afford to feed your child/children. Not one.

Every supermarket does a cheap basics range. Every super market does cheap veg, so you can get enough for a couple of quid to last each week.

This is purely down to lack of budgeting, care and total irresponsibility on the "parents" part.


If you need help feeding yourself, farms up and down the country are needing food pickers. There you can earn some money and I doubt the farmers will mind if you eat some instead of it rotten away.

Try having some self respect and take responsibility for yourself. See beggars on the street? Get buses sorted out to take them to the farms. If they refuse and continue begging, arrest them.

The range / selection of foods behind that lady in the food bank looks fantastic

Largely we don't do hunger in the UK we do moaning. For proper hunger you need to go to Africa and people queuing for a ladle of gruel

No we don't. However, we sorely need a minister for public broadcaster impartiality.

Arrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh! No more tax payer money on stupid committees! Westminster is the biggest cause of poverty! So is Holyrood! Trim back government and give folks jobs. If it wasn't treason I'd also say abolish the monarchy!

Maybe the lady should work if she can't afford food...

I bet they all have latest iPhone sky tv etc...

How about a Minster for Salt and Vinegar?

We have the lowest food prices in the World.

Combined with one of the most generous welfare systems in the World.

Jobs for all who want to work.

That's why people cross Europe to get to the UK.

People are acting like it is Oliver Twist. Its completely false.

"98.Why do HYS old people hate the poor so much ?

Stupid old grouches."

Who says we are rich? We think grown ups should take care of themselves and if they have children, they are responsible for them. You know that word, RESPONSIBILITY? Nothing wrong with being poor but that shouldn't stop you feeding yourself. Foreigners get off a plane, don't speak the lingo and manage it alright.

No. Food banks are about charity. Charity is good for everyone involved and fosters a caring society. It also reduces food waste. Entitlements lead to greed and laziness. The government should be focused on the good economic conditions for entrepreneurial job creation.

A minister for the workshy is what we really need.

As long as I see such a long queue at my local chippy of fat young porkers at lunch time and we're constantly bombarded with tales of obesity in children, this is obviously "Fake News" one side or the other.

Appearances may be deceptive but the lady featured in the photograph, who has difficulty feeding her family, shows no signs of having difficulty feeding herself.

How about a free Mars bar with every lottery scratchcard, packet of 20 Bennies, pint of rocket fuel lager or new tattoo? You'd have no hunger then.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:45 pm

YouTube bans dangerous or harmful pranks

Sexist and racist adverts should be banned as well

Treating one sex or one race all the same calling them all predators or all same due few inviduals actions in that group is outdated disgusting vile disgraceful bigoted and wrong

That's why Gillette will now be boycotted to hell and back so will there parent shareholding group p&g

It's only right thing to do after sterotypeing a whole sex

They are far less dangerous than letting SCROTUS run the US.


Nonsense. Obama let ISIS grow under his 8 years. In 2 years Trump has all but eliminated them. he BBC rarely report this, so you will not know.

Dear YouTube and other self appointed censors.

The Nazis burned books and you act in a similar way.

Only by holding extreme ideas and stupidity in the light will we educate others against it.

The more you Police, the more that people will move to the next space free from you and your self appointed thought police buddies.

The IQ of young people is below that of a chimp, they are lazy with the brain power of rocks, ban you tube ,twitter, crap chat etc, and get a job,

17.4 million were in favour of the entire nation doing a dangerous and harmful prank called Brexit.

No wonder we get some of these idiots on YouTube.

Anybody who uses Youtube is basically an idiot anyway.

This just PROVES the point.

While this sounds good, you can bet it'll be YouTube deciding what constitutes a 'dangerous or harmful prank'.

I bet certain left of centre 'woke' posters will get away with it, but other right of centre 'wrong think' posters will feel the full force, regardless if their content is actually 'dangerous or harmful'...

They do this already. It'll just be another stick to silence certain people!

Political correctness gone mad. The internet was supposed to be the last bastion of free speach

They're being groomed into being owned & degraded, for others pleasure, for shame, for money. Their dignity & feeling of control is potentially seriously damaged. There is harm.

I honestly don't know why this isn't in principle seen exactly the same as paedophilia. All grooming to degrade regresses & is effectively paedophilia, these are victims of real predatory abuse.

Who cares what youtube does or thinks?
There are plenty of better platforms on the dark web

Youtube will ban people putting their own lives at risk on video.
Great. But they won't remove even more stupid illegal Diy videos on how to fix your gas boiler, which threatens their own lives, their families lives, their neighbours lives... despite being requested by GasSafe and over 100 gas safe engineers to do so. #Perspective dudes

When the MSM tells Kids the thrills are only available at theme parks costing £30 a day expect rebellion, drug taking and mental illness and baiting authoritarian systems.

You reap what you sow !

Just hope they ban all these stupid charity events. The first one was funny but then all the others followed suit making it irrelevant.

Only hope somebody goes the whole way and bans the naming of months after events the same Movember was a good idea but lets face it Veganuary is just over the top.

Already an evolutionary model for this. Birds of Paradise, on islands with no predators & enough resources, stopped being survival of the fittest & became survival of the most attractive & attention seeking. Evolution degenerated their culture into self absorbed & non constructive. Slaughtered if a predator

It's where our society is now. Being an island doesn't help, it's unilateral disarmament

They should ban,even take legal action against those using frequencies were not normally exposed to that inflicts schizophrenia like experience even mainia.Its directly targeted because it's used by a television company who has no consent.Its court action.Apparently they act like solicitors don't exist and the victim will let bygone be bygones.No!

I didn't think we should but I now think there should be National Service. If the young hate it good, they need some aggro in them, their culture is passive & self indulgent, they make no art cuz they've nothing real to rebel against. So develop no truth.

We're losing grip of adulthood, people aren't passing into it anymore. In fact we're all being regressed back into it to join them.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Cheeky Devlin » Fri Jan 18, 2019 12:56 pm

Well that selection was markedly more moronic than usual, even by BBC HYS standards.

Check out some of our stuff!
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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Benzin » Fri Jan 18, 2019 1:13 pm

Moggy wrote:
When the MSM tells Kids the thrills are only available at theme parks costing £30 a day expect rebellion, drug taking and mental illness and baiting authoritarian systems.

You reap what you sow !

Alton Towers always to blame :roll:

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Trelliz » Fri Jan 18, 2019 2:00 pm

Alt-right Towers more like.

Tragic Magic wrote:I'm giving esteem a name of crafty Fu mining pinitz strawberry float me I live roasted ponuts

Never pre-order or pre-purchase a console, game or season pass.
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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:47 pm

Poor kids do worse at school.

Whatever the reasons, this works for me - let’s competition for my kids. Shame they will have to pay for this poor lot though.

So wealth is the only thing that affects children's education, intelligence and attainment. Got it.

If we just banned all schools. Saved the money from paying for them and donated it to people apparently everyone would magically be more successful in exams.

Poor pupils will never catch up because pupils whose families are poor do not place as much value on education as those from wealthier backgrounds.

Their parents look back while they sit in their state provided homes, with their state supplemented income thinking 'I turned out alright and I aint got no qualifications'.

And then their kids adopt this mindset too!

Got to change that first

The issue is poor parents make poor decisions and also lack the ability to assist their children, they also tend to hold education lower in value than their middle class counterparts. If you want the graph to change you need to remove the incentives to have children from the poor, this will reduce the number born into poverty and hopefully increase the funding for schools to improve outcomes.

Surely parents have to shoulder some of the blame for this as well though? Too many expect school to bring their kids up entirely.

Poorer children will never catch up, because deadleg parents tend to be poorer.

School kids should be split into schools based on their ability and attitude, with the most disruptive and ill discplined kids being drafted into millatary training for entering army once old enough.

We are not exactly rich - live in an area that is described as the most deprived area of Britain (google Jaywick) and yet our son goes to one of the best schools in Essex and from his recent mock exams should do pretty well.

Genetics is relevant here, like it or not.

If the parents lack the academic capability to accrue wealth it is less likely their children will have that capability.

It is folly to expect everyone to be capable in the same ways.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Karl_ » Thu Jan 24, 2019 4:50 pm

I really like the last one. :lol: I don't know a single academic who is motivated by accruing wealth.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Cuttooth » Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:52 pm

Karl wrote:I really like the last one. :lol: I don't know a single academic who is motivated by accruing wealth.

The confirmation bias required to believe we live in a fair meritocracy summed up perfectly.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Fri Jan 25, 2019 12:44 pm


BBC please stop this Project Fear

We voted to Leave the EU! we did not vote to have a deal!

Everything comes with problems - Fighting Hitler had Problems, But we still did it.

Australia does $100 billion a year in trade with the EU without a deal.

Still waiting for the emergency budget for the day after we voted leave that was spouted by the previous remoaner chancellor.

With Germany edging into recession, which will doubtless be blamed on brexit, the EU needs the UK more than ever.

What has the EU got to offer remainers?

No deal = £39BN for other purposes!

Just get on with it, we had a people's vote on 23rd June 2016 and nearly three years later the wishes of the majority still has not been carried out.

No deal and no £39,000,000,000 to the EU slave masters.

the Only thing reamainers are good for is giving away other people hard earned money

First, remove the back-stop, second, ERG and DUP agree and vote for deal, third, deport all Remainiacs, fourth, any left to be used as landfill.

they don't care and wat to move BRITISH BBC HQ out of the UK


Went round to a remainers last night he was selling a car I said give me
£20'000 and we can talk about it .

He said are you MAD

I Said no I voted to leave

Here's the score remainers

2 months
9 weeks
63 days
1520 hours
91500 minutes

Just face it remainers you are desperate and you are OVER!.

Just demand no deal. Nothing left to debate. Democracy is dead. In March we leave on WTO. SIMPLE. If you dont like it, jog on, go live in France.

Dear EU, Do you really want a "no deal" Brexit with the UK. Support the deal and work with T May and get on with it. Don't be French but stay European.

I note the monarch has instructed the subjects to think before acting and find common ground - She was around when britain fought hitler "singlehandly" maybe the unionists should listen to her majesty their "ordained by god" ruler and compromise.


leave means leave

Beans means Heinz

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Dual » Fri Jan 25, 2019 1:41 pm

The last one! :lol:

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Sun Jan 27, 2019 9:34 am

Facebook ignored kids’ spending - just one comment posted here because it is utterly magnificent. :lol:

Boo! It is a well known fact that all people who use Facebook are basically communists. Let's get real here. We are all under a communistic regime and by 2030 we'll all have identical haircuts and same names. Even scientists will clone faces and we'll all look the same. Facebook will just be a warehouse full of boring identical people who all like Ed Sheeran. Let's stop this decline right now.

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