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by Moggy » Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:27 pm

Gas heating ban for new homes

These people are out and out nutcases. Winter temperatures are set to dive over the next couple of decades, because of a Climate Cycle dictated by the Sun.
Anthropogenic Global Warming is a religion that is lapped up by gibbering idiots who can't understand the scientific method.

And when the grid collapses due to all the electric vehicles trying to charge at the same time and it is freezing out side, what are they going to heat their homes with? Even ordinarily the electric supply can be cut off by weather and accidents. Yet again not thought through, knee jerk pandering to special pleading and populist emotional blackmail.

As i see these children doing all of these protests i have to think , these adults who are controlling these kids are cult leaders no if´s or buts about it . any rational person knows climate as always changed and will always change and take humans out of the equation it will still change . Get Real people ..

So let's ruin the country with wind farms and solar panels all over what used to be green and pleasant countryside so we can generate electricity to replace the gas

Brain dead idiots deciding we can't use gas. Like they decide we can't use petrol. So can someone tell me where the national grid capacity to run every home on all electric and charge every one of those millions of cars that will have to be charged by grid connection? Meanwhile people buy wood burners and chop down trees to feed them! Stupidity never goes away does it!

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