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Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 2:32 pm
by RainbowGazelle
Moggy wrote:
RainbowGazelle wrote:Well it is supposedly a Union. It's entirely fair to expect British ships to accept British banknotes.

You’re damn right.


:slol: gooseberry fool. I meant "shops".

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Posted: Sat Apr 13, 2019 5:11 pm
by Pedz
Stop telling us English what to do in England while us English tell you what to do in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and so on.

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:28 pm
by Moggy
Two degrees now needed to get higher pay.

The picture the comment refers to:


LOOK AT THE PICTURE above... it tells a story!

Unfortunately I'm not allowed to spell it out - my last post was removed!

9. Customs Onion

The problem with the UK, is our climate of anti-intellectualism and anti-success.

Exemplified by the far right


Now I completely agree with you that the far right are a bunch of ignorant thugs BUT

1) the anti-intellectualism (censorship) currently going on in our universities is the work of the PC left

2) the anti-success culture is also the work of the left

113. Zubin

"The thing to do is to scrap tuition fees and start awarding grants for medicine, engineering etc while increasing fees for Librarianship, Homeopathy etc. You won't need two degrees then because supply and demand will be more closely correlated."

Why medicine?

Doctors' kill more people than any other profession!

They are trained agents of Big Pharma - let them pay!

Most young people seem to consider university as a 'right-of-passage' nowadays; club 18-21

And the universities just want to make money out of tuition fees, so they create 'Mickey Mouse degree' courses just to get bums on lecture hall seats

It's not an education system anymore but a gravy train

Close every non-Russell Group university, every Mickey Mouse degree course and scrap loans

Charging interest is clearly forbidden in the Bible and Quran. Even the halakha (jewish law) only allows interest to be charged on loans to non-Jews. Poverty, inequality and austerity is all manufactured by govt because they can print as much currency as they desire. These Godless hooligans, savage barbarians of usury, must start on the road to total debt forgiveness with 0% i on Student Loans.

Busted brexit Britain. Heading straight back to the stoneage when we built Stonehenge and we were 'great'. Oh wait, that was built by Anatolians? Oh dear.

What non sense, you don't need 2 degrees to get on a decent wage all you need is a foreign passport and you're sorted, but god help you if you got a UK one, you gonna be working to pay every immigrant coming you our bleeding heart country, bunch of mugs

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:05 pm
by Jenuall
Bunch of mugs :lol:

Still not convinced staying on for a PhD has done me any favours financially - 3 years slaving away just put me further behind the curve than I would have been if I'd got a job straight out of uni!

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:44 pm
by OrangeRKN
Jenuall wrote:Bunch of mugs :lol:

Still not convinced staying on for a PhD has done me any favours financially - 3 years slaving away just put me further behind the curve than I would have been if I'd got a job straight out of uni!

I know several people who have done a degree, got a job, and then studied for a masters while in that job and got a subsequent pay rise at the end of it. It's a different approach to staying in education full time and then applying for work.

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:47 pm
by Karl_
There should be no economic incentive or disincentive to attending University. What does it say about our society that people can only discuss education and scholarship in the context of wealth accumulation? That learning is seen as foolish if it doesn't efficiently increase your bank balance? Students should be motivated to go to University because studying is an interesting way to spend one's time, not because it might theoretically be a profitable venture.

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Posted: Wed May 01, 2019 12:44 pm
by Moggy
Heathrow campaigners lose challenge against third runway

Hope this makes those extinction rebellion lot weep. Karma for wrecking the daily routines of hundreds of thousands of working class Londoners. Deserved.

Cue the eco-maniacs, disrupting the lives of the public going about their normal business as they try to impose their misguide minority views on the minority. Was the ice age or how temperatures recovered afterwards man-made? Obviously not. Simple proof that the planet's climate is not only influenced but determined by factors other than man, something which the eco-maniacs cannot acknowledge.

425. Posted by SimplyTed on
2 minutes ago
There aren't that many English people left in London, so there is a rather callous indifference to it's plight.


Said for a long time. London is a city that belongs to the world.

Outside of London the rest of us live in the UK.

Is English still the first language in London?

Figures show more ethnics than whites, ask Jon Snow!

Just get on with it before some 16 year old Swedish girl tells us it's wrong and puts a stop to it.

What will you all say when a faulty Boeing nose dives onto those suburban houses in the photograph? Looks very likely to happen

Emma T has it right; only fly when you really, really need to get to a silly demo, and fly 1st class to offset something or other.
Let her show us the real way to get the World back on it's horse. Remember to save the dung to cook with.

Seventy years ago we were flying 1000 planes a night to Germany, and nearly that many coming back. Done without computers, with the added complications of bomb loads, anti aircraft artillery and hostile fighters.

The key to success was joined up thinking, and flying from a number of Airfields rather than just two or three big ones.

@449. Herbie

"Cough cough..................the air round here is already hard to breath"

Yep, bet it is thick with the smoke from the whacky splifs the tree-hugger protester types favour, and also their great unwashed smell. Expect more of this to come as they try to prevent the will of the people.

Its ok after brexit nobody will want to come here anyway

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Posted: Thu May 02, 2019 6:02 pm
by Snowcannon
That last comment :lol:

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 12:40 pm
by Moggy
Future of 1p and 2p coins secured 'for years to come'.

Better in our pocket than the eu purse

How depressing. Robust and logical analysis says eliminate the coins...but we pander to sound-bites about history. This isn't a major issue, but if we can't make a sensible decision here, how can we possibly deal with the big important stuff? By the way, analysis on showed the best way to optimise pricing and giving change is to have an 18p coin.

I think that the real reason they're keeping the 1p and 2p coins is that if we actually go through with Brexit, they'll need something to pay people with once the economy completely collapses...

An expert told the BBC that the Brexit vote 3 years ago had shown that all the expert predictions of house price crashes, unemployment soaring, recessions, wars and other things were just made up.
But we are retaining 1p and 2p coins so that remainers will feel comforted after losing the vote ... like they need to have a security blanket.

This is all small change.

Still, at least we don't have the Euro ;o)

I had a drawer full of 1p and 2p coins. It wasn't even worth my time bagging them and taking them to the bank when I was moving house. They went straight into the bin.

Let Labour get into power and it’s not just the pennies that would disappear

the way this Tory government are going we will still need 1p and 2p coins to pay people with

Tories what a disaster

Political decision. Personally I would aim to scrap all cash. My 91 Dad can easily use a card and this change would help stamp out tax evasion (cash in hand work), criminals selling stollen goods won’t be able to be paid in cash hence transactions would show and beggars would stop plaguing out streets. I can’t see any negatives.

If there really are so many who find 1p and 2p coins offensive and/or distressing, I would be glad to take them off your hands - and charge you for the privilege, if that will make you value my contribution to your emotional wellbeing.

Without cash people just become serfs under the control of the most powerful corporations, software companies or elective dictatorships that rule the roost at that moment.

If they wipe your accounts, how do you, as an individual opposing them, ever prove you had any money in the first place?

Cash is the default currency when technology crashes. Pennies should stay - when someone needs to buy something for 99p in cash and only has a £1 coin. They legally need 1p change. 2p pieces are a bit pointless.

If there are no 1p or 2p coins then something currently disingenuously priced at £1.99 will have to become £1.95 and save you a bit of money - about 2% actually.

Doesn’t that appeal to anyone?

Could be worse could have €€€ more them are printed then toilet paper.

"The copper coins were theoretically under threat when Chancellor Philip Hammond...…."

Thing is they aren't copper. Since when was copper magnetic? They are copper coloured steel.

The fact that young people don't want them says more about young people that it does about the coins. If someone is stupid enough to get £50,000 in debt for the sake of a worthless degree, then I suppose to that person 1p and 2p coins are pretty irrelevant, because they have no understanding of money at all.
PS. We haven't had copper coins in this country for decades. They are made out of steel.

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Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 12:48 pm
by Preezy
I wouldn't mind if they binned off 1, 2 and 5p coins. They're worth so little it does seem a bit pointless spending time (and money hur hur) minting them when they often just get chucked.

Re: The Comments Thread

Posted: Fri May 03, 2019 6:43 pm
by Oblomov Boblomov
I think we should divide our currency by 10.

It'll feel like the good old days :wub: Freddos would cost thruppence — the average house could be bought for about £23k!

Re: The Comments Thread

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 12:43 pm
by Moggy
Oxford University promises 25% of places to disadvantaged

Why not just let in the best students regardless of background?

Why do we need this PC claptrap overlaying every part of our lives these days?

Doesn't sound very meritocratic! Places should be earned on merit and not via social engineering.

This is ridiculous. Oxford University is one of the best universities in the world. It should be offering places to brightest and best students based on their academic ability. The bank balance of their parents is completely irrelevant.

Places should go to the best and not be subject to some Politically correct screening exercise!

The dumbing down of society to fill a statistic! Couldn't make this up.

It really boggles the mind that this idea of quotas for people with certain labels is catching on.

Black? You go into our 20% bucket. Poor? You go into our 25% bucket. Female? You go into our 60% bucket. Please find your intersection to determine your eligibility. Do people *really* consider this progress?

How about universities just admit on academic achievement?

Equality of outcome will be the downfall of our society.

social engineering at its best.

I wouldn't like to be treated by a dentist, doctor or surgeon who had been allowed to enter medical school and then practise if they had been allowed in because of PC

Grammar Schools were the clear and obvious way of getting those clever, smart, dedicated 'working class' children to University (back before Higher Education became a market to be exploited). Then the self-loathing liberal-left (!!) claimed that they were unfair on the 'thickos', so now we're moving towards University places being based on Parent/s Income, more than ability to learn. Joke.

Oxford university - used to be one of the worlds leading universities until the PC mob got hold of it.

They ruin quite a lot

Under Obama, a law was introduced in USA stating that a certain %age of trainee Air Traffic Controllers had to come from Ethnic Minorities ; Fair Enough you might think - except to say that the Entrance Exam THEY sat was different (easier) than the one that, er, white people had to sit. Next time you fly over AMerica feel proud that Standards dropped just to tick a liberal/PC box !

I think we can safely say that Brexiteers offspring wil definitely not be going to any University, let alone Oxbridge.

These social mobility targets are nonsensical and doomed social engineering. The vast majority of the wealthiest people today had poor family backgrounds in the past

If Oxford genuinely did select on ability, rather than on which school you went to, would they really have let people like David Cameron and Boris Johnson in?

British universities have become places where we educate far too many foreigners rather than our own youngsters.

I wonder how many of those will go to white working class males, the group who perform worse in education, as soon as I see the word "diverse" I know it's not them.

Re: The Comments Thread

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 8:57 pm
by Snowcannon
The ignorance is breathtaking

Re: The Comments Thread

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 12:24 pm
by Moggy
Eurovision: Is Brexit to blame?

Its a naff competition run by the criminally insane - If this is Euro culture , I can do without . In the real world UK artist account for 12% of all global sales , I suspect the whole of the EU would be less than 5% .

''Because of BREXIT'' - other countries despise us and trash our entry?

Ha! How Childish

Russia? enuf said

FACT: The UK produces more music on the international stage than every EU Country combined - (2nd on the planet only to The USA with 350m people!) who needs to prove anything to EuroVision.

Perhaps when we Finally leave Europe, we can put an end to "UK national Humiliation Day" and stop going along to Eurovision. This country spends a small fortune to be ignored every single year, so why do we bother?

We should leave & pull out our money from Eurovision too.
Why are we funding a completion that is more about politics than music?

I don't agree with the result so the voting must be run again.

Right Ms Soubry?

usual brexit nonsense from the BBC, when will they learn that their propaganda is not cutting it with the british public, euro vision is dire anyway who gives a toss

There's no mention of the nil points awarded by the public to Germany


Typical BBC anti-Brexit - we don't do well in Eurovision because we are rubbish at that type of music.

Let’s leave the Eurovision as well

Can we have another go? I don’t like the result.

no you can’t have another go because the majority who voted for the Netherlands are uneducated idiots who didn’t know what they were voting for and another voter won’t change

Can’t wait for Thursday to show my ignorance once again.

We should Brexitvision and use the money to kill grey squirrels.

Simple answer: NO.

The failure of the UK entry to get anywhere year-on-year is all you need to look at to see that Brexit is not the influencer.

The Eurovision has always been and always will be a pseudo-political and cultural diversity voting mechanism.

Eurovision sums up the EU perfectly. A drawn out, overpriced and poor quality talent show to distract those undesirables who don't buy into the EUs dictatorship.

I will say one thing in favour of Eurovision, at least they respect the democratic vote...

Re: The Comments Thread

Posted: Wed May 22, 2019 12:32 pm
by Preezy
Moggy wrote:
Perhaps when we Finally leave Europe, we can put an end to "UK national Humiliation Day" and stop going along to Eurovision.

I didn't realise we were actually leaving the continent :shock:

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Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 9:27 am
by Vermilion
Spotted this in the comments of a Nasa facebook post this morning...


Re: The Comments Thread

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 7:42 am
by Moggy
Ministers told back up science vision or risk UK stagnation.

Give us free money extorted from the public so we can have interesting fun on great pay and pensions. Then if we discover anything, we get to patent it and get richer.

While I do support science being supported to find new useful things, I get very irritated by the attitudes of expecting, demanding, what is in effect charity to fund their lifestyles.

Rarely does it pay off to be first.

How about we dont give £40bn to the EU and give it to science then...

What do we need science for? The Brexiteers have won, and they are clear we do not need experts any more.

Stop foreign aid
Stop governments family working for parliament
Sack MPs
Dismantle BBC
Leave EU.

Plenty of money for research.

We are soon to be bankrupted by the social spending bill in this country. Until we start pushing for a society of self responsibility and fiscal pragmatism the only thing the UK will lead the spending in is welfare.

We could always cut foreign aid, HS2, and the renovation of Westminster and give all that to science.

"According to Dr Main, this would entail collecting data on the diversity of those studying science and assessing the approaches that are effective"

As soon as you mentioned 'Diversity' I knew science is getting too much funding...…….

The liberal cultural elite are full of those who boast about not understanding scientific concepts and being hopeless at maths. Then they scorn those who have little knowledge of Greek myth, Roman legend etc. Sorry that's a Latin abbreviation I believe!

A science-led economy is fine as long as it's not led by the pseudo-science we see and hear so much of these days. You read one report and then another says exactly the opposite - both can't be right.There needs to be stricter reveiws of all claims made be research teams and the methodology used in the projects, there is so much accidental correlation being puches as 'results'.

Definitely time for an Alvey Programme 2.0 but for goodness sake, put the emphasis on the science/computing outcomes; not on the virtue signalling and social engineering that nowadays seem to drive every agenda in public life.

The political class have been captured by the EU Globalists and base most of their policies on anti-science claptrap.
Anthropogenic Global Warming hysteria is killing British heavy industries and smothering incipient technologies like Hydrolic Fracturing, for example.
We need a clear up of the unprogressive lobby groups before we throw money around.

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Posted: Sun Jun 16, 2019 8:13 am
by Moggy
England make the last 16 of the Women's World Cup.

Anyone else find it hilarious when women footballers whinge about the gender pay gap, when the reality is they are paid less because womens' football is a far less popular - and thus less profitable - sport.

The BBC's ludicrous over-hyping of the Women's World Cup would be funny were it no so sadly pathetic. Everyone knows it is because they cannot afford to screen the football people really want to see. It does the women's game no favours

I caught the last 15 minutes of this and was just amazed - at how poor the quality of the football is. This is men's Sunday league standard, at best.


Wake me up when the real football's on.

I was so hoping that England and Scotland would be knocked out so that the first five minutes of BBC sports news would not be devoted to women's football every day. Yesterday, England were set to play the West Indies in an important world cup match in England. It had the briest of mentions after many minutes devoted to some tournament taking place overseas.

Sorry, BBC. As a connoisseur of fine football I'm not in the least bit interested in watching your TV coverage of women hoofing a ball about.

They won? Thats great I'm pleased for them and their families.

I was watching The US Open on Sky

So I'm paying Sky subscription that I use and a BBC subscription that I don't

The BBC was all over the attendance for the Scotland game,when 6 million (apparently) tuned in at 5PM on a Sunday,with nothing on the other side.

Up against Corrie and Emmerdale,the women obviously weren't watching the football,so the BBC don't mention the viewing figures and the fact that far more people are watching ITV.

I predict the PC BBC will delete this post in about 30 seconds.

This debate is all wrong. The simple fact is the men’s game is miles better and more popular. It’s not a sexist thing, it’s just a fact. There is no way there’ll be parity on pay as it’s comparing apples and eggs - it is simple supply and demand. Female supermodels have long been paid significantly more than men because the demand is there. Simple. The people moaning about sexism need to grow up.

Having forced myself to watch a portion of this game (in order to be able to comment more objectively) it's clear to me why the gender pay gap exists in football.

I am, as my name might give away, female......and I am also sick of nothing but articles about the womens football.

I played football and cricket 50 years ago with my friends. The only girl. I was better than some of the boys, not as good as others, and I never expected special concessions for being female or rammed the fact down others throats.

The BBC should take that same approach!

Women's football prime time BBC 1

When I switch the TV on it defaults to beeb 1. Might that be a viewing figure ?

Two things.

1. I am all for women playing football and well done for progressing as it’s good to see England do well in any sport.

2. No other sports news outlet is making 2 out of 3 articles all about women’s football, it’s just not popular enough so until this World Cup is over i’ll be going elsewhere for my football news. Sorry BBC but I won’t be coerced into your own agenda.

can someone please explain why those who use a HYS for its intended purpose and say they think the womens game isnt very good and who think the BBC coverage of womens football excessive have to be insulted by those who think its so fantastic? why the insults? I told my wife some women footballers want equal pay and she said "they cant, they're c**p"! .. how do I tell her she's a myogonist?!

Another day being socially engineered

Before anyone defends the tournament by saying how good the attendances are...remember that the number of real supporters are those who don't indulge in mindless Mexican waves. So that leaves about 100 real supporters per game.

“Lionesses”, isn’t that sexist. Should it not just be England like the men? Lol.

Right lets reset the PC compass.
Ladies are awesome at lots of things.
Ladies are also rubbish at lots of things.

The above also applies to Men.

Ladies are poo at football and should stop trying to play it, maybe try Kick chase instead girls, maybe you wont fall over as much luv's

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Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:28 pm
by Moggy

I do hope any security staff are culturally and racially aware, so as not to search Stormzy, his entourage or anyone of colour.

To do so would be obviously racist.

And if, subsequently, there are any violent crimes from concealed weapons, it will just be 'part and parcel' of attending, what has sadly become, a drill festival.

I’m 66.

I love Glastonbury

If only it wasn’t packed jam full if snowflakes

I hope the great unwashed, druggies and environmentals and eco warriors clear their mess up before they go and take it with them. Apparently the Vegan society is try to convert the revellers to pure veganism with vegan sausages and chips. I think its an absolute disgrace that as a licence fee taxpayer that the BBC won't divulge how much it spent on Glastenbury. Clearly they have something to hide!

Shouldn't there be a pro-brexit section explaining how most EU environmental policies have actually caused more harm than good.

Where's the infamous BBC diversity. Not a black face in the crowd. All middle class privileged pubescents.

Why is it that as some people get older they resent younger people having a good time?


It seems to have been this way for a long time in the UK. Every generation has their reasons - But the current older generation have been told by the youth they shouldn't be allowed to vote and their deaths are helping their cause.

Might annoy a few older people!

Maybe the BBC should have it on their official Glastonbury site that The Proclaimers are playing on Saturday. Opening the Pyramid stage. Or maybe they don't fit into your agenda so you prefer to just blank them

Thousands of middle-class spoilt tokenist vegans, "eco-warriors" and Corbynites all descending on a dairy farm for the weekend, only to leave 1000s of empty plastic bottles and countless other mess behind, after listening to millionaires tell them how Socialism is wonderful.

You couldn't make it up.

so heres a festival for the remoaners, liberal luvvies, tree huggers and vegans. whens the a festival for us beer drinkinh, meat eating brexit voting ENGLISHMEN?

discrimination imo


Moggy's note: I assume this one is a joke, but who knows!

No doubt many performers will be cursing expletives at the establishment and many visitors who do not share their socialistic liberal views about the UK needing to take in more migrants and provide social housing.

Stormzy is particularly well known for his diatribe and it would be good to see the British public voice their discontent with performers who try to manupulate the crowd.

Glastonbury. Fields full of middle class, preaching, liberal vegans on drugs. Partay.

Out of, I dunno, 500 acts there this weekend, there'll be a dozen I'd want to see (Gojira!!!!) and another dozen (hello Kylie) I'd go along to out of curiosity but the most interesting aspect will be Stormzy, his 'show' and the size of the audience. He's kinda been forced on everyone over the past few years despite his natural audience being restricted to within 10 miles of London. We'll see.

Rich London elites enjoying Somerset, nice to see they have left the city.

The main point of this article was the jibe with the “post brexit wasteland” again the BBC with its left liberal agenda laid bare for all to see.

Why can I comment on this rubbish and not anything important? BBC you really are rubbish #scrapthetvtax

That's the main trouble with vegans - no imagination.

Why do they keep stealing carnivores' shapes.

What's the matter with vegan triangles and chips. No, it has to be sausages to remind them what they are missing.

The middle class hippies can also content themselves with the boost they'll give to the illegal drug trade and its associated criminality.

I saw a couple of girls loading their car up getting ready to go, all kitted out in cut-off shorts and was so cliche it just made me cringe.

How did the pink boat get there? Was it conveyed there by a 4x4 that ran off pixie dust?


Re: The Comments Thread

Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:24 pm
by Benzin
To be fair, Glastonbury is a bit naff...

Wonder what the comments would be on a Download festival related story :lol: