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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Rightey » Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:36 pm

Jenuall wrote:Bunch of mugs :lol:

Still not convinced staying on for a PhD has done me any favours financially - 3 years slaving away just put me further behind the curve than I would have been if I'd got a job straight out of uni!

I actually worked with people doing some research on this topic and they found that having a PhD reduced job opportunities as most employers thought they were either over qualified, or would try to run off to a university the first chance they got.

That being said, I went back and did mine just because I didn't want to be sitting at a desk somewhere thinking "If I had gone then I'd already be done by now."

Pelloki on ghosts wrote:Just start masturbating furiously. That'll make them go away.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Fri Jul 05, 2019 9:07 am

US top of the garbage ( Moggy edit: RUBBISH! ) pile in global waste crisis

Plastic is an organic compound made from the remains of trees and plants.

Paper and cellophane are organic compounds made from the remains of trees and plants.

Anything that is an organic compound is bio degradable.

What a politically loaded headline, eh BBC?
Oh, those awful, capitalist Americans ...

Now, right now, after last the events of last night, Americans might not my cup of tea! But when push comes to shove, I know who I would turn to for help in a crisis (and it's not the EU).

Fake news.

The biggest pile of garbage gyrates between Brussels and Strasbourg.

This article sounds like a load of old garbage!

If you want to save the world from rubbish then don't produce third rate documentaries by awful social justice warriors like Ellie Flynn.

You once lead the world Auntie Beeb but your left wing PC brigade propaganda needs reigning in.

You are no longer worth the licence fee - even if you're over 75!

Sad really....

Madworld @242.
"Most of this is generated by the safe cities, of course governed by the left. Democrat's are ruining America"

Don't worry Trump is sending all migrants directly to 'safe cities' now the Democrats will be swimming in diverse crime gangs & the unemployed benefit claimants. Should make the local Democrat tax payers very happy ?

But according to the greens...if we buy an electric car, this will all go away

I see a lot of US bashing over waste. No doubt there are problems but everyone here makes it out as screwed up government. The fact is, business runs this great country and the ball is in motion. Sustainability is in place in every major corporation in the US. My company has the largest green roof in the world.
Besides you should play nice until the next despot enslaves Europe.

More liberal bias from the lefty remoaners at BRUSSELS BROADCASTING CARTEL!!! No mention of how America leads the way in CLEAN COAL, has raised awareness of cancer causing wind turbines. They have the cleanest air in the world. FACT. Germany top of the list, oh what a surprise, WHO REALLY WON THE WAR?!?! I cant wait for Boris to be our very own Trump, this FAKE NEWS will be shut down. SAD.

Moggy edit: I have no idea if this is a joke comment!

Criticised Corbyn a few times on BBC hys, so Mods are putting my posts on this matter in quarantine to check them, and because as you can see, there's a flood of contributions....right?

Maybe this is what it is like in USA on pro Trump Fox news, if you post something critical?

And we wonder why the people don't recycle when it's 'obviously' the right thing to do.
Cheers Beeb, (smoke it).

Yes and "per head" Brits stab more people than any other nation. Bully for you!

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Benzin » Fri Jul 05, 2019 12:39 pm

"Cancer causing wind turbines" :dread:

strawberry float me we deserve a nuclear apocalypse...

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:46 pm

Major: I will seek a judicial review to stop Parliament shutdown

I'd be entirely supportive if Boris restorts to proroguing Parliament: the UK Parliament voted to uphold the referendum result and put in place legislation that enables the UK to leave the EU by invoking Article 30. Ironic as it may seem, proroguing is actually in the interests of democracy. Like Major, I voted remain, but unlike him, I can see the necessity of respecting the referendum result.

What is it with these people!! I voted to leave with no deal, as did all the other 17.2 million people. There was not a choice of leaving with a deal - it was just leave!! How hard is that for these people to understand??? This is why this has dragged on for over 3 years - because these idiots are screwing it up for us!! Leave with No Deal - Can you hear me!!!!

This is a new low for the remainers. They are so scared that they will lose access to their gravy train, that they would metaphorically speak put HM on the stand in a court of law. This is indeed a new low, from an ex PM that forced through the Maastricht without consulting the people first on what it entailed.

Remoan fascist fundamebtalist EU fanatic traitors, the worst people in the whole goddamned world.

The open contempt that the elites in this country have for democracy is breathtaking.

It's becoming increasingly clear that we will just not be allowed to leave the European Union, either in October or at all. It doesn't matter that we voted for it. The elites have decreed that it is not in our best interests. So it won't happen.


What is "utterly and totally unacceptable" is the contempt that Remainers in parliament have for our referendum result and their disgraceful efforts to stop the inevitable…


If it takes a shutdown, or lockout to give it a better description, then that’s what it takes

Deal or no deal - It’s up to the EU now, not parliament

Can we please just get on and leave?

That's what we voted for like it or lump it.

If we don't leave will there be any point in voting in the future???

Parliament is awash with EU worshipping 5th columnists

Is YOUR MP one?

Boris is better than the other option - Corbyn! - grandpa!

However, I like many others will vote for NIGEL FARAGE!


Let's #ChangePoliticsForGood

There is no depth remains won't stoop to reverse our democratic vote to leave


Keep you nose out major. Don’t trust your motives just as your wife couldn’t trust you to be faithful.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Preezy » Wed Jul 10, 2019 12:48 pm


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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Cheeky Devlin » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:37 pm

I'm fed up being diplomatic about these people. strawberry float each and every one of them. banana splits

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Karl_ » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:47 pm

"shuttingf down democracy,is actually the most democratic. no i will not explain"

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