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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Tomous » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:22 pm

Do people actually like Mayweather then? :dread:

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Return_of_the_STAR » Fri Oct 11, 2019 7:15 pm

I’ve had another email from the DM saying my post was reinstated. Very odd.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:45 pm

Jawafour special.

In the future, if you are guilty of wrongthink, the government will have your power switched off remotely via your smart meter, till you comply.

"Eventually, residents would be able to choose real-time tariffs, to switch on appliances when energy is cheapest."
Then why rush to install smart meters now? Why not wait until the technology is in place so we get the benefits immediately when we switch?

Oh, wait, this is an EU directive and they want us to get the job done by 2020. So I guess we shouldn't be asking questions like this.

'Smart' meters? Warped by quite a factor. Nobody needs or wants them; they were foisted on a supine UK Government by:
a. the hated EU; and
b. deluded 'green' activists.

""Climate change minister Lord Duncan of Springbank...."

Who exactly is this person? Do they have real name or even a face?"

Given the Eco-fuedilism campaigners wish us to return to - tied to the land, no travel, no luxury crops or items, no food surplus to trade, penance for overspending our carbon allowance - it makes sense to have a Lord in charge

Posters talking about the conspiracy of smart meters
Tied into their conspiracy of "corruption" and "foreign bankers"
With a bit of "money lenders" being behind it all
How smart meters will be used by these groups to control the free thinkers
And then some of them actively quoting the Protocols to prove why electricity companies should be banned

Storm Front without the empathy

Quote: "Smart meters will reach a "Star Trek phase" - when the technology works to the financial benefit of consumers, a minister has promised."

Oh great, so we'll have to worry about our smart meters being hacked by the Kilingons & Romulans as well as the Chinese, North Koreans, Russians, Yanks, our Government and that 14 year old kid from down the street? Brilliant!

I'm the smart one.

I use electrolisis to convert water into H & O, and use the H in my fuel cell for heat and cooking etc. THe O is return to the atmosphere reducing my net carbon footprint.

I then use my gas to boil water into steam to drive a steam turbine which generates electricity.

Viola, le cercle est complete.

You’ve used up your carbon credits this month, your gas is now going to cost twice as much until the end of the month. You’ve used too much electricity today, your power will be restored in 6 hours.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Minty14 » Thu Oct 31, 2019 2:54 pm

Moggy wrote:
'Smart' meters? Warped by quite a factor. Nobody needs or wants them; they were foisted on a supine UK Government by:
a. the hated EU; and
b. deluded 'green' activists.

This kind of gross Trump style speech is becoming more and more common. Makes me gag.

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Sat Nov 02, 2019 8:15 am

Not a comment left on a story, but the sheer rage made me laugh.

Oh come on, how f'ing stupid.

When's all this nonsense gonna stop?, sick tired and fed up of right on, Politically Correct ( but usually incorrect) do-gooder bull crap of middle class more often than not white idiots offended on behalf of other people who actually are rarely offended themselves and if so are perfectly capable of speaking up for what's right and wrong anyway.

The council of Bideford in Devon have shown themselves to be scared to say boo to a goose, they're that keep to avoid the chance of any ott idiot activist (no matter how stupid) latching onto anything, even 150year old traditional references to the amount of white painted buildings in their town, for fear said **** calling 'racism'. Bloody idiots should be locked up or banished from this fair land before they destroy everything that is English .. Any excuse for some people to appear liberal and right on, even if it means revealing themselves as damned fools...

How anyone, White, Black or other can see racism in innocent street signs is beyond pathetically stupid... FFS Get Real You *********! ... hp#image=2

(how much money have they found to change these signs anyway? … when no doubt they've pleaded poverty for years while cutting funds for important public services.. Sicko's)

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Tue Nov 05, 2019 12:38 pm

Bonfire Night.

Oh well, 400 years of tradition out of the window. Sort of lost its relevance recently with the rise of EU power and the dominance of boardroom America anyway.

Brussels Broadcasting Corporation Thought Police removed a post suggesting Guy Fawkes held views that were not flattering of parliament, and that perhaps centuries later, looking back with hindsight, we can see that he was perhaps ahead of his time in this.

The same nanny NewSpeak thought control that leads to erosion of things like Bonfire Night, but culminates with something much darker.

Are we still habitually commemorating the state sanctioned & public torture-execution of a convicted terrorist by:
- burning his effigy, created by children who used it as a begging tool;
- polluting the atmosphere in the name of entertainment with explosive chemicals, often paid for from public purse;
- illegally incinerating large quantities of rubbish, often fly-tipped in public places?

The only time of year when would-be terrorists can go out and buy all the gunpowder they need...bang...

5th of November should be one of our main celebrations.
We should never forget that un-elected monarchs un-elected power of Europe tried to blow up the houses of parliament and our democracy to bring the British people to heel.
Remember remember why we celebrate our unique British culture and it is important to keep British tradition alive

The whole year is spent telling people "mind the carbon footprint" & must be "environmentally friendly" etc yet at this time of year it is perfectly acceptable to blow stuff up causing chemical pollution in the air whilst loads of spent rockets/fireworks are left lying in the ground! Double standards! I say ban the b****y things now!

Matthew Hopkins and Guido Fawkes walked into a pub and let off a couple of bangers. They made a run for it but were collared by the local branch of the Puritans for Political Correctism. And that was most certainly the end of that.

Stop corrupting/changing the names of our celebrations. Guy Fawkes night? Since when? Bonfire Night, please!

But blogger Sally Bunkham from Brighton said the tradition was not one she wanted to pass on to her daughters Daisy, five and Ruby, aged four.

Let them make their own minds up, typical snowflake!

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PostRe: The Comments Thread
by Moggy » Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:43 pm

Brit Awards.

Most virtue signalling by most offended snowflake....

Most hypocritical climate-change miles flown during the year...

Most music of the past 10+ years is complete rubbish trying to copy American "gangsta" culture. Binning the whole thing would be no loss at all.

Does that mean left wing Luvvies won't hold the most sway !?

The BBC and celebrities hate popular votes. Unless they go their own way of course.

what category does the gender fluid pansexual non binary unicorn sam smith fall into?

should scrap it and the racist MOBO awards as well

ahh an award ceremony for the celebrities to celebrate how fabulous they think they all are

the other thing that winds me up - they have the MOBO awards (music of black origin) and best black artist awards, but when will we see the MOWO awards (music of white origin) and best white artist, or would that be classed as racist?

bet the BBC block my post now i have questioned the PC agenda!

Are the MOBO awards institutionally racist?

If there was a MOWO award it would be considered to be so.

All of these 'ceremonies' are becoming too POLITICALLY CORRECT...

....when you know all the predictable bigging up...luvvies, women, women, women, race, colour, ethnicity, equality, opportunity, gender & similar claptrap that surrounds these just cannot be bothered to watch.

...if awards simply went for a great performance, talent, endeavour, & hard graft I might watch

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