The E3 2015 Rumours and leaks thread

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PostThe E3 2015 Rumours and leaks thread
by ITSMILNER » Mon May 25, 2015 9:53 pm


Seen any rumours floating about relating to E3? Something leak ahead of time? Post it here and share with GRcade! Good to keep them confined to one thread rather than create new topics as some people may not want to be spoiled.

Here's some I've seen floating about

Uncharted Trilogy Collection
Guerrilla games new IP to be unveiled (Horizon?)

Paper Mario debut on Wii U
Nintendo hints new Punch-Out! title

Gears of War remaster (all but confirmed now, still not sure if this contains all 3 games)

3 unannounced EA games to be shown 1 of which is a new IP
Vehicle-based Skylanders game
30-minute presentation of Fallout 4
Dishonored remaster in the works but no plans to show a sequel this year
Mass Effect Trilogy for PS4/XBone
New 2K AAA game in the works (website live for this

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PostRe: The E3 2015 Rumours and leaks thread
by Lex-Man » Tue May 26, 2015 8:06 am

According to the giant bomb cast only gears war is getting made over. I think it's going to be a 10th anniversary edition.

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