The Football Thread 2019/20: Barcelona will have 2-8 till next season to avenge this embarrassment

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PostRe: The Football Thread 2019/20: Clap for Levy, Saturday night 8PM *LIKE AND SHARE*
by Glowy69 » Sat Sep 05, 2020 7:45 pm

Finiarél wrote:
Hypes wrote:
Finiarél wrote:

Can see this causing all kinds of grief.

To the Everton, Utd, Spurs, West Ham fans screaming for the seasons to be voided?

To Glowy, who has a game in hand but currently sits in the relegation zone :slol:


Fabian Delph is a banana split.

Drumstick wrote:I'll go on record in stating that Villa won't finish inside the top 6 this season.


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