The state of the world.

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PostRe: The state of the world.
by Jazzem » Fri Jul 12, 2019 1:37 pm

Cheers guys :) Lovely responses, had a couple of very sweet PMs from other kind members too. Forgive me for err taking over the thread a bit eheh, I'll do any future talk regarding dad + anxiety etc in the mental health thread.

But aye Taf I can absolutely relate with you on this topic, the opening post struck such a chord with me. It's so hard to distance myself from these things, funnily enough dad would say to be fair to yourself on things outside your control.

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PostRe: The state of the world.
by jawafour » Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:29 pm

It can be tough to keep a positive outlook when there appears to be so much going wrong; our thoughts, feelings and focus have a critical impact upon our general well-being. It is perhaps harder than ever today because we have a relatively unprecedented level of access to news and information; this is, in my view, can be both a huge positive and an often overwhelming negative.

News and media are generally geared around attracting attention and, to achieve this, negativity or a bad angle is often used. It is, perhaps, unfortunate but more people will take time out to look at a "bad" story than a "good" story. "Good" generally doesn't sell papers or gain page views. Part of this is because people are often short on free time; they're not going to spend it on "everything is okay" when they can look at "check out this disaster".

In a similar vein, people often approach negativity differently to positivity. If someone posts something you agree with, you'll swiftly move it out of focus... but if it's something one finds disagreeable, the human mindset kicks in and a full and frank response must be compiled and posted!

Knowing this, I think we have to be smarter and apply our own personal filters. We're not going to change many minds through arguing on social media platforms and, in terms of our own peace, we probably need to be better at ignoring a lot of the "noise". Picking and choosing what we look at and how we then interact is getting to be pretty important in times of managing our time and our mindset.

Uh, yeah, that was a bit meandering. I just feel that we - and I mean folk generally; none more so than me - do need to establish ways of controlling how and when we interact with news and social platforms. There certainly is plenty of bad, horrible people and events out there, but it is key to remember that - in my view - many publishers and people have an interest in pushing that perspective. We should be aware but not let ourselves be overwhelmed. Whatever filters work for you... use 'em.

Jazzem wrote:...yeah my outlook has never been so bleak

I know that we've only shared a few words in past weeks, Jazzem, but I just want to add that you're one of the real diamonds that I've met through this forum and on the streams. I don't presume to know about all that you're going through but I'm rooting for you, man. During tough times I've found that it can help to take breaks and join in with things just as and when you want to.

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