NSFW: The Videogame Adverts and Commercials of Yore Thread

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PostRe: NSFW: The Videogame Adverts and Commercials of Yore Thread
by Victor Mildew » Mon Apr 25, 2022 6:42 pm

kazanova_Frankenstein wrote:I think deep down we can all agree that it was the golden era of advertising.

I had so many wanks over the Jo Guest adverts :datass:

and then I got OFF the bus ahhhhhhh

Hexx wrote:Ad7 is older and balder than I thought.
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PostRe: NSFW: The Videogame Adverts and Commercials of Yore Thread
by Barnsy! » Mon Apr 25, 2022 7:29 pm

Ironhide wrote:
jawa_ wrote:
Tomous wrote:...I can't believe how bad this is :fp:

Is it a real advert? :shock: . I can't imagine any timeline or situation where someone actually designed that ad and thought "yeah, this is pretty cool". Just astonishing.

I think they knew exactly what reaction it'd get.

Yup. Disgusting. Wish I didn't see it.

There was this awful but harmless advert from Gillette in 2019 [spoiler-ed below] whose modus operandi was (1) rile up the lunatic fringe of both sides of the toxic musicality discussion with a message that will piss some people off on a visceral level but can be justified with their advertising exec brains (2) generate a discussion (and therefore a bunch of free publicity) when the Piers Morgan types inevitably get hold of it (3) Justify it as an innocuous message and hope to vaguely gas light people whose value system isn't exactly aligned with the corporation (who themselves have cultivated a culture of male entitlement) into feeling like they're on a small level an advocate of rape culture.

The Gillette stuff is just obnoxious but it don't think it hurts anyone. That Sony advert however borders on evil! They're applying the same MO, but they're twisting a knife in a centuries old wound evoking slavery and white supremacy and other shameful gooseberry fool and if you don't like it you're whatever the 2000s (gooseberry fool this wasn't even that long ago) equivalent of whatever a "sNOw fLakE" was then.

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