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PostRe: The Walking Dead on AMC
by kerr9000 » Sun Oct 04, 2020 5:25 pm

Ironhide wrote:
kerr9000 wrote:Where online is the finale , ligitimate places or wink wink nudge nudge sights lol

To be honest it's Negan I have found myself watching it for lately he's a loveable a hole. I tried fear enjoyed the first season but the second was mmmurrr , I liked the first episode when they brought morgan back but then just found myself wanting everyone else to die so it could become the 100 percent morgan show.

S2 of Fear is by far the worst season.

I think for me one of the issues with fear is if I liked a character they'd kill them, if I thought a character was a whinny ballbag who should die they'd constantly survive seemingly just to pee me off personally like the show was written just to annoy me lol for my YouTube channel. where you can find my Horror House and GamesRoom Reviews[b]I can also be found as kerr9000 on the Xbox, and My Instagram is kerr9000gamesroom and its mostly photos of old games and horror movies.
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PostRe: The Walking Dead on AMC
by Robbo-92 » Sun Oct 04, 2020 7:43 pm

Out of the ones I watched S4 of FTWD was by far the worst, first half was bad but watchable, the second just killed my entire interest in the show, looks like World Beyond isn’t going to improve much either. As I said on the previous page, once series 11 of The Walking Dead is over I’m don’t with it, at least for the most part the main show has been very good, second half of series 7 and all of 8 being the worst offenders in my opinion. With the spin offs they’re just hoping one will click with the fans and they’ll transition over, most likely one being the Daryl/Carol one but even I’d be wary over that one.


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