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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: RAW Results May 4th 2015
by KK » Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:30 pm

WWE RAW Results May 4 2015 wrote:Image

Commentators: Michael Cole, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, and Booker T

Hour 1

Randy Orton kicked off Monday Night RAW with a promo in front of a hot Canadian crowd. Orton vowed he was going to walk out champion at Payback, and there wasn't a damn thing either Reigns or Rollins could do about it. This brought out Roman Reigns through the crowd. Crowd booed and chanted "RKO". Reigns said it wasn't going down like that, and if anyone is getting Payback its him. A sarcastic "Oooooh" was Orton's response to that. This brought out The New Day, incredibly enough. Xavier said all this negativity needs to stop. The crowd meanwhile chanted "New Day sucks". Xavier said as they were the only champions out there right now, it falls to them to spread the word of positivity. Xavier antagonised the crowd by mentioning a "Montreal Boo-hoo job", however today is a new day. Big E said Rollins not only has Orton's number, he has it on speed dial. They then asked everyone to clap along with the New Day. Crowd told them they sucked again. The three of them then revealed that the Director of Operations had booked a handicap match between the 5 of

Match 1: In a 3 on 2 Handicap match, The New Day defeated Randy Orton and Roman Reigns in 13:00 when Reigns inadvertently Speared Randy Orton and Kofi got the cover.

After the match Kane came out and said there is no shame in losing to the WWE Tag Champions. Kane notified Orton and Reigns that their evening wasn't over however, as because they both have a growing dislike of each other, he's going to exploit that by booking Reigns vs Orton in the main event...because that's what is best for business.

Backstage Kane passed New Day celebrating when J&J along with Rollins turned up. He said Kane is like the spoiled, rotten kid who is trying to shape up. The Authority are coming back and he's still going to get punished. Kane told Rollins that as SmackDown's main event was marred in outside interference, he will therefore face Dean Ambrose again later tonight.

Renee Young was in the ring to interview Ryback. "Montreal, you sound hungry". No response. Embarrassing. Crowd then started chanting "Goldberg" at him. He acknowledged it, which led to about half the crowd chanting "Feed me more". Bray Wyatt then turned up on the Tron for more rambling, nonsensical gooseberry fool.

LOD knock-offs The Ascension cut an inset promo.

Match 2: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro (w/Natalya) defeated The Ascension in 4:00 after Cesaro performed the Big Swing on Viktor and Kidd hit the dropkick.

Renee Young caught up with Seth Rollins backstage who told her that his match tonight serves no purpose, and that Kane is a moron for putting it together.

Hour 2

Kane came out and said that if Ambrose defeats him tonight Dean Ambrose will be added to Payback to turn it into a Fatal Four Way. Rollins grabbed a microphone to complain but Ambrose stole it back & said that he thought it was a great idea.

Match 3: Dean Ambrose defeated WWE Champion Seth Rollins with a roll-up at 16:00 after J&J Security ran in & it backfired.

A livid Seth Rollins stormed into the RAW office and screamed at Kane what the hell he was trying to do with him. Kane asked if he wanted more people in the match; maybe even 9 participants? Kane said this was all about making him better, as overcoming adversity would make him a better champion. Kane told Rollins he had a plan. Rollins meanwhile was completely unconvinced.

Byron Saxton interviewed Lana backstage. Fandango turned up and said the ecstasy of the WWE Universe accepting her is euphoric. Rusev then walked into shot and chastised her in Russian.

Match 4: Despite his best efforts, Rusev (w/Lana) crushed Fandango with the Accolade in 2:00. Highlight of the match was when Fandango convinced her to start Fandangoing. Rusev was furious and demanded she go backstage.

We got to watch another selection of Tough Enough entry videos.

Match 5: Stardust defeated R-Truth in 3:00 after Truth went over to a bag Stardust had brought to the ring & freaked out when it contained toy spiders, allowing a scared Truth to be rolled up from behind.

United States Champion John Cena made his way out for his usual slot on the programme.

Hour 3

Crowd sang "Ole, Ole" at him. Cena said that he will never utter the words “I Quit” and the match at WWE Payback against Rusev will be brutal. A chant of “Sami Zayn” broke out. Cena then asked the individual he was facing in the open challenge to come out. None other than Bret "The Hitman" Hart then walked on out to a massive ovation. Hart said he was here for one reason, and that was to introduce a great wrestler...I think he forgot the wrestler, that or Slater missed his cue. Heath Slater came out & said he won't allow his moment to be stepped on again. First he got RKO'd out of nowhere, and then it was Rusev...he said he was sick and tired of getting attacked out of nowhere...this humorously led to Bret Hart knocking him out with a microphone. Bret Hart then introduced Sami Zayn from NXT to another massive ovation from the Live crowd. They've thankfully kept his theme music intact.

Match 6: In a really great match, John Cena retained the United States Championship against Sami Zayn with an AA in 11:00. During the bout Zayn appeared to badly injure his shoulder as the referee threw up the dreaded X sign, which brought out the trainer. After the match John Cena lifted his hand, and allowed Zayn to take in the adulation from the fans.

The Bellas were shown backstage heading towards the ring when they past the New Day celebrating with Big E on their shoulders.

New Day asked Renee Young why she would want to interview anyone else when the tag team champions were once again victorious. New Day is shining, and the whole world will sing "New Day rocks" with them. Tyson and Cesaro turned up and notified them the crowd are actually chanting "New Day sucks". Big E said negativity won't keep them down. Tyson and Cesaro then led the crowd in chanting "New Day sucks" as New Day stormed off.

A returning Tamina Snuka and Naomi attacked the Bella twins from behind and destroyed the both of them. Naomi said their reign of dominance over the Divas' division was over.

New King of the Ring Bad News Barrett came out, wearing a crown and cape. Barrett called the crowd filthy commoners, and noted what a week it had been for the Royal Family. First the birth of princess Charlotte, and the crowning of King Barrett. Barrett told the crowd to get used to hearing the next 4 words because we'll be hearing them "all the bloody time": All hail King Barrett.

Match 7: Bad News Barrett and Sheamus beat Dolph Ziggler and Neville in 8:00 after Neville was nailed with a mid-air Bullhammer for the pinfall.

With the combatants already in the ring for the main event, Kane came out alongside Seth Rollins and J&J Security. Jamie Noble introduced himself as ring announcer, bell keeper Joey Mercury, ringside enforcer Kane, and everyone's WWE Champion Seth Rollins, as guest commentator. Can anyone say Over The Edge 1998.


Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins ended in a No Contest when The Authority interfered. Dean Ambrose ultimately made the save. Seth Rollins ended up in the ring by himself along with his 3 opponents at Payback, which lead to him eating a Spear at the hands of Roman Reigns. Randy Orton then planted Reigns with an RKO, and Dean Ambrose floored Orton with the Dirty Deeds DDT to take RAW off the air!

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: RAW Results May 11 2015
by KK » Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:31 pm

WWE RAW Results May 11 2015 wrote:Image

Commentary: Michael Cole, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, and Booker T

Hour 1

With Payback on the horizon, Monday Night RAW kicked off with the arrival of a limo driving into the parking lot and Triple H stepping out. How very WCW. Following the opening titles and ballyhoo, the C.O.O made his way to the ring. At the announce table, the commentators told us Daniel Bryan would be here later to address his future. "Daddy's home" bellowed Hunter in the centre of the ring. He said it was funny as that is also what he says to his children when he comes home from a trip, and they immediately start behaving. He then demanded Seth Rollins and Kane come out to settle things once and for all. WWE Champion, accompanied by J&J Security, walked out clapping. A jubilant Seth welcomed Hunter back as the crowd chanted "We want Ambrose". Seth said that he cannot function at the top of his game when there is a "7ft cancer" trying to poison things from the inside. Crowd once again interrupted chanting for Ambrose. Seth said it seemed like it had become Kane’s mission to have him lose his Championship. First, there was the app vote where Kane allowed the WWE Universe to make a Triple Threat Match. Then last week, Dean Ambrose was added to make it a Fatal Four Way. The crowd then started chanting "Ambrose"...which in all honesty sounded more like "Asshole". Seth continued that he doesn’t think Kane is fit to be Director of Operations. He then told Hunter that Kane is no longer the same man he once knew - he is broken and cannot be fixed. 'That dog needs to be put out of his misery'. This brought out Kane, who said he may be older but with age comes wisdom. And his many years of experience is telling him to grab Rollins around his turkey neck and Chokeslam him straight to hell. Seth demanded Hunter do something. Triple H said that while he respects Kane he needs to get on the same page and check his ego to one side. He understands Seth can be a little irritating to the point you want to punch him in the face don't. Triple H said Seth is what is best for business, therefore is left with no choice but to decree that if Rollins doesn't leave as WWE Champion on Sunday then perhaps Kane's services as Director of Operations will no longer be needed. Kane said it was a shame he felt that way, as even though he respects Hunter it may be worth it to eviscerate Rollins. Seth interjected again but Hunter demanded he shut up, and asked Kane whether this was the time that they both amicably part ways. Kane and Hunter just stared at each other for a while, before Hunter decided that, to make sure everyone is invested in Payback, all members of the Fatal Four Way will see action tonight. Kane will battle Roman Reigns, while Seth Rollins will battle Randy Orton in the main event. Jamie Noble stepped in and started chastising Hunter like a goof. Hunter just laughed it off and asked if they were still here...and then put Noble and Mercury in a match against Dean HHH also completely buried their size. This is why the WWE will never have a sensible Cruiserweight division again.

Match 1: Hometown hero Dean Ambrose defeated Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble at 5:00 with the Dirty Deeds on Noble.

Sheamus came out for commentary. Dolph Ziggler will battle Sheamus on Sunday.

King Barrett came out and said Ziggler's commoner of a friend has tried to rise up from his pitiful beginnings and challenge the king. That person is Neville, and while gravity has not forgotten Neville, he will be reacquainted with it when he gets a Bull Hammer on Sunday. Tonight Ziggler will go from a common show-off to a Royal Arse Kisser.

Match 2: King Barrett defeated Dolph Ziggler at 5:00 after Sheamus caused the distraction on the apron allowing Barrett to hit the Bull Hammer. After the match Sheamus slapped Ziggler around and screamed he wasn't fit enough to clean his shoes. Ziggler attempted to mount some offence but was put back down with a Brogue kick.

Match 3: Erick Rowan (w/Luke Harper) defeated Fandango in under 40 seconds in a complete squash. They then continued to beat up Fandango afterwards.

John Cena made his way out for another United States Championship Challenge. Cena said it sounded different from last week as there appears to be some Cena fans in attendance tonight. Cena then cut a promo on the US title. It's a symbol of excellence and opportunity...apparently.

Hour 2

Everybody has a chance at the US title, however there is one man that doesn't and that's Rusev. Cena said he has been advised to cancel the open challenge tonight because of the threat from Rusev tonight. Crowd booed. Cena then asked if they wanted to see a US title match anyway. They obviously cheered. Therefore we're getting one.

Match 4: In a real competitive bout, John Cena vs. Neville ended in a Disqualification after 15 minutes when Rusev walked in and attacked Neville after he had hit the Red Arrow on Cena. Rusev then went to work on Cena and applied the Camel Clutch. He then celebrated with the US Title as the Russian flag fell from the rafters.

Match 5: Kane vs. Roman Reigns never officially got started as both men got into a huge brawl on the outside before the bell even rang, which resulted in Kane being Speared over the announce table.

Tamina and Naomi cut an inset promo. Last week the Bellas got a taste of their own medicine.

Match 6: Tamina Snuka, who is quite a bit bigger than she once was, (w/Naomi) defeated Brie Bella (w/Nikki) with a massive Superkick at 3:30.

Imagine Dragons, "Friction", is the official theme tune for Payback.

On the RAW pre-show, Damien Sandow and Axel Mania had a confrontation backstage that resulted in AxelMania mimicking Hulk Hogan, and Damien Sandow Randy Savage (it was nowhere near as good as Jay Lethal in TNA).

Match 7: "Macho" Mandow vs. AxelMania ended in a No Contest when The Ascension came out and buried the whole thing, calling them both "pathetic" with ailing careers, all while doing their worst Legion of Doom/Ultimate Warrior impersonation. They then ran in and were sent packing when Mandow and AxelMania teamed up, Axel hitting the Legdrop of Doom. Afterwards both men shook hands like The Mega Powers. The commentators, with absolutely zero enthusiasm, stated "That really was...something."

Tough Enough débuts on June 23rd on USA Network. We then got a further selection of videos from entrants.

Hour 3

Right on the top of the hour, Intercontinental Champion Daniel Bryan made his way out. Booker T on commentary said hopefully this is going to be good news. Crowd chanted "Daniel Bryan" though there were a smattering of boos. Bryan opened by saying he had been in and out of doctors appointments. He doesn't do well with downtime; he needs to be where there is excitement and energy. Bryan said he needed to be standing behind the curtain and hear his music hit so he could be part of a reaction "like that". That's why it was so crushing when Stephanie stripped him of his World Heavyweight Championship last year, as he felt he had let everyone down. But the hard thing to admit is that Stephanie was right to do it because nobody knew how long he would be out, and the fans deserve a fighting champion...which is why he is out here tonight too. Crowd chanted "No", sensing what was about to come. Bryan revealed he had had MRI last week and they don't know how long he will be out - maybe weeks, months or possibly never again. Despite the uncertainty in his career, the fans deserve WWE superstars fighting for the championship. Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose...the Intercontinental Championship should not be sitting on a physical therapists chair. Bryan said he was officially relinquishing the belt and leaving it in the ring. Crowd chanted "thank you Daniel". Bryan responded by simply saying "thank you" back. Bryan left the Intercontinental Championship in the ring as the crowd once more chanted "thank you Daniel". Bryan then led the crowd in a chant of "Yes!" on the stage to send RAW to commercial.

New Day came out and told us not to be sad about Daniel Bryan and then buried Pete Rose. At Payback, New Day will face Cesaro and Tyson Kidd in a 2 out of 3 Falls match for the WWE Tag Team Championship. New Day once again failed to get the crowd to chant "New Day Rocks".

JBL went on a rant about baseball and the NFL being fixed, and how former WWF President Jack Tunney would never have stood for such shenanigans, which was no doubt knowingly ironic.

Match 8: Cesaro (w/Tyson Kidd and Natalya) defeated Big E (w/The New Day) with a very unique headscissors style roll-up in 9:00.

AxelMania and Macho Mandow will battle The Ascension on the Payback Kick-Off Show.

In a complete out of the blue announcement, the WWE: Elimination Chamber PPV returns on Sunday, May 31st from Corpus Christi, Texas, exclusively on the WWE Network.

Roman Reigns will face Kane on SmackDown in a match that must have a winner.

The Prime Time Players cut a pre-tapped promo mimicking The New Age Outlaws.

"The new face of Fear" Bray Wyatt made his way out to the ring. WORDS. He said fear is being sold to us on a daily basis. A crumbling economy. A dying earth. A global conflict. Yet there are some that have adopted the notion that if we work hard enough we can overcome all odds. Ryback must be such an inspiration to all of us. Ryback overcomes all the odds, his injury, to continue doing what he loves. But he has never seen someone like The New Face of Fear. Bray said Ryback was in his way. This brought out none other than 'The Big Guy' himself to the ring, both men immediately going at it. Ryback planted Bray with a Spinebuster and Clothesline, dispatching Bray to the outside. This gimmick has just about had its day.

Main Event: Randy Orton vs. WWE Champion Seth Rollins ended in another Disqualification when after 15 minutes J&J Security ran in.


Kane made his way out and teased attacking Rollins & his goon squad with a steel chair. Instead he opted to watch on from the outside as Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose made the save, dropping Rollins with Dirty Deeds, a Spear and then finally an RKO from Randy Orton...who then ended up on the receiving end of a Spear from Reigns...who in turn was then dropped with a DDT from Ambrose. As the commentators questioned what Kane's role would be on Sunday, Ambrose celebrated in the ring to take RAW off the air!

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report: May 18th 2015
by KK » Sun Aug 30, 2015 5:32 pm

WWE RAW Results May 18 2015 wrote:Image

Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, and John "Bradshaw" Layfield

In quick(ish) results from Monday Night RAW, held before a capacity crowd at the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA...

Hour 1

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H made their triumphant return to RAW to gloat over Seth Rollins' victory last night at Payback. There was a funny sign in the crowd, which was quickly confiscated, that read "Stephanie is breast for business". They announced Seth Rollins would have an "Architect of a Dream" party later. The vacant Intercontinental Championship was set up in the ring. Sheamus ended up interrupting and taking credit for Daniel Bryan's current injured state and suggested the Elimination Chamber match just be scrapped and he be awarded the belt right here. This then brought out Ryback, who was massively over with the Live crowd, and both men got into a war of words. Hunter ended up making a match between the two, next. Sheamus and Ryback will feature in the Chamber match in less than 2 weeks.

Match 1: Sheamus defeated Ryback in 10:00 with a cheap Brogue Kick after convincing the referee he'd injured his eye and forcing Ryback to back off.

In the RAW office Stephanie and her husband were talking when Kane walked in. Kane said that he & Rollins had problems but he saw a different side to him last night: one where Seth has grown up. Rollins then walked in with J&J Security celebrating with a bottle of champagne. He told Kane that no one deserves a glass of the good stuff more than Kane as thanks to him he saved his job and therefore Kane finally has something to celebrate. Dean Ambrose walked in and suggested a rematch between him and Rollins, with the title on the line, at Elimination Chamber. Kane said it should be up to the champion since he is the future. Seth told Ambrose to get to the back of the line. Dean told Kane it broke his heart to see what Kane had become, and asked him what Paul Bearer or his brother would think. He then called Kane a glorified butler. Kane went and made Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt for later.

Renee Young interviewed Neville in the ring. Neville seems to have had some voice coaching. Bo Dallas interrupted & a quick brawl broke out, with Dallas focusing on Neville's knee. JBL invited Bo Dallas onto commentary, much to the chagrin of the other 2.

Match 2: King Barrett defeated Neville in 7:00 with the Bull Hammer after Neville's injured leg gave out when he jumped up onto the top rope and slipped off. After the match Bo Dallas went to work dismantling Neville's left leg and repeatedly wrapped it around the ring post.

Hour 2

Interesting aside, highlights of the opening promo have already been uploaded by WWE to their YouTube page and has over 1,000 views (presumably a good indicator of how many are not watching on TV).

Rusev cut a promo in the ring. He said there would be no Lana tonight & that she needs to learn her place. Rusev said he can speak for himself and the "stupid American language" perfectly; he knows how to say "I Quit" just fine. Rusev demanded John Cena come out to the ring and last night's match be restarted. Instead Lana walked out. Lana's mock accent was going to hell in a hand basket to such an extent I honestly thought she was about to drop the pretence and start speaking properly but it never happened. Lana tried to say that Rusev is just misunderstood and that she has always believed in him. He was having none of it however and called Lana weak and pathetic. Lana then revealed Rusev did in fact say "I quit" in Bulgarian. Rusev called Lana a liar, said there was no 'them' and demanded she go back to wherever she came from. Lana miserably walked out. This is all very Sable/Johnny B Badd.

Match 3: Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose in 13:00 when J&J interfered and cost him the match after Noble pushed Ambrose off the top turnbuckle and right into Sister Abigail. Seth and company celebrated on the stage.

They aired various video submissions for Tough Enough (same one that aired twice last night on the PPV, including the fruitcake having 2 cups of oatmeal and 14 eggs).

Does Lilian Garcia still do SmackDown or have they taken her out back and shot her? Complaints to the usual address.

Match 4: Big E and Kofi Kingston (with Xavier Woods banned from ringside) and Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya's tits) ended in Disqualification after New Day kicked too much ass in the corner & the referee rang for the bell. After the match every tag team in the company consecutively ran out and all hell broke loose. Prime Time Players were the last team out...and left standing. They will join Los Matadores, The Ascension, New Day, Lucha Dragons, and Cesaro and Kidd in the Chamber for the Gold.

They revealed R-Truth, Rusev, and King Barrett will be participants in the Intercontinental Chamber match.

"Big Match John" as they're now billing him cut a patriotic promo in the ring. NXT Champion Kevin Owens then came on out. He has a physique of a 90s big guy. That is to say he's a bit fat.

Hour 3

"Hello John". He congratulated John on his victory last night. Kevin said that he would introduce himself but Cena already knows who he is. And if there is anybody that doesn’t, those people are not worth his time in the first place. Kevin said while Cena may be feeling a little guilty and responsible for the injury Sami Zayn suffered a few weeks ago, he was in fact injured before he ever accepted his challenge, and he knows this because he was the one who injured him. John Cena was about to give Kevin some "veteran advice" but Kevin snapped back that he has been doing this for 15 years, longer than Cena, therefore doesn't need any. John reminded Kevin that this is RAW and his US Open challenge is Kevin turned the offer down as he already has a belt. Kevin said they will however meet one day, on his terms. Owens then kicked Cena in the gut and dropped him with his Pop-up Power Bomb. Owens stamped on the US title belt and raised the NXT Title over his head.

They came back from commercial with Michael Cole testing the microphone going "1-2-3"...which Booker and JBL then ripped him on.

Match 5: Dolph Ziggler pinned Stardust with the ZigZag in a 1 minute squash.

Michael Cole interviewed Ziggler in the ring. He informed Ziggler he would be in the IC Chamber. Lana ended up walking out, and after a brief pause, kissed Ziggler on the lips. Crowd chanted "one more time" she did. Booker T on commentary stated "one man's trash is another man's treasure" which led to Michael Cole immediately apologising on commentary. This brought out a livid Rusev who laid out Ziggler, before turning his attention to Lana. After chastising her in the corner she slapped him across the face. Just as Rusev looked like he was going to attack her, Ziggler came from behind and planted him with a ZigZag, before leaving with the girl.

Backstage Kane was walking along the corridor telling the stage hands to make sure the red carpet was spotless. He continued walking and randomly passed Rosa Mendes and that Exotic Express guy kissing. Kane looked disgusted.

Match 6: Erik Rowan and Luke Harper beat Zack Ryder and Fandango in 3:00.

Stephanie McMahon ran into The Bellas in the corridor. Steph told them that she'd scheduled some counselling for Brie therefore she wouldn't be able to accompany her sister to the ring.

Main Event: Naomi (w/Tamina Snuka) vs Nikki Bella for the WWE Divas Championship ended in a Disqualification when Tamina walked in and waffled Nikki with a kick to the face while she had Naomi up in the rack attack. After the match Paige returned to make the save, and dispatched the evil twosome to the outside. Nikki nodded in appreciation...only for Paige to then plant her with a DDT and hold the Divas title aloft.

In the parking lot, Triple H was shown having a conversation with Kevin Owens and the both men hugged. Renee Young then caught up with Owens, who revealed in two weeks John Cena will battle him at Elimination Chamber.


The Architect of a Dream party resulted in Dean Ambrose coming out and threatening to bash Rollins skull with a steel chair on a load of cinder blocks inexplicably set up beside the announce table. Hunter and Steph relented and granted Ambrose his championship match at Elimination Chamber. A big ol brawl broke out with Ambrose fighting off J&J Security and Kane. Once back inside the ring Rollins was able to floor Ambrose with a Pedigree and leave him laying to take RAW off the air!

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report - WWE Live! From MSG - October 3rd 2015
by KK » Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:30 pm

WWE LIVE! from Madison Square Garden wrote:Image

In results from WWE LIVE! from Madison Square Garden, held before a crowd of 19,224...

Commentators: Rich Brennan, John "Bradshaw" Layfield, and Byron Saxton.

Hour 1

The set is the same one they use for their House Shows, as is the ring apron curtain of "WWE LIVE".

Match 1: In a change from the originally advertised bout, Randy Orton & Dolph Ziggler defeated Rusev (w/Summer Rae) and Sheamus in 9:00 after Ziggler Superkicked Sheamus & Randy Orton followed it up with an RKO for the pin.

After the match Rusev went on a tirade against Sheamus, calling him a "stupid non American" who ruined the whole match. Rusev continued to chastise him, claiming he could have won the match all by himself & that Sheamus was even more useless than Lana. Sheamus then Brogue Kicked Rusev and told him to 'kiss his arse'.

We got a video package recapping what happened on RAW Monday with Kane and WWE Champion Seth Rollins.

Backstage Renee Young interviewed Corporate Kane, who was on crutches. Kane said he sees what has happened to him as an opportunity for personal growth. Kane, suddenly morphing into the Demon, said he came to the building for Seth Rollins. Kane then mellowed again and told Renee that if he sees 'this demon' anywhere in the building he'll come running to save Rollins.

Match 2: Neville defeated Stardust with the Red Arrow in a rather flat encounter at 7:00.

Backstage, Renee Young interviewed Paul Heyman who hyped Show/Lesnar later.

WWE 24: NXT airs tomorrow night following RAW on the WWE Network, in an hour special.

We got a recap of the conclusion to the Divas tag match from RAW involving The Bellas, Charlotte and Paige.

Match 3: Team Bella defeated Paige, Becky Lynch, and WWE Divas Champion Charlotte in a 6 Divas Tag at 9:00 when Nikki planted Paige with the Rack Attack after Becky and Charlotte dropped off the apron to the floor when Paige attempted to make the tag out.

After the match Paige complained how her team mates could do this to her and leave her high and dry like that. Paige said she would never do anything like that to her team, and questioned whether she could ever trust them again. She then hobbled to the back. They've completely wrecked this "Divas Revolution".

In the ring, Chris Jericho said this was his 25th Anniversary being in the business, in which he worked his first match against Lance Storm, who was seated in the crowd. Lance Storm & Cyrus The Virus were shown in the front row. Jericho also spoke about watching from the rafters as his father, Ted Irvine, played for the Rangers. I guess we're supposed to forget about last month when Jericho teamed with Reigns and Rollins & then stormed out after he lost...

Hour 2

Match 4: Kevin Owens defeated jobber to the stars Chris Jericho with a roll-up off a poke to the eye in 8:00 to retain the Intercontinental Championship. Jericho has slowed down quite a bit. This was good for what it was but I've no idea why they were given so little time.

Big Show was shown sitting in his locker room seemingly deep in contemplation...twitching.

The New Day came out and cut a promo ripping on the Dudley's & vowed that tonight The New Day "saves the tables". They also mocked their dated "Whassup!!!!" routine & why on earth they wear glasses without any lenses.

Match 5: The Dudley Boyz defeated WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day (w/Xavier Woods and the Trombone) via Disqualification when Woods ran in after Kofi was planted with a 3D. After the match the New Day beat down The Dudley & were about to put D-Von through a table but Bubba made the save. After dispatching the other 2 members, Xavier Woods was once again put through the hardware with a 3D.

John Stewart was shown in the front row with his son.

Match 6: Brock Lesnar (w/Paul Heyman) dismantled Big Show in 4:00. Following 3 consecutive Chokeslams that Lesnar popped right back up from, The Showster went to Suplex City. After botching his first attempt at an F5, Lesnar just about got him up for it the 2nd time for the pin. After the match Lesnar headed up the ramp...before changing his mind. In the ring, Big Show told Lesnar to go strawberry float himself. Lesnar responded with another Suplex and another F5. Eden told the crowd "let's hear it for the Big Show"...they then hit Show's music as he hobbled to the back.

The cage music hit and down came the steel.

Hour 3

Main Event: John Cena defeated WWE Champion Seth Rollins again in 22:00 to retain the United States Championship inside a steel cage. They were having a few lighting problems in the building during the second half. Seth Rollins was about to escape over the cage but the demon Kane made his way out and left Rollins with a decision to make...jump onto Kane on the outside & win the match...or onto John Cena in the ring. Despite this very obvious of dilemmas, Rollins decided to jump onto Cena, who naturally moved out of the way. Cena then hit the AA for the pin. After the match Kane stepped into the cage and planted Rollins with a Chokeslam and then a Tombstone for good measure. Kane stood tall with the WWE Championship to take WWE LIVE! from MSG off the air!

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report
by KK » Thu Dec 10, 2015 4:00 pm

WWE RAW Results November 30th 2015 wrote:Image

Commentators: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Hour 1

Back for 2 RAW's, The Slammy Awards, and a Super SmackDown Live!, what a Christmas it's going to be! I think I can remember how to do this. Monday Night RAW kicked off with confetti falling from the ceiling, a red carpet in the ring, and New Day making their way out. They said tonight wasn't about a birthday, rather a New Day! A jubilee! Big E brought out a Pittsburgh Steelers towl & proceeded to wipe it over his sweaty body and then blew his nose over it, much to the chagrin of the home town crowd. Big E said it was time to put our hands together and welcome WWE Champion Sheamus to the ring! Out he walked wearing Triple H's suit. Sheamus had his ridiculous Mohawk slicked back. He thanked the New Day for a fabulous introduction. Crowd chanted "you look stupid". Sheamus replied that the only people that looked stupid were the crowd. New Day buried Pittsburgh for being a dirty city. Sheamus said he would like to thank Roman Reigns for allowing all his dreams to come true. Crowd were growing increasingly dead for this segment. Sheamus said the belt just looked so much better on him...he then started gyrating with the New Day. "You can forget Austin 3:16 as Sheamus 5:15 just kicked your arse". Massive amounts of pyro then went off in the building as Sheamus celebrated on the buckles. Roman Reigns then appeared out of nowhere and nailed the Superman Punch (New Day vanishing into thin air), before leaving with the WWE Championship boos from the Pittsburgh crowd.

Backstage, Dean Ambrose, The Usos & Roman Reigns - with the WWE Championship still in his possession - were laughing at what had just transpired when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon turned up. Hunter demanded the belt back. Reigns pulled back and mockingly handed it to Steph instead. Triple H revealed Sheamus doesn't want to wait until TLC, & instead wants to defend the title against Roman Reigns TONIGHT. Reigns agreed to it. Steph then interjected with a catch: Reigns has defeat Sheamus in under 5:15 to win the Championship. Presumably this is where Teddy Long turns up and turns it into an 8 man tag...

Match 1: In a rematch from Survivor Series, Dolph Ziggler defeated "Prince Pretty" Tyler Breeze (w/Summer Rae) with a Superkick at 10:30.

They announced that MizTV will return next with special guests Rusev & fiancée Lana.

In the ring, Miz welcomed everyone to "Miz TV". Embarrassingly barely anyone in the crowd said it with him. Rusev was already in the ring, as the crowd immediately started chanting "USA", before moving on to "We want Lana". Rusev replied that everyone wants Lana, but she was his so they needed to shut up. Rusev then called Miz "Michael"...Cole quietly snorted on commentary. Lana ultimately came out, as the commentators plugged the story breaking on TMZ. Rusev looked so stupid sitting in a high chair. Lana said this was the happiest day of her life. Miz, as flat as a pancake & with all the enthusiasm of a limp willy, claimed "this is wild". Lana said 'we play hard but love even harder'. The acting here...WORDS cannot describe how gooseberry fool this is. Lana told Rusev that she never went all the way with Dolph. Crowd chanted "YES YOU DID" in response to that. Rusev said he didn't go all the way with Summer Rae either, & when he steps out of the ring only his heart belongs to Lana. They then snogged...really unconvincingly, strangely enough. RYBERK then waltzed on out and said everyone had seen enough of this crap. He goaded Rusev by saying he had heard "the Zig man" actually did go all the way. Ryback said he is hungry...before getting the crowd to chant "Feed me more" RAW headed to commercial.

Match 2: In a complete load of shite, Ryback defeated Rusev in 2:00 via Count Out when Ryback ran Rusev into the steel steps & they caught Lana, causing Rusev to throw the match and check on Lana.

Hunter was texting on his phone in the RAW office when Dean Ambrose walked in. After congratulating Ambrose on his victory on SmackDown, Triple H revealed that should Roman Reigns lose tonight then Ambrose's Intercontinental championship opportunity at TLC was out the window.

The Dudley Boyz made their entrance, both clutching a couple of tables ala Public Enemy.

Hour 2

There were a further 4 tables in the ring. Bubba said last week wasn't a good week for them as the Wyatt family left them laying. SmackDown wasn't much better either, as they beat them up worse. The Wyatt family have done to them what most men have never been able to. The crowd were dead for this promo as well. They pulled off the black cloths on the tables to reveal the Wyatt's names on each one. Bubba demanded the Wyatt's come out so they could settle this tonight instead of TLC. And right on cue, so they did. Bray, on the stage, said he accepts their challenge. The lights went out and upon coming back up, Strowmen, Luke and Erick Rowan had moved closer to the ring. Bubba said the Wyatt's have their family, but then The Dudley's have theirs too. This brought out none other than an orange-faced Tommy Dreamer through the crowd, brandishing a trash can and various other weaponry. Crowd broke out into a chant of "ECW! ECW!". Bray screamed they should 'fight like men' the Wyatt family were promptly dispatched off the apron.

Match 3: In a dire 6 man tag, The Dudley Boyz and Essex Man vs. The Wyatt Family ended in a No Contest at 3:00 when everyone entered the ring and started brawling to mass apathy from Pittsburgh. As The Wyatt's were about to put somebody through a table, Bubba Ray rallied and knocked Bray off the apron and through a waiting table on the outside. The other members of the family flipped out at ringside.

They recapped the opening segment.

Zeb Colter & Alberto Del Rio cut a quick promo on the haters in America & the "out of date & full of hate" Goldust.

Match 4: The 90s reunion tour continued as United States Champion Alberto Del Rio (w/Zeb Colter) beat Goldust in a non-title outing at 2:00 with a Double Foot Stomp off the buckles onto the chest of the golden one. After the match Del Rio applied the Cross Arm Breaker on Goldust until Swagger and his hair quickly made the save. Del Rio ran off.

Charlotte and Becky Lynch were backstage. Lynch proposed that she and Charlotte wrestle tonight. Becky said she just wants to have fun, just like at NXT (because, yes, RAW isn't any fun any more). Charlotte wasn't too keen, but agreed under one condition: her dad could come down to ringside. Becky was ecstatic. Ric Flair then walked in & they all went Wooo. Charlotte meanwhile seemed a tad embarrassed by her father's antics.

The New Day inserted themselves on commentary.

Match 5: In a number one contenders bout for the WWE Tag Team Championship, Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos ended in a No Contest at 3:00 when The New Day just ran in.

In the aisleway New Day gloated that there were now no Number 1 Contenders for TLC.

This show is properly stinking the joint out.

Backstage, Usos and Lucha Dragons were complaining to Stephanie about the prior match. Steph told them they could all get a Triple Threat at TLC...on one condition. Roman Reigns has to defeat Sheamus later tonight.

Match 6: Sasha Banks (w/Team Bad) defeated Brie Bella with the Backstabber into the Banks Statement at 5:00 after Team Bad caused the distraction on the apron.

Roman Reigns was shown warming up backstage, when The Usos and Dean Ambrose walked in to wish him luck. And the WWE Championship NEXT! For those wondering it's currently halftime over on Monday Night Football. Not that WWE cares about that sort of thing, naturally...

Hour 3

Match 7: In ANOTHER disappointment, Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus via Disqualification in 4:38 when Rusev interfered and pulled Roman out of the ring.

After the match Sheamus said he would like to welcome everyone to his friends, the "League of Nations", encompassing Wade Barrett, Alberto Del Rio, and Rusev. The Usos and Dean Ambrose joined Roman Reigns in the ring. Sheamus got up on the apron but was smacked off by Reigns.

Ric Flair and Charlotte were shown heading towards the ring.

New Day were shown flogging WWE Shop wares for Christmas.

Match 8: Charlotte (w/Ric Flair) defeated Becky Lynch in a non-title match at 4:00 when Charlotte feigned an ankle injury and rolled up Becky off a distraction from her Dad on the apron. Paige on commentary said 'I told you!', while Becky stood in the ring looking upset.

The commentators announced that an 8 man tag main event had been signed, with Roman Reigns and his cronies taking on the just created League of Nations.

Becky confronted Charlotte backstage. Charlotte told her "This isn't NXT, this is the big leagues". Charlotte tried to explain to Becky that she was trying to teach her a lesson. Charlotte said they were still friends though, and they shared 'pinkies'. Becky looked unconvinced. Charlotte left and Paige appeared & continued to plant the seeds of doubt into Becky's mind.

Adam Rose, in a new pre-taped segment called "The Rosebush", said Rusev wears a bra...

Stardust cut a nonsensical promo in a pre-tape. Titus O'Neil turned up again & started singing 'Stardust got ran over by a reindeer...' Stardust said it was "garbage". Titus knocked Stardust over with a present and told him to get in the Christmas spirit.

They announced Bubba Ray will battle Bray Wyatt on SmackDown.

Before the main event could get under way, New Day came out and announced "officials" had now made it a 7 on 4 Handicap match.

Main Event: The League of Jobbers and The New Day defeated Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos in a 7 on 4 Handicap match at 25:00 when Sheamus Brogue Kicked Dean Ambrose for the pin. One of the Uso's sold an injury at the halfway point, taking it to 7-3. After the match Sheamus levelled Roman Reigns with a Brogue Kick as well. Sheamus celebrated on the shoulders of the League of Nations to take RAW off the air!

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WWE RAW Results December 7 2015 wrote:Image

Location: North Charleston, South Carolina
Commentators: Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Hour 1

Less than 1 week away from the final PPV of 2015, Tables Ladders Chairs, Monday Night RAW opened with the League Of Nations already in the ring. They now have new music. Sheamus said he couldn't even begin to describe how happy he feels. Crowd chanted he looked stupid. Sheamus responded by saying how could he look stupid when he's WWE Champion. Crowd were already so disinterested they started giving him the "What" treatment. Sheamus claimed WWE has officially entered into the "international era"; 4 premier athletes from 4 of the greatest countries in the world: Bulgaria, Mexico, England & Ireland. Crowd began chanting "USA", to which Sheamus replied "it's 2015 folks, America just doesn't cut it any more". Crowd once again told Sheamus he looked stupid. Sheamus said there aren't 4 guys in the company that can match them. The lights then went out and upon coming back up the Wyatt Family were standing in the ring. Crowd started a rather disorganised chant of "Yes!". Before they could get into it however, the old school RAW is WAR bombs went off on the stage and out came The Dudley's and Tommy Dreamer. Crowd chanted "ECW!". Bubba said that they'll take their chaos and "raise it to the Extreme". D-Von told Bray that when you are extreme, "you don’t die, you multiply". This brought out Ryhno, as Michael Cole went into overkill mode on commentary like this was an enormous deal. Before anything could happen, the Roman Empire made their way out through the crowd, taking RAW into commercial break.

Match 1: The Roman Empire (Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Dean Ambrose) defeated the Wyatt Family, Team ECW (Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, and The Dudley Boyz) & the League of Nations at 21:30 in an enjoyable, if somewhat sloppy, 16 man Fatal Four Way Elimination Tag Team match.

- Tommy Dreamer defeated Erik Rowan with the Dreamer Driver DDT to eliminate The Wyatt Family.
- Sheamus pinned Bubba Ray with a Brogue Kick to eliminate Team Extreme.
- Roman Reigns pinned Sheamus off a Spear to eliminate the League of Nations and gain the victory.

The fact they didn't come up with this in the month of November and build for Survivor Series, instead opting to burn through a month's worth of storylines in half hour, is infuriating. Decent match though.

WWE Divas Champion Charlotte was shown talking to her Dad Ric Flair backstage, as the commentators revealed both would feature on MizTV later tonight.

In a promo for SmackDown moving to USA Network in 2016, The Authority were shown sitting at a desk looking unimpressed with various wrestlers (Roman Reigns, Kane, New Day) coming up with crappy ideas to promote the show.

Backstage, Renee Young caught up with Sheamus. Quoting "a great man", Sheamus said Roman Reigns has no chance in hell on Sunday & tonight is as close as Roman will get to the WWE title. Sheamus promised to smash Roman's face in, rip is hair out, and he might even do it in less than 5 minutes 15 seconds. Sheamus said he was going to teach Roman Reigns a lesson later tonight...

Stardust, wearing paper 3d glasses, cut another of his wacky backstage promos & promised to destroy Jack Swagger later tonight. Titus O'Neil popped up again & told Stardust what he needed to do was "get him some"...get him some 'Stardust time', that is. I'm sure married to Eden he's getting quite enough already. O'Neil said Stardust needed a good book and strong bottle of wine...don't we all.

The Slammy Awards are sponsored by Coca Cola, a huge sponsor for WWE.

Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae made their way out to the VIP Area at ringside.

Hour 2

Match 2: Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler in a non-title match with a pop-up Powerbomb at 19:00. Immediately after the match Dean Ambrose walked out eating popcorn and drinking soda. Owens wanted to know why they weren't playing his theme music. In the ring, Ambrose threw the whole lot into Owens' face and walked off.

The Wyatt Family cut a promo. Bray said there's four blind mice wandering into the snake's nest & it's up to them to decide their fate. Braun Strowman said he has a dream in which he becomes Dreamer's nightmare. Strowman vowed to show Tommy Dreamer what it truly means to be extreme.

In the locker room, Neville was getting ready when The Miz walked in. Miz claimed to be serious about what he said on SmackDown (anyone?) - with the right packaging Neville can go from an Elf on the Shelf to the next Daniel Bryan. Miz then introduced Neville to some bloke called Donny Deutsch. Apparently Donny has the "coolest and hottest" show that airs right after RAW tonight on USA & he would love Neville to be on it. Miz and Donny began a mild argument about whether MizTV or his show is better. Donny said that some woman will be on his show, to which Miz replied she was hot... in the 80s. Donny suggested that Miz and Neville be on his show...Miz in five years, and Neville as soon as possible.

Match 3: Sasha Banks and Naomi (w/Tamina) defeated Alicia Fox and Brie Bella in 5:00. After the match the New Day came out wearing those new children's Unicorn headbands from Shop. They gave 3 to Team Bad...and then they all danced wearing them.

The Uso brothers joined the gang on commentary. In the ring, New Day - still wearing the horns - said they aren't selfish, rather they're the most generous individuals in WWE. Xavier revealed they had given a donation to the League of Nations. Big E chimed in that it's a tax write off. They also gave a bunch of name suggestions to Kim and Kanye free of charge. Big E seemed to like "Booty West" in particular. They announced that their match on Sunday will be a Ladder match. Crowd incredibly didn't give a toss about that announcement whatsoever. Kofi said they have no use for ladders; Big E asked if they look like house painters. Kofi questioned if they looked like firefighters. Xavier followed up they are not about saving cats from trees. Xavier then got Big E to play the role of a tree, Kofi a cat, and himself the New Day. Xavier asked if the cat needed help...but the ladder won't be required because they are grown men...Kofi promised that the New Day will ascend the ladder of success and the tag titles will stay where they belong, around the smooth bellies of the New Day.

Match 4: Lucha Dragons beat the New Day in 7:00 when Sin Cara rolled up Kofi Kingston off a distraction, after The Uso's waffled Xavier Woods on the outside after he played the trombone in their faces.

Renee Young interviewed Roman Reigns backstage. Sky Sports died so I have no idea what was said here.

Hour 3

The Miz welcomed everyone to MizTV. He said he was originally going to surprise his guests with an appearance by Paige, but due to unforeseen circumstances that now wouldn't be happening. Charlotte, accompanied by Dad, made her way out. Charlotte told Miz that maybe he should be Tyra Banks and just quit his own show. Charlotte introduced her father as the greatest competitor to ever step foot in the ring. She then told her Dad they have ten minutes on 'Rolex time', and they then synchronised their gold Rolexes. Flair said that every day he sees his beautiful daughter gain more confidence, living the life of a champion - the only thing better than winning a championship is seeing your son or daughter retaining it. Flair revealed he would also be in Charlotte’s corner on Sunday. Miz said that the rumour mill has been buzzing all week about her new attitude, with people calling her self serving and egotistical. Charlotte said that because she is going to do what it takes to be the best, just like her dad taught her. She says if she was a man, Miz would be praising and commending him. Charlotte then told Miz that she feels sorry for his wife, which garnered a moderate "Ooooh" from the crowd. Miz responded by telling this wasn't about him or his wife rather Charlotte's behaviour. Charlotte says that if she has anything to say, she will say it on Sunday. Ric then stepped in and told Miz now wasn't the time to give his daughter the third degree to bump ratings. Charlotte called Paige a "Gothic piece of trash". Miz with a smile on his face told her he was so glad that Charlotte said that as he lied: Paige was in the building after all. Paige walked out. Ric stepped in again and told Charlotte this was just a ploy to upset her and motioned for Charlotte to save it for Sunday. With Charlotte on the floor, Paige slapped Ric across the face. Ric demanded Charlotte to get her, which led to Charlotte taking down Paige & both women briefly got into it before Paige managed to escape up the aisle.

Match 5: Ryback vs. Rusev (w/Lana) ended at 10:00 when Rusev applied the Camel Clutch to Ryback on the floor & the referee rang for the bell. I have absolutely no idea what the official decision was.

- Back from commercial, Swagger and Stardust was already in progress. Titus O'Neil was on commentary.

Match 6: Jack Swagger tapped out Stardust in 2:40 with the Patriot Lock. After the match Alberto Del Rio attacked Swagger with a steel chair. Titus O'Neil, for some reason, told him to watch out for Stardust behind him. So Del Rio clocked Rhodes with the chair too. On the outside, Swagger got himself together and grabbed a chair of his own. Both men then clashed with the steel chairs, Del Rio dropping his and then tripping over Zeb Colter's scooter behind him. As he made his escape, Swagger confronted Colter and asked him what happened to "We The People".

The Rosebush returned with Adam Rose. Neville to star in a live-action remake of Dumbo. Tommy Dreamer looked like a Umpa Lumpa last week as instead of baby oil he used Becky Lynch's hair dye.

Backstage, Alberto Del Rio was shouting at Zeb Colter that nobody laughs at Del Rio, and the only reason they were was because of Colter's stupid wheel chair. Del Rio demanded Colter stay away from him from now on as he isn't needed any longer. Colter said if it wasn't for him then Alberto wouldn't even be US Champion. Del Rio then grabbed a chair and threatened him with it, saying that if Colter continued to run his filthy mouth he would use the chair on him just like he will on Swagger at TLC. Zeb Colter drove off into the sunset on his scooter, as Del Rio chucked a chair into a load of pipes.

In a commercial The Bella's were on a sofa at home telling us not to smoke as our teeth may fall out (everyone in the UK has dentures from the age of 2 so it's not a problem).

Dean Ambrose and Kevin Ownes will sign their contract for the Intercontinental Championship on SmackDown.

Main Event: Braun Strowman defeated Tommy Dreamer (w/Team Extreme) in 3:00 with a bear hug. A number of people in the crowd were leaving in the background, particularly behind the announce table.

Sheamus was shown heading towards the ring.

We got a trailer for USA Network comedy Donny!

Roman Reigns made his way out. There were a number of tables, ladders and chairs in and around ringside. Reigns said he was out for his lesson. Sheamus called him out and yet he's the only one that shows up.


Reigns said his first match with The Shield was a TLC match and they earned their spot, and over the next 3 years he has climbed that ladder; as he got higher he lost some friends and gained a number of enemies, but as he got higher he found the promised land, and at Survivor Series he won the WWE Championhip. Crowd booed that. He then got Brogue Kicked and ended up back at the bottom of the ladder again. Reigns said at TLC he's retaking his title back. Crowd now politely applauded. Roman demanded Sheamus to stop wasting time and get his ass to the ring. On the stage, Sheamus said Roman was quite the storyteller and dreamer with some imagination. Roman once again told Sheamus to come into the ring. Sheamus said Roman doesn't call the shots & he will come to the ring when he wants. Roman tried to goad him by saying that he thought the Irish loved to fight and 'had potatoes'. Instead it looks like Sheamus is simply smuggling tater tots. This caused a portion of the remaining crowd to chant "tater tots". Sheamus reitered he wasn't getting into Roman’s booby trapped fort, and on Sunday he will build a castle & fill it with battered chairs, broken tables, and mangled ladders. This promo is going on FOREVER. Sheamus then demanded Roman remove the ring of all the hardware. ONE. BY. ONE. Oh my God, kill me. FINALLY Sheamus entered into the ring and both men got into it, Roman sending Sheamus back out to the floor. Both men continued fighting at ringside, before making their way through the crowd and around to the stage. Reigns attempted to power bomb Sheamus off the stage but Sheamus countered with a back body drop. As the fight continued, they made their way back to the announce table position. Sheamus attempted a power bomb of his own onto the table but Reigns countered and hit a Superman punch. Reigns was about to go for a Spear but Sheamus side stepped and Reigns went flying over the table. With Sheamus preoccupied posing, Reigns rallied with a Spear right through a table positioned against the ring apron to take RAW off the air at 4:15!

Right until the closing 5 minutes of the brawl, this was a deathly dull segment to end the show on. It went on so long it got to the point they had to start turning the lights in the building off as so many fans had left. This was another poorly written promo for Reigns but by the end the crowd did pop for him (from a crowd that was absolutely dead for about 70% of the programme).

- the RAW Report returns on December 21st for the Slammy Awards.

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WWE RAW: Slammy Awards December 21 2015 Results wrote:Image

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Commentators: Michael Cole, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Byron Saxton

Hour 1

The 2015 WWE Slammy Awards kicked off with a beaming Stephanie McMahon making her way out. The set is decked out in Christmas paraphernalia. Steph welcomed everyone to RAW, on a night we will find out the results of the various categories for the Slammy's. Stephanie said that we may all be wondering why she is so happy tonight considering the cowardly attack by Roman Reigns at TLC on her husband & what happened the following night on RAW. She said the McMahon's don't wallow in self pity but rise to the occasion. Tonight is a night of celebration. Before she could continue, Roman Reigns made his way out through the crowd clutching his newly won WWE Championship. Roman said that it seems like a good night already as everyone is in a good mood, celebrating the Slammy's...and the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Steph grinned. Roman said however this all felt like a set up, like the League of Nations could jump him at any minute (erm, so why did he even come out?). Or that she was being like her Dadddy and making him sweat. Roman told Steph that he doesn't sweat her, Vince, or her husband Triple H. That immediately changed Stephanie's expression. Roman claimed that he hadn't seen Hunter since he laid him out at TLC. I guess he doesn't watch NXT. Roman said he wasn't hard to find and is now the man that carries the shiny gold. Steph grimaced and demanded Roman get out of her ring. Growing increasingly agitated, Steph screamed at Roman to get out. Roman laughed in her face. Steph continued to lose the plot & demanded he stop laughing at her. Reigns replied that she sounded like a little kid. Steph said that if Roman didn't get out then she'd make him. Roman said he didn't want her to lose her temper, before then asking the crowd if they'd like to see her get really mad. Reigns turned his back on her and left, which just made Stephanie even angrier. Doing a complete u-turn she changed her tune & ordered Roman get back in the ring & to stop disrespecting her. As Roman headed back up through the crowd, Stephanie feigned she didn't care and said Roman was simply showing himself up as a coward, therefore tonight he was going to learn what it was like to stand in her shoes. Stephanie revealed that the Uso's would face the New Day in a 2 on 3 Handicap match later tonight. Roman didn't seem bothered. Stephanie than announced Dean Ambrose will battle Sheamus inside a steel cage. The crowd were excited for the cage, and then deflated the moment she said Sheamus. Roman still didn't care and held up the WWE title. Stephanie raged that because of Roman there would be hell to pay for everyone. She then stormed out of the ring and up the ramp. This was poor.

Back at the announce table, the commentators told us how to download the WWE app and vote.

Dolph Ziggler, wearing a tux, made his way out onto the stage to announce the winner of Breakout Star of the Year. He said breaking out comes in different forms, such as being the most 'show-stealing star in WWE'; you don't have to fit the mould, rather just make an impact. The nominees being Kevin Owens, Neville, Charlotte, Tyler Breeze & Braun Strowman. Back from commercial, Dolph revealed the winner as Neville, who came out to accept his award. "Wow". Neville said he didn't expect the win at all, and thanked the WWE Universe...which brought out Kevin Owens to the stage. Ownes told him that it should come as a shock as this was clearly crap: he should have won. Owens then demanded Neville leave. He just replied with "whatever" and, well, left. Ownes said he had seen a lot of ridiculous things in WWE, but this moment takes the cake; he beat Cena in his first night. Owens then turned his attention to Ziggler who he noticed was laughing in the corner. Owens snapped that the only way Ziggler would win tonight is if there was a "Has-been of the year" category. Ziggler then attacked Owens and a brawl broke out between the two, until referees ran down to separate the both of them.

The lights suddenly went out and the Wyatt family appeared in the ring, as none other than Kane then made his way out for action. Kane's pyro completely failed to go off on the posts.

Match 1: Kane defeated Bray Wyatt (w/the family) in 1:00 when the Wyatt family got involved and things descended into a big brawl. The Dudley Boyzs and Tommy Dreamer then ran down to make the save for Kane.

Match 2: The Wyatt Family defeated Team ECW and Kane when Luke Harper pinned D-Von with the clothesline from hell at 3:00. Well, that was a complete waste of time.

A returning Santino Marella made his way out for LOL Moment of the Year, to a respectable ovation from the crowd. Nominees were New Day playing the trombone for Edge and Christian backstage; the Bushwackers at the HOF; Miz and Mizdow's erectile dysfunction commercial; The New Day dancing with The Authority; and R-Truth coming out to talk about Money in the Bank...despite not even being in the match. The winner was announced as R-Truth. Santino said he was going to accept the award on his behalf as it would look better on his mantle. R-Truth then stormed out and demanded his award. Santino pointed and said to "ask him". Truth replied "Ask who?" This comedic distraction allowed Santino to run off with the award, R-Truth in hot pursuit.

Mick Foley, dressed as Santa, along with his son & daughter, gave his yearly Christmas speech. He got his cheap pop in & said he should never have given Xavier that trombone last Christmas.

Paul Heyman walked out for the OMG Shocking Moment of the Year. He believed every Slammy tonight, apart from LOL and Divas, should be awarded to Brock Lesnar. The nominees being Seth Rollins cashing in MITB at WrestleMania; Brock Lesnar F5'ing the cameraman, Michael Cole and the announcers; TLC ladder match & Salida del Sol through the ladder; the Wyatt Family beating up the Undertaker; and Sheamus cashing in MITB at Survivor Series. Winner was revealed as Kalisto. Crowd didn't care for this at all, though he did finally get them to chant "Lucha". He said "Moments like these motivate me to keep fighting and keep flying higher".

Hour 2

Match 3: In a rematch from SmackDown, Kevin Owens defeated Dolph Ziggler with the Pop-up Powerbomb in 12:00 in a good match.

Stephanie McMahon made her way back out, with a smile on her face once again, to announce the winner of the 'prestigious' Superstar of the Year award. The entire roster was eligible. Following a break, she revealed Seth Rollins as the winner, who after much delay came out on crutches. They both embraced, as the crowd gave Rollins a pretty positive response and broke out into a mild "thank you Seth" chant. He said there was a tiny part of him that wanted to say thank you, but then again was there really any other option. Rollins said he was the first man in history to hold both the US and WWE Championship at the same time. Rollins said after one wrong landing everything disappeared, before vowing that in 2016 he will redesign Seth Rollins and rebuild himself to reclaim the title he never lost.

They revealed that John Cena will return to WWE and RAW next week, to face...Alberto Del Rio. Talk about anticlimactic.

Match 4: United States Champion Alberto Del Rio (w/the League of Nations) beat Jack Swagger in a non-title bout at 7:00. After the match Sheamus levelled Swagger with a Brogue Kick as the announcers hyped Cena's return next week.

Mark Henry walked out to announce The Hero Award presented by Coca-Cola, which was basically for all the charitable things wrestlers do. Nominee's were Natalya, Roman Reigns, Big Show, Titus O'Neil and John Cena. Winner was revealed as John Cena, who wasn't there. Henry said nobody expects an award for what they do.

In awards conducted earlier, Rivalry of the Year was awarded to Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar, Best WWE Network Show the Stone cold Podcast, Double Cross Damien Sandow turning on the Miz, and Extreme Roman Reigns levelling Triple H.

Santa came out for Surprise Return of the Year. He then threw out imaginary presents. It was Bo Dallas. He said Santa is real, all you have to do is BO-LIEVE. Nominees were Dudley's, return of Chris Jericho, Del Rio winning the US title from Cena, Demon Kane taking out Seth Rollins, and Sting as a statue. Sting won...unfortunately Sting wasn't there either. Crowd were really beginning to grow restless now.

Tag Team Champions the New Day were in the ring. Woods said Sting cared so little about the fans he couldn't even be bothered to show up. They chastised the crowd for not voting them Tag Team of the Year. As revenge Big E was about to spoil the conclusion to the new Star Wars movie until Kofi stepped in and said he hadn't seen it yet. The commentators noted The Uso's had won Tag Team of the Year again.

Hour 3

Match 5: The Uso's defeated The New Day clean in a 3-2 Handicap match in 11:00 after Xavier went for the cheap victory by grabbing the tights but it was reversed.

They revealed the New Day will defend the Tag Team Championship against the Lucha Dragons tomorrow night on Super SmackDown Live!

R-Truth came out to present WWE Diva of the Year, with the nominees being Nikki Bella, Naomi, Paige, Sasha Banks & WWE Champion Charlotte. He apologised for everyone having to see him chase Santino earlier. He claimed 2015 has been the year of the Diva. He must mean NXT. A handful of the disinterested crowd mustered enough energy to give him the "What" treatment. R-Truth announced Paige as the winner. She said that she didn't have anything prepared as she didn't think she'd win. R-Truth suddenly stepped in and said he'd made a mistake - Paige was actually runner up and the winner was really Nikki Bella. This was obviously a spoof of the Miss Universe competition, though I'm not sure how many in the crowd knew it. Nikki came out and asked Paige to stay, as she thanked everyone, dedicating her win to all the women in WWE and NXT, the back-room staff, and the fans. Paige and Nikki hugged and are apparently best mates again. Must have missed when she turned face. Obviously happened on Superstars or something...

Miz was on commentary.

Match 6: Rusev (w/the League of Nations) tapped out Neville with the Accolade in 8:00. Sheamus gave him a Brogue Kick afterwards.

Miz introduced the ”This is Awesome” Moment of the Year, the nominees were Brock Lesnar destroying J&J Security’s new car; Randy Orton’s RKO to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania; Divas Revolution kicks off on RAW; The Shield putting Randy Orton through a table; and The Rock and Ronda Rousey confronting The Authority at WrestleMania. Back from commercial, the winner was announced The Rock and Rousey. "On behalf of..." The crowd immediately booed. No, The Rock wasn't in attendance. Don't be ridiculous. "If you smell what the Miz is cooking".

Match 7: In another rematch from SmackDown, Becky Lynch (w/Charlotte) defeated Brie Bella with the Disarmer in 5:00. 3 guys in the crowd tried to get a Bayley chant going. They failed. Team B.A.D were shown watching on backstage.

Ric Flair came out for Match of the Year, with the contenders being John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins from the Royal Rumble; Sting vs. Triple H at WrestleMania; John Cena vs. Kevin Owens at the Elimination Chamber; Roman Reigns vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. Kevin Owens in a Fatal Four Way Number 1 Contender’s match on RAW; and Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker at Hell In a Cell. Following the commercial, Flair revealed the winner as The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar. Lesnar's music hit and the crowd rose to their feet in anticipation. It was of course just Paul Heyman. These poor bastards. Crowd booed. "We want Lesnar" echoed throughout the building, as Heyman just stood there clutching the award. "Lesnar has no desire to accept awards, Lesnar wants to come for a fight.". Heyman claimed that while the fans want Lesnar nobody in the locker room is man enough to want Brock Lesnar.

As the cage began to lower in the arena, cameras shot backstage to show the League of Nations assaulting the Uso's at the interview position. After being put in the Accolade and Armbar, Sheamus Brogue Kicked the brothers.

Big Show on ESPN Sportcenter tomorrow night at 9pm for those in the USA.

They announced Dean Ambrose will defend the Intercontinental Championship against Dolph Ziggler and Kevin Owens tomorrow night on Super SmackDown Live!


Main Event: Inside the cage, Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus at 11:00 in a non-title affair. After copious amounts of interference from League of Nations before and during the match, Roman Reigns turned up and sent them all packing. The finish saw Sheamus and Ambrose battling atop the cage, Sheamus nailing a headbutt causing Ambrose to fall to the ringside floor. After the match, Reigns floored Sheamus with a Spear on the outside.

Backstage, Tom Phillips asked Stephanie McMahon her reaction to what had just transpired. Stephanie then beat up Tom Philips, as Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns celebrated back in the arena to take the Slammy Awards off the air!

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PostRe: The WWE RAW Report
by KK » Mon Dec 28, 2015 12:10 am

WWE Super SmackDown Live! December 22nd 2015 Results wrote:Image

Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry "The King" Lawler, and Booker T

Hour 1

The Christmas edition of WWE Super SmackDown Live! exploded onto the air with the arrival of the New Day. Everything from the stage to the announce table is decked out in FESTIVITIES. New Day said while they may not have won a Slammy last night, even though they deserved it more than any other Tag Team in history, they will not allow it to ruin their holiday. They promised to give the WWE Universe the greatest gift of all: wrapping up "these Lucha booties" and sending them back home with a load of coal in their stockings. New Day said they wanted to take the time to promote their new Christmas album, featuring such classics as Rudolph the Red Horn Unicorn, The Little Trombone Boy, Biggie Clause Is Coming To Town, Kofi The Snowman, and finally We Wish You A Booty Christmas And A Happy New Day.

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Lucha Dragons in 10:00 to retain, when Big E planted Sin Cara with the Big Ending off a trombone related distraction from Xavier Woods on the apron.

Backstage, Santino was shown singing and getting ready for his Christmas party. He then brought out The Cobra and placed a red star atop the Christmas Tree. As Santino went off in a jolly manner, a mysterious gloved hand appeared and pulled the star off.

Renee Young, decked out in a white outfit, interviewed boyfriend Dean Ambrose backstage. Ambrose said that after his cage match last night he ended up with 6 staples in his head, and his jaw is still clicking from last week when Ziggler kicked him in the face. Ambrose vowed to burst Kevin Owens’ head like a ripe tomato, and to throw everything he had against Owens and Ziggler later.

At the table, the commentators wished us all a Happy Holiday. Booker T and Michael Cole were both wearing Christmas hats...Cole's was black with "Bah Humbug" written on it. Lawler was...well, he didn't bother.

Match 2: In 8-man tag team action The Wyatt Family defeated The Dudley Boyz, Ryback and Kane when Bray planted Bubba Ray with Sister Abigail at 16:00. I think it's fair to say the Wyatt Family have got the best of this feud...

Backstage, Summer Rae, Tyler Breeze, Damien Sandow and Adam Rose were looking at a dilapidated Christmas Party. Someone had stolen most of the decorations and knocked over the tree. As they left unimpressed, Santino ran in distraught at the scene before him, & questioned who would do such a thing. Stardust walked in along with the Ascension and told Santino it looked like his party was a bust. Viktor said that Christmas had 'come to the Wasteland'. Neville then turned up dressed as an elf & chastised them all, saying you don't mess with a man's decorations. Konnor asked what elf army was going to help. Titus O'Neil arrived & demanded they bring back Christmas or he was going to put his boot down their chimney. Stardust interjected and told them unless they could beat his Ascension later tonight then Christmas was cancelled. You can insert your own "Mwahahahaha" here if you so wish. This whole thing was camp as Christmas...

Hour 2

Match 3: Rusev and United States Champion Alberto Del Rio (w/Sheamus and King Barrett) defeated The Uso's in 10:00 when Del Rio nailed the double foot stomp off the buckles. To say this match was devoid of any crowd heat would be an understatement. After the match Sheamus was preparing to hit the Brogue Kick on one of the Uso's when none other than Roman Reigns made the save and pulled Sheamus out of the ring. Reigns then dispatched of all of them with Superman punches, as the League of Nations then retreated and seethed in the aisle-way.

Dean Ambrose, Santino, Becky Lynch and New Day wished us all a Happy Christmas in a pre-tape.

Match 4: In another tag bout, Titus O'Neil and Neville (w/Santino) beat The Ascension (w/Stardust) in 3:00 after Neville hit the Red Arrow and saved Christmas! I'm sure they do a variation on this storyline every single year.

Renee Young interviewed Dolph Ziggler backstage. Ziggler said he felt he's been going about everything all wrong, stuck in the middle of Owens and Ambrose. Ziggler claimed he was better than that. A win tonight makes him champion and puts him back on top ready for 2016.

Becky Lynch came out for commentary.

Match 5: WWE Divas champion Charlotte tapped out Brie Bella with the Figure Eight in 4:00. During the closing moments Team B.A.D came out - Sasha in a polar bear outfit, Naomi as a reindeer - and poured Eggnog over Becky, and then proceeded to beat her up on the outside. Charlotte had the opportunity to help but opted to win the match instead. Afterwards Charlotte seemed to find it quite amusing Becky was covered in eggnog.

Renee Young interviewed Kevin Owens backstage. Owens said the IC title was already his, just like the Slammy last night should have been too. Everyone knows he is the real IC champion. Owens then told Renee she looked ridiculous in her Christmas garb.

Main Event: Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler in a wild Triple Threat Match to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship at 14:00. They ended up destroying the Christmas trees and whatnot on and around the stage. Ambrose got the pin after putting Ziggler down with the Dirty Deeds DDT. Ambrose celebrated to take Super SmackDown Live! off the air!


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