Uncompressed soundtrack to Super Mario World restored (ALTTP planned next)

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PostRe: Uncompressed soundtrack to Super Mario World restored (ALTTP planned next)
by Green Gecko » Tue Feb 09, 2021 6:45 pm

Karl_ wrote:
Green Gecko wrote:I'm interested Karl, as one of the many who got caught in the SNES/Megadrive war (my family had a mega drive which was technically my brother's), if you didn't have access to a SNES in the mid 90s, do you feel you generated a nostalgia for these sequences through emulation and are then experiencing that in the "remastered" versions?

Just interesting to consider that like me its possible to experience nostalgia or memory triggers in music even if they were experienced in another format or long after the original release of that music (the other format thing being especially interesting for games).

That is definitely interesting, but I'm afraid I have historical nostalgia for it - Super Mario All Stars on the SNES was (more or less) my first game! I do understand what you're referring to though - I think I feel a generated nostalgia for Super Metroid as I think of it similarly even though I never had it on my SNES and only played it much much later!

Ah cool, I was just curious cos you're into emulation as well right? Or maybe I'm confused with someone else lol.

If you went down the GB and/or SNES (ie mid 90s) > N64 > GC etc route that makes sense, I started on Nintendo with GB and then N64. Actually it's kind of interesting I had access to such a wide range of consoles due to brothers all wanting a different thing etc. In the same decade I would play on GB, Megadrive, PS1 and N64 and PC as well.

So for example in my case my nostalgia for NES/SNES themes actually goes backwards (although there's some crossover with the GB, being an 8-bit machine its different but the melodies are at least comparable), despite never having even seen a SNES until the mid 00s! I bought a NES about 2 years ago!

Maybe it's due to the fact Nintendo's melodic motifs have carried over so many decades, regardless of what platform that music appears on, that they have a more interstitial impact like that? Someone might experience nostalgia for a tune that they heard on the Wii for example, playing a game on the NES. I can't think of another developer that has this effect on such a scale, especially with the same composer e.g. Kenji Kondo... maybe some Square Enix titles?

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